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Appetizers for the aperitif: 5 recipes with puff pastry

Perfect for the Christmas holidays and beyond

by Ada Parisi
5 min read
Stuzzichini per l'aperitivo: 5 ricette facilissime

Today's recipe for homemade aperitif appetizers, all with the ready-made puff pastry, to make a simple aperitif between friends special. Perfect for the holiday season. I decided to prepare 5 appetizer recipes for aperitifs with different ingredients, so you meet everyone's tastes: quadrotti with pizza flavor, sesamus breadsticks, ham and cheese swivels, rolled with wurstel and tuna bassoins.

And I also shot a VIDEO RECIPE STEP step so you can realize with your own eyes how simple and fast these appetizers are for the aperitif. Definitely better than ready-made ones, and healthier, because you know what's inside. Certain, you might as well try the PUFF PASTRY HOMEMADE, but I realize that in this way the aperitif becomes challenging.

By now we have almost reached the countdown to the Christmas, that I wish you to spend in serenity with your family: Why not think of a Homemade aperitif, in a few simple moves? That's why I chose the aperitif appetizers made with ready-made puff pastry, very versatile and simple to use. Some alternatives? The yummy BREAD ROLLS’ STUFFED or the delicious PUFF PASTRY APPETIZERS WITH CHEESE AND DRIED FRUIT or the PALERMO-STYLE FRIED SPITINI.

Christmas is approaching, Here are some ideas

In this case, look at the VIDEO RECIPE it will definitely help you, because seeing live the preparation of appetizers for the aperitif with puff pastry is much easier than reading a written text. Obviously, I suggest you take a look at all my CHRISTMAS RECIPES (including the SEMI-STABLE CHRONICLE OF SICILIAN BINGES). And if you're looking for thematic ideas for Christmas, you might find inspiration in my articles:

Stuzzichini per l'aperitivo: 5 ricette facilissime


Portions: 10 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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5 rolls of ready-made puff pastry (rectangular)

sesame and/or poppy seeds

200 grams of tuna in oil


200 grams of cooked ham, also smoked

80 grams provolone or semi-aged cheese

4 wurstel

200 grams of tomato sauce

6 anchovy fillets underlium

salt and pepper


extra virgin olive oil

an egg yolk

30 ml whole milk


Appetizers for the aperitif: 5 very easy recipes

As you can see in the VIDEO RECIPE STEP BY STEP, preparing appetizers for the aperitif with puff pastry is quick and easy. You must preheat the oven to 210 degrees static and prepare an emulsion with yolk , a pinch of salt and milk to brush the puff pastry. Finally, every time you prepare a tease, you will have to cool the dough in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes before cooking. In this way the appetizers will better preserve the shape and the cold-hot thermal shock will favor the leavening of the sheet. I explain everything to you on time in the VIDEO RECIPE. Let's go with order.

SEED BREADSTICKS: just cut brush the puff pastry with egg yolk mixed with milk, sprinkle it with mixed sesame and poppy seeds and cut the puff pastry into strips. Then roll each strip over itself and arrange the breadsticks on a baking plate lined with baking paper. Refrigerate. Bake for 10 minutes in a static oven at 210 degrees or until the breadsticks are golden.

QUADROTTI GUSTO PIZZA: season the tomato puree with extra virgin olive oil and oregano, arrange it on the puff pastry by distributing it evenly with the back of a spoon. Do not abound too much because otherwise the dough will moisten and not be crispy. Spread anchovies and other oregano over the tomato puree. To taste, you can add some grated Parmesan cheese, pieces of cooked ham or some caper. Cover with a second roll of puff pastry, sealing the edges and trimming them with a cutter wheel, as you see in VIDEO RECIPE. With the wheel cutting dough divide the dough into many squares. Brush with egg and milk emulsion. Refrigerate. Bake for 15 minutes in a static oven at 210 degrees or until the squares are swollen and golden. Let the pizza-flavoured frameworks cool before detaching them from each other.

Appetizers for the aperitif: 5 very easy recipes

GIRELLE HAM AND CHEESE: cut the cheese into very small cubes. I suggest a semi-seasoned cheese and not a fresh one like mozzarella because otherwise during cooking it would melt and come out of the pretzels. Spread some mustard on a roll of puff pastry (If you like, otherwise omit), cover with cooked ham and spread the cheese cubes all over the surface. Roll the dough on itself as tight as possible, as you see in VIDEO RECIPE. Refrigerate. Once the dough is cold, brush with the egg and milk emulsion and cut it into slices an inch thick. Put the swivels on a baking tray covered with baking paper and always bake in a static oven at 210 degrees for 12 minutes or until the ham and cheese swivels are swollen, Golden and crisp.

ROLLO WITH WURSTEL: cut a roll of puff pastry in half, spread it with little mustard (you can also use ketchup or mayonnaise if you prefer), arrange the wurstels and roll the dough as you can see in the VIDEO RECIPE. Refrigerate. Brush with the egg yolk and milk emulsion and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Cut the strand into small pieces, put them on the baking tray and cook for 12 minutes or until the morsels are swollen and crispy.

Appetizers for the aperitif: 5 very easy recipes

TUNA BASSOIONS: drain tuna from excess oil, put it in a bowl with a little mustard and sesame seeds and mix well. Spread the tuna over a roll of puff pastry, in a thin layer, so that the puff pastry is covered with it. Roll the roll on itself. Refrigerate. Brush the roll with the egg yolk and milk emulsion and garnish with sesame seeds. Cut the roll into pieces about 3 centimeters thick and bake in a hot oven at 210 degrees for 15 minutes or until the tuna bassonds are golden.

My suggestion is to serve the warm aperitif appetizers (you can safely prepare them first and then put them for 2 minutes in the oven already hot) accompanying them with pickled olives, peanuts and french fries, just like at the bar. As for cocktails, I love the Spritz! Bon appétit.

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Name*Spike November 26th, 2020 - 22:04

Any thoughts on vegetarian options? My wife doesn’t eat meat so we will try the anchovy pizza and the tuna, but I’d like to make a few more. Maybe something with cheese, maybe broccoli.

Ada Parisi November 26th, 2020 - 22:34

Hi! Sure, if she eats cheeses, you can prepare a broccoli or spinach and ricotta filling, with a bit of Parmigiano and black pepper. A perfect filling is also sundried tomato pesto with almond or pine nuts, olive oil and parmesan cheese. You can also use any semi aged cheese with figs and walnuts (brie or camembert are delicious). Instead of wurstel, you can cook a carrot, then glaze it with salt pepper honey and soy sauce and put it into the puff pastry. Let me know!


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