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Ice cream, cookies, cakes: In short, sweets

by Ada Parisi
  1. Acciuleddi Carnival (Sardinian recipe)
  2. Sardinian macaroons (Sardinian recipe)
  3. Angel food cake with orange
  4. Angel food cake with raspberries with cream tiramisu
  5. Angel food cake with mascarpone and cranberry
  6. Apple pie (American apple pie)
  7. Arancine cakes with chocolate, dried fruit and crème anglaise
  8. Arrubiolus, Sweet dumplings with cottage cheese (Sardinian recipe)
  9. Aspic di Moscato D'Asti with berries
  10. Neapolitan babà, with whipped cream and fresh strawberries
  11. Piedmontese lady kisses
  12. Banana bread (plumcake bananas)
  13. Bavarian coffee
  14. Strawberry Bavarian cream with Strawberry Gelee and chocolate
  15. Bavarois with crisp and chocolate sauce
  16. White eat buffalo milk with tangerines (Sicilian recipe)
  17. Cupcake with custard
  18. Algerian Biscuits (Original recipe Palermo)
  19. Biscuits with nuts
  20. Pistachio and white chocolate cookies
  21. Spiral vanilla and chocolate biscuits
  22. Cookies with peanuts and chocolate
  23. Pastry biscuits Breton (palets breton)
  24. Cookies ' Queen’ with Sesame(Sicilian recipe)
  25. Rice cookies with cocoa, gluten free
  26. Saffron cookies with Strawberry Jam
  27. Biscuits with almonds and hazelnuts (recipe by Montersino)
  28. Salted caramel cookies
  29. Cookies friabilissimi catalogue the tahini (Sesame cream)
  30. Maxi biscuits chocolate and nuts
  31. Biscuits type Grancereale homemade
  32. Biscuits type Grancereale vegan chocolate
  33. Sicilian Brioches (those with Tuppo)
  34. Soft and stuffed brioche but without butter
  35. Cottage cheese croissants (hair braiding)
  36. Brioche pumpkin cinnamon (cinnamon pumpkin rolls)
  37. Swedish cinnamon brioche
  38. Venetian brioche with custard
  39. Buccellato Sicilian
  40. Orange cake with chocolate ganache and puddings
  41. Florentine rice puddings
  42. Belgian Chocolate Pudding
  43. Ricotta pudding, with meringues and strawberries
  44. Dark chocolate bundt cake
  45. Cake with apples and blueberries
  46. Carasau bread with cannoli cream yogurt
  47. The Sicilian cannoli, original recipe
  48. Sicilian cannoli with chocolate
  49. Cannoli, variation(Sicilian recipe)
  50. Sicilian ricotta Cartocci (original recipes)
  51. Sicilian cassata(Sicilian recipe)
  52. Cassata per glass (Sicilian recipe)
  53. Cassatelle di ricotta e cioccolato al forno (Sicilian recipe)
  54. Sicilian fried Cassatelle (sweet ravioli with ricotta)
  55. Castagnaccio
  56. Castagnole softest Carnival
  57. Chocolate cheese cake
  58. Peach cheese cake and thyme, in the glass
  59. Spiced cheese cake with pears
  60. Cheese cake with ricotta with honey apricot Compote
  61. Cheese cake with ricotta and saffron citrus, with figs in syrup
  62. Lemon and honey cheese cake with Italian meringue and chibouste cream
  63. Cheese cake without baking, with blackberries and blueberries
  64. Cheese cake cherry varied, without cooking
  65. Chatter Carnival
  66. Chiffon cake with orange
  67. Chiffon cake with cappuccino, hazelnuts and chocolate fondue
  68. Hazelnut and chocolate donut
  69. Red wine donuts (roman Castles recipe)
  70. Two-tone vanilla and chocolate doughnut
  71. Donut with cream sauce with cranberries and lemon icing
  72. Ricotta cake flavored with lemon
  73. Puffed rice and chocolate Florentines (mendiant)
  74. Cherry Clafoutis (original French recipe)
  75. Apricot jam and vanilla
  76. Persimmon jam, vanilla and green apple
  77. Cherry jam
