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Pasta dishes

  1. Little rings with peas and Mint
  2. Little rings with saffron with spring vegetables
  3. Spicy sauce of squid rings and black olives
  4. Boat pasta and eggplant alla siciliana
  5. Italian Bombardoni with cream and mozzarella
  6. Bucatini carbonara with broad beans and smoked herring
  7. Bucatini cacio e pepe with mussels
  8. Bucatini cacio e pepe with asparagus, Mint and crispy ham
  9. Bucatini with broccoli cream alla siciliana
  10. Pasta with pesto alla trapanese
  11. Bucatini with Eggplant pulp and dried tomato pesto and almonds
  12. Bulgur with tomatoes and herbs
  13. Busiati with courgette and bottarga
  14. Busiati integrals with sausage and Broccoli Rabe
  15. Cheese and pepper: Roman original recipe
  16. Calamarata with Squid and peas with lemon
  17. Calamarata with baby octopus with tomato sauce
  18. Vegetarian cannelloni with ricotta and spinach
  19. Vegetarian cannelloni with tomato and ricotta
  20. Cannelloni with pumpkin cream, mushrooms and speck
  21. Conchiglioni baked stuffed with ricotta cheese and herbs
  22. Conchiglioni with Sicilian broccoli, Buffalo cream and anchovy sauce
  23. Conchiglioni stuffed with meat sauce with Piave Dop
  24. Couscous with chicken, Eggplant and almonds
  25. Corn Crepes with cottage cheese, tomato and raspadura lodigiana
  26. Hearts of pasta with broccoli cream, Saffron and shrimp fondue
  27. Doublets of Eggplant
  28. Fettuccine with lemon and bottarga
  29. Fettuccine with artichokes and hazelnuts
  30. Fettuccine with tomato sauce stew
  31. Fregula with seafood
  32. Fregula with saffron, almonds and tomato confit
  33. Fregula with artichokes and saffron
  34. Sardinian Fregula with clams
  35. Fregula risottata in chicken soup with saffron and Rosemary
  36. Fregula risotto made with peppers, thyme and sour cream
  37. Saffron Fusilli with asparagus, almonds and melted Primiero di malga
  38. Fusilli with red sauce with salt cod and olives
  39. Fusilloni porcini sauce, pumpkin and salame di Varzi
  40. Fusilloni with swordfish, Eggplant and fennel
  41. Fusilloni cold with pesto, tuna, Sun-dried tomato and goat cheese
  42. Fusilloni with radicchio, tuna, nuts and buffalo milk cheese
  43. Garganelli with white sauce pork with herbs
  44. Gnocchi with pumpkin cream with melted gorgonzola
  45. Gnocchi with cheese and pepper with fresh broad beans
  46. Ricotta Gnocchi (with tomato sauce)
  47. Purple potato gnocchi with pumpkin red and bonito
  48. Gnocchi with ricotta and saffron, cream of Zucchini, shrimp and pistachio
  49. Semolina gnocchi with butter and Sage
  50. The Neapolitan ragu
  51. Cous cous salad, mackerel, eggplant and tomato confit
  52. Summer Salad of corn
  53. Vegetarian salad with grilled vegetables
  54. Sardinian gnocchi salad with tuna, olives and pickles
  55. Fregula with tuna salad, celery and bottarga
  56. Rolls of pasta and fried eggplant, Alla siciliana
  57. Summer Veggie lasagna with tomato confit and Zucchini
  58. Lasagna with mushrooms, Bacon and burrata
  59. Vegetarian lasagna with artichokes, Caciocavallo and saffron
  60. Lasagna with meat sauce
  61. Lasagne alla amatriciana
  62. Lasagne with salmon with spinach and white sauce with ginger
  63. Autumn Lasagna with pumpkin and sausage
  64. White lasagne with broccoli and smoked cheese
  65. White Lasagna with artichokes and sausage
  66. White lasagne with milk and mozzarella, lemon and crumbs the anchovy sauce
  67. Lasagna with pork sauce, cabbage and turnip greens
  68. Lasagne with pork ragout and peppers
  69. Red cabbage and sausage lasagna
  70. Sardinian bread and fresh cheese lasagne
  71. Spring asparagus lasagna vegetarian, beans and peas
  72. Vegetarian lasagna with pumpkin, radicchio, nuts and taleggio Dop
  73. Green lasagna with fish sauce and saffron sauce supreme
  74. Linguine with swordfish with capers and tomatoes
  75. Beetroot pesto linguine, walnuts and pecorino
  76. Raw tomato linguine, anchovies, pine nuts and bottarga
  77. Linguine asparagus and prawns
  78. Linguine with asparagus, suppressed and almonds
  79. Linguine with pepper cream and breadcrumbs
