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Christmas Recipes: panettone, the most traditional of Christmas recipes

Christmas Recipes: the Milanese panettone

If the Milanese panettone is perhaps the recipe symbol of Italian Christmas, There are thousands and thousands of recipes that are waiting for you. A very rich period of regional traditions and recipes missed. In this section you will find all menus which I elaborate year after year and all collections of recipes and tips ahead of the Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner and New Year dinner.

Tortellini, broth capon, Cappelletti, buccellati and boiled, but also falsomagro, cod in many ways and the famous salad Neapolitan reinforcement.

All recipes that bring to the table the beautiful and the good of tradition. And from Northern Europe it arrives in Italy the fashion of biscuits to prepare and give away or even to hang on. To the delight of children and also their parents

Rabbit in sour Sicilian artichokes

Rabbit in sour Sicilian

Sweet and sour rabbit with artichokes: a traditional Sicilian cuisine recipe to best enjoy this white meat.
Lady's Kisses, small biscuits with hazelnuts joined by a dark chocolate cream

Lady's Kisses

Lady's Kisses, Original recipe from Piedmont: small biscuits with hazelnuts joined by a dark chocolate cream.
Trifle to Pandora

Trifle to Pandora

Trifle to Pandora: recycle advanced Pandora in one of the most delicious cake, loved and simple to prepare the…
A cup cremosissima panna cotta with hazelnuts

Panna cotta with hazelnut

Panna cotta with hazelnut: a sweet easy to become original thanks to the intense flavor of hazelnut. It is prepared in 15…
Kid baked Sicilian with potatoes

Kid baked Sicilian

Kid baked Sicilian, strictly with potatoes and red onions. easy Recipe, typical of Christmas and Easter. "Si…