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Christmas Menu 2020: ideas and recipes

by Ada Parisi
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Torta Fedora con ricotta e mandorle, ricetta siciliana

Christmas 2020 will be an intimate and sober Christmas, it needs to be. And surely the Christmas menu 2020 will also be more intimate and sober, because dinners, lunches and dinners this year will necessarily be different. The big family gatherings, meetings between friends, the evenings spent eating, laugh and tell each other late at night there won't be. At the table there will be few of us at both Christmas and New Year. Probably the courses will be less, we will cook simpler recipes, but no less good. Indeed, just during these parties a little cuddle we deserve it, How about? So let's start by preparing in the house a little bit’ of good FARRO BREAD (maybe braid-shaped, Christmas tree or crown) and a CHRISTMAS SHORTBREAD to put at the center of the table for our few guests. And remember that a bag of CHRISTMAS COOKIES it's always welcome, maybe based on PUFF PASTRY.

The Christmas menu I propose is composed of different dishes between aperitifs, appetizers, first dishes, seconds, side dishes and of course sweet. You don't have to prepare everything, for charity, but select the one you prefer: recipes are designed to feel good together. You can compose a traditional menu, one fish, One vegetarian (that with small touches can go vegan) and a gourmet menu. Or mix different recipes with each other. You can choose a quick menu by selecting the simplest dishes or a creative menu by choosing the most refined proposals. These are the dishes I suggest for the Christmas menu 2020. Below you will also find a brief description of the individual dishes with a photo gallery and direct link to the recipes.








CHRISTMAS APERITIF – Watchwords: simple, fast and delicious

Never serve as an aperitif at Christmas or New Year's Eve dishes that are too heavy: you'd risk guests leaving dinner on the plate. For this reason I advise you to serve a fresh bubble or a cocktail like the Spritz accompanied by simple puff pastry appetizers, that you can prepare in 5 variants and in 30 minutes (also watch the recipe video). If you are among the lovers of fried, the tuna and potato meatballs are the right choice: simple to prepare. And for vegetarian or vegan guests it will be irresistible the’chickpea and tahini hummus with pita bread, that you can prepare at home in no time. Unless you want to buy a piadina and toast it in the oven, to make everything even faster.

CHRISTMAS APPETIZERS – Elegant but light

Even the party starter in my opinion must be tasty but not too heavy. In the family without the’Russian salad it's not christmas, so even though I don't like it's a must. I must admit that, so colorful and decorated, immediately celebrates. For vegetarians there is the Baked Hokkaido pumpkin with potatoes, walnuts and gorgonzola: an easily customizable and really delicious appetizer, who will also like those who vegetarian is not. Fish-based, instead, the last two Christmas appetizers: the sicilian pan-fried prawns, originals, fast and yummy, that you can also serve with a fruit and vegetable salad or with a light herb mayonnaise. And the very traditional octopus salad with potatoes, another great classic of Italy at the table. Add a few pomegranate grains to make it even better and more colorful.

CHRISTMAS FIRST COURSES – A balance between taste and beauty

The first Christmas dish must be special, must be a dish to remember, in taste and appearance. So here's a great one for vegetarians pumpkin risotto, chestnuts and white truffle (vegan without the grated cheese), with the luxurious touch of white truffle, that of course you can safely omit without compromising in the slightest the taste of this very lively risotto. For traditionalists, here's the white pistachio and mortadella lasagna: baked pasta is a great classic of party menus and this one has that original and tasty touch that everyone will enjoy. For those who prefer fish on New Year's Eve, but also at Christmas, there are the ziti with genoese tuna : a dish of Neapolitan cuisine with a unique taste, complex and enveloping. Finally, if your guests are few but gourmet, try the lamb ravioli and poplar mushrooms: an original recipe, inspired by the cuisine French but with all the taste of the Italian tradition of egg pasta and Parmigiano reggiano Dop.

CHRISTMAS SECONDS – The evening saddle highlight

I don't know if it happens to you too, but when I get to the second plate of the Christmas or New Year menus often and willingly I'm no longer hungry. For this reason the second must be succulent, Good looking, greedy. In a word: Irresistible. And so here's the’roast pork with quince, soft and pink at the heart, with the surnames, rosemary and orange juice. For vegetarians, the Spelled tart with pears, nuts and gorgonzola Dop, delicious and particular, with a complex and delicate sweet and sour taste together. Fish lovers can choose from a second gourmet, the sicilian gluttonous stuffed totani, an ancient recipe, of other times, that will surely surprise you. And the traditional cutlets swordfish Messina accompanied by the inevitable salad of oranges and fennel, for a menu in the name of Sicily.


Outline – Colour and versatility on the table

For this Christmas 2020 menu I suggest two contours, easily combined with all the second courses I have proposed to you. In fact, you could safely serve them as an appetizer as well, so keep this. This is the Sicilian pumpkin caponata, Vegan: a traditional Sicilian recipe prepared in winter when eggplants are no longer in season. A delightful alternative to caponata apple or to that of artichokes. The second outline is the pistachio baked gratin onions, soft and crispy together, really delicious.

SWEETS – To close the menu with a delicious touch

Dessert is determined for a respect-respecting Christmas menu: can make dinner unforgettable, or that she is relegated to the bad memories. Which won't happen if you make one of the sweets I propose to you. Very easy, the trifle Pandora brings together two sweets in one: that of tradition, the pandoro, and the gluttony of pastry cream, chocolate cream and Alchermes. The two cakes are both amazing. Bronte Dop pistachio cake for those who love pistachio, And the Sicilian Fedora cake with ricotta cheese for those who prefer the creamy delicacy of pure ricotta.

Very easy and really elegant, the pumpkin panna cotta contains very little sugar, because it takes advantage of the pumpkin dream and it's the super creamy dream of spoon sweet lovers. Finally, for a fresh thrill (an option that I always really like), why not experience it Sicilian cassata ice cream zuccotto: semifreddo ricotta with chocolate and candied fruit, base in sponge cake and wet alchermes for an unforgettable ice cream all made in Sicily,

At this point, if you haven't found your perfect Christmas menu yet 2020, i remind you of the other collections of christmas recipes from which to draw inspiration, together with the CHRISTMAS MENU past years.

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