  80. Linguine with cream cheese and walnuts
  81. Linguine with pumpkin cream, Sage and amaretti
  82. Linguine with yellow tomatoes au gratin, anchovies and Marjoram
  83. Linguine with ragout of redfish, artichokes and saffron
  84. Linguine with escarole, olives and bread crumbs
  85. Linguine with fresh tuna, red onions and Grenache
  86. Linguine with Zucchini, herbs & peppers
  87. Linguine with clams and turnip greens
  88. Macco di fave (Sicilian soup of dried beans)
  89. Macco di fave fried (Sicilian recipe)
  90. Malloreddus alla campidanese (Sardinian recipe)
  91. Maltagliati pasta with asparagus, Bacon and pecorino cheese
  92. Egg maltagliati pasta with salmon and cheese
  93. Half sleeves with salami beggar
  94. Half sleeve creamy with Bacon
  95. Pasta with swordfish sauce sicilian style (greedy)
  96. Soup of asparagus, peas and burrata
  97. tenerumi of Sicilian Soup, traditional recipe
  98. Sicilian soup of Zucchini long
  99. Pasta with Eggplant, Sun-dried tomatoes and muddica atturrata
  100. Orecchiette with colorful vegetable ratatouille
  101. Saffron sauce paccheri Sea Round Red and eggplant chicken
  102. Paccheri pasta with tomato confit, black sesame seeds and bread crumbs
  103. Paccheri with chantilly mozzarella di bufala, tomato, emulsion of anchovy and capers
  104. Paccheri pasta with tomato confit, Basil Cream and mozzarella di bufala Dop
  105. Paccheri pasta with tuna in tomato sauce and Mint
  106. Paccheri pasta with tuna to beer, tomatoes and bottarga
  107. Pappardelle with Borage with mussels, cream of potato and pecorino
  108. Pappardelle with artichoke cream, monkfish, Pomegranate and almond
  109. Pappardelle with lamb ragu, Artichoke and smoked ricotta
  110. Baked pasta with broccoli and bacon
  111. Pasta with seafood on bread sauce (pasta with seafood)
  112. Pasta alla Amatriciana
  113. Pasta au gratin with broccoli and Walnut
  114. Lemon pasta with salmon, pistachios and chives
  115. Pasta alla Norma, of my house
  116. Pasta alla Norma, original recipe from Catania
  117. Pasta with pesto raw zucchini and almonds, with swordfish
  118. Pasta with pesto asparagus and almonds
  119. Kale pesto pasta, pine nuts, walnuts and almonds (raw)
  120. Pasta with pesto of wild fennel, salmon and almonds
  121. Pasta with pistachio pesto and shrimp
  122. Pasta with white rabbit ragout
  123. Pasta with meat sauce Genovese (Original recipe Neapolitan)
  124. Pasta sauce bream
  125. Pasta sauce with black olives
  126. Pasta with swordfish sauce Sicilian (Sicilian recipe)
  127. Pasta with fresh salmon, with cherry tomatoes and lemon
  128. Aeolian tuna pasta (recipe siciiana)
  129. Pasta with broccoli, sausage and Piacentinu ennese (Sicilian recipe)
  130. Pasta with broccoli, cod and crispy prosciutto
  131. Pasta with broccoli and squid
  132. Pasta with broccoli, cod and crispy prosciutto
  133. Pasta with mussels, cream of potato and pecorino, Chickpea and tomato confit
  134. Pasta with shrimp, tomato confit and pistachios
  135. Pasta with shrimp, clams, Yellowtail summer and summer truffle
  136. Pasta with cauliflower alla siciliana
  137. Pasta with Broccoli Rabe
  138. Pasta with lentils
  139. Pasta with eggplant in white (Sicilian recipe)
  140. Pasta with sardines (Sicilian recipe)
  141. Pasta with apples, Cureggio onions and gorgonzola fondue
  142. Pasta with pumpkin sauce, mushrooms and hazelnuts
  143. Pasta with anchovy pesto, Pistachio, pine nuts and citrus (Sicilian recipe)
  144. Pasta with green beans, tomatoes and ricotta salata
  145. Pasta with meat sauce squid and black cabbage
  146. Pasta with tuna sauce, onions and olives
  147. Pasta with ricotta cheese, PGI radicchio and walnuts
  148. Pasta with fried zucchini and provolone (Sicilian recipe)
  149. Pasta with chickpeas
  150. Summer pasta e fagioli (Sicilian recipe)
  151. Pasta and potatoes alla napoletana
  152. Pasta and potatoes with crispy bacon
  153. Pasta, beans and mussels
  154. Pasta incasciata to Messina (that of Montalbano)
  155. Penne with spinach and tomatoes
  156. Peppers stuffed with spelt spaghetti
  157. Penne with Roasted Peppers, olives and burraTa
