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Christmas sweets with ricotta: 14 recipes not to be missed

by Ada Parisi
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I cannoli siciliani, ricetta originale del dolce siciliano più amato

Sweets with ricotta are among the most loved and versatile recipes and for this reason I propose 14 recipes of Sicilian sweets with ricotta (or inspired by Sicily) for your Christmas menus. Creamy and delicate, ricotta pleases everyone and is perfect for sweets and not too heavy. Despite dinners and lunches more than plentiful, In fact, the arrival on the table of the Christmas cake always arouses great expectations. Now, i've always prepared the dessert in the house: for me it's a great act of love towards those I love. In the choice I always focus on two main lines: a spoon dessert or a dessert with ricotta.

Over the years I have understood that these two types are, ever, the ones that are most successful as christmas cake. And I'm, in principle, even those that include the easiest sweets to perform. Obviously, traditional Christmas sweets are a category apart, as the HOMEMADE PANETTONE or the SICILIAN BUCCELLATO. These are two sacred monsters complex enough to deal with but that always amaze and give great satisfaction.

Trifle to Pandora

Trifle to Pandora

Christmas sweets with ricotta, a classic along with spoon cakes

On the spoon cakes front, I refer you to the 15 EASY AND ELEGANT CHRISTMAS SPOON CAKE RECIPES where i'm sure you'll find the christmas cake that's right for you. I will point out to you, in addition, the SOUP IN ENGLISH PANDORO, an exceptional dessert and disarming simplicity, with which you can bring to the table in one fell swoop the sweet and the pandoro (or panettone) order. As for sweets with ricotta, excluding of course cookies, brioche and breakfast cake, I propose 14 wonderful recipes, really for all tastes. Among other things, these are sweets that you can prepare in advance and that indeed, must be prepared in advance because in this way tastes harmonize at their best.

I divided the sweets with ricotta into cakes, Spoon desserts, tarts and stuffed sweets. Many of these Christmas sweets with cottage cheese, not to say all, are Sicilian recipes or inspired anyway by Sicilian pastry where ricotta is the absolute protagonist. I'm sure you'll find the dessert for you.

Ricotta cakes: scenic and delicious

Among the most loved Sicilian Christmas ricotta sweets there are definitely the stuffed cakes:. These kinds of sweets, where ricotta cream is often combined with candied or chocolate chips, are an un peerless gluttony. Mother of all cakes with cottage cheese is obviously the SICILIAN CASSATA, undisputed queen of the island's pastry. In addition to my recipe, you can also find a VIDEO RECIPE exception: the Sicilian cassata prepared by the pastry chefs Costa di Palermo, one of the best in town. Cassata is not difficult to prepare as a dessert in itself, but the icing-based cover and decorations can be a bit’ Complicated. Remember that you can only garnish it with candied songs and it will be equally good.

The second perfect dessert for Christmas is the FEDORA CAKE , another great classic of Sicilian pastry. Fedora Cake recipe is catania: a soft sponge cake stuffed with ricotta cream, chocolate chips and a cover of almonds and pistachios. Really easy to prepare, beginner to test, it's the perfect dessert for a family Christmas.

Simple but extremely scenic, the BRONTE PISTACHIO CAKE is studded with pistachios. A pistachio base encloses a pistachio cream and ricotta. Is’ definitely the right dessert if you're pistachio-dependent. At the same time it is very simple to prepare and you can also decorate it as you like, maybe with tufts of cream and a few icings to make it even more Christmasy.

If you are a pastry enthusiast and want to try your hand at a sumptuous Christmas cake, layered, then your dessert is the PISTACHIO CAKE WITH RICOTTA AND WILD STRAWBERRIES, A pistachio sponge cake encloses a cream of ricotta and wild strawberries (in Sicily there is never a shortage at Christmas): three layers of absolute goodness.

Spoon cakes with ricotta cheese: easy and guaranteed success

Sweet spoon and ricotta for Christmas 2020: practically a guaranteed success. If you want to conquer everyone this year choose one of these among desserts for your Christmas menus: the cremosissimo TIRAMISU’ RICOTTA, prepared without mascarpone and without eggs. Very easy and delicious recipe, with a strong taste of coffee, perfect to end a sumptuous meal, because in spite of goodness it's also a pretty light dessert.

For those who would like to make sicilian cassata but do not feel experienced enough, here's the Sicilian Cassata THE GLASS: has all the ingredients of the original cassata, but it is a single portion very simple to make and elegant to bring to the table.

Mousse of ricotta and almond milk: a sweet delicate spoonful of Sicilian inspiration.

Mousse of ricotta and almond milk

The third alternative is perhaps my favorite: ZUCCOTTO SICILIAN CASSATA ICE CREAM. No one ever says no to ice cream: it's fresh, soft, delicate. Pumpkin is a typical Sicilian ice cream prepared with ricotta cheese, candied and a heart of sponge cake soaked in Alchermes: bring it to the table and you'll see what a surprise.

Finally, a very easy and really Christmas-looking dessert: the RICOTTA FOAM AND ALMOND MILK, with dark chocolate, redcurrants and pistachio. Delicious and light.

Ricotta tarts: simple and elegant

For traditionalists and beloved classic desserts there are ricotta tarts, to serve with a passito wine. Starting from CHOCOLATE AND CHEESE TART, or the typical baked Sicilian cassata. A treasure chest of shortcrust pastry that encloses a heart of ricotta and chocolate chips. Buttery and delicious, if you want you can also take a look at the VIDEO RECIPE step by step.

Similar, but different in ingredients and texture, the CRUMBLED RICOTTA AND CHOCOLATE, with lard in the dough. Even this sweet find the VIDEO RECIPE. Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, is one of the simplest desserts ever to prepare. You don't even need the rolling pin. And it's a party right away..

If you love tarts but also modern sweets, among the Christmas sweets with ricotta you could opt for the exquisite COLD TART OF RICOTTA AND FRUIT. Of course choosing seasonal fruit to garnish the creamy ricotta mousse: khaki, tangerines, winter melon. Or something exotic like mango, passion fruit and lychees. It is an extremely easy to prepare dessert but original.

Sweets stuffed with ricotta cheese: Sicilian pastry at its best

A Sicilian has no doubts: it's not christmas if lunch or dinner don't end with a nice tray of SICILIAN CANNOLI, garnished with candied, hazelnuts, chocolate and pistachios. Making them at home is simple (have a look at VIDEO RECIPE step by step) and you'll be as good as pastry.

If you want no one to forget this Christmas (although in other ways it would be better to forget it), you may present a tray with cannoli, the SIGHS OF NUN Messina and the PANTESCHI KISSES . Sighs are a kind of savoyard sandwich stuffed with ricotta cream, while panteschi kisses are a delicious flower-shaped pancake stuffed with ricotta. Both desserts are delicious, covered in icing sugar and one pulls the other. The Sighs, though, are great if prepared in advance, while kisses have to be stuffed on the moment.

At this point I remind you of the other collections of Christmas recipes from which to draw inspiration, together with the CHRISTMAS MENU past years, waiting for the 2020 one.




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