  158. Penne all'Arrabbiata
  159. Ravioli with garlic and chili oil
  160. Ravioli with gorgonzola cheese with heart liquid, pears and walnuts
  161. Chinese grilled pork dumplings
  162. Ravioli with ricotta and herbs
  163. Lamb Ravioli and mushrooms pioppini
  164. burrata ravioli with cream of fresh beans and mullet
  165. Ricotta ravioli with artichokes and saffron
  166. Potato ravioli and cheese with small cinta senese sauce
  167. tomato ravioli with Dop Parmigiano Reggiano water
  168. Ricotta ravioli with tomato and Basil
  169. Ravioli with cream of Buffalo mozzarella
  170. Ravioli with yolk on creamed purple cabbage and Mint
  171. Black ravioli stuffed with Spiced swordfish
  172. Ravioli with ricotta cheese and fennel
  173. Buffalo milk ravioli with crispy vegetables and anchovy sauce
  174. Ravioli stuffed with mortadella Bologna PGI and Parmesan with balsamic vinegar of Modena
  175. Steamed rice with prawns and spinach ravioli, flavored tea
  176. Burrata ravioli with artichoke cream and hazelnuts
  177. 30 months Parmigiano Reggiano ravioli with tomato confit
  178. Ravioli with ricotta and black mulberries with butter, lemon and Mint
  179. Curls with potatoes, artichokes and bottarga (dried fish roe)
  180. Rigatoni with Artichoke and Bacon gratin
  181. Rigatoni with artichokes, calamari and lemon
  182. Rigatoni with meat sauce white Octopus, lemon and pistachios
  183. Roll of pasta with Buffalo ricotta, smoked ham and tomatoes
  184. Wheels sauce swordfish in white
  185. Wheels with tomato confit, anchovies and caciocavallo
  186. Spaghetti aglio e olio with fried eggplant and raw & cooked shrimp pot
  187. Spaghetti aglio e olio with nuts, lemon and bottarga
  188. Spaghetti aglio e olio with tenerumi
  189. Spaghetti with green tomatoes
  190. Spaghetti carbonara
  191. Spaghetti alla carrettiera
  192. Spaghetti alla siciliana
  193. Cuttlefish Spaghetti
  194. Spaghetti al pesto, hazelnuts and caciocavallo
  195. Spaghetti with chicory and shrimps ' ammuddicati’
  196. Spaghetti with tomato and Basil
  197. Spaghetti with Turiddu
  198. Spaghetti with clams
  199. Egg spaghetti with Bacon, tomato and cheese
  200. Spaghetti alla puttanesca
  201. Spaghetti with Octopus sauce (in red)
  202. Spaghetti with peppers
  203. Spaghetti with baccalà, Capers, olives and dried tomatoes
  204. Spaghetti with mussels, Alla siciliana
  205. Spaghetti with artichokes, Bacon and truffle cream of pecorinor
  206. Spaghetti with Squid sauce and almonds
  207. Spaghetti with Zucchini cream and ragout of Yellowtail
  208. Spaghetti with anchovies, chicory and Zucchini Flowers
  209. Spaghetti with creamed turnips, ham and cabbage crunchy
  210. Spaghetti with broad beans, Bacon and pecorino cheese
  211. Spaghetti with zucchini Nerano (recipe bell)
  212. Spaghetti with shrimp sauce, squid and langoustines
  213. Spaghetti with tuna, onions, olives and 'dough atturrata’ (Sicilian recipe)
  214. Spaghetti with clams, courgette and bottarga
  215. Spelt noodles cold with cherry tomatoes, capers and Mint
  216. Spaghetti and meatballs
  217. Mediterranean spaghetti with crispy peppers of Senise and Crumb
  218. Mediterranean spaghetti with cheese and peppers
  219. Warm spaghetti with anchovy sauce, marinated shrimp and squid
  220. Rice noodles with vegetables and soy
  221. Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms and sausage
  222. Tagliatelle alla bolognese, but in my own way
  223. Whole-wheat noodles with Marjoram, with peas and potatoes
  224. Tagliolini 30 egg yolks with white truffle
  225. Timbale with Sicilian eggplant and fried meatballs
  226. Timbale of maltagliati with green beans, ROE and raspadura
  227. Sicilian baked anelletti timbale, with fried eggplant
  228. Timbale of Sicilian anelletti al ragù
  229. Tonnarelli to cheese and artichokes
  230. Timbale of macaroni in crust
  231. Timbale of turnip greens, meatballs and cheese fondue
  232. Smoked ricotta tortelli with sapa and hazelnuts
  233. Pumpkin ravioli with whole wheat flour
  234. Tortiglioni with meat sauce fast sausage and fennel seeds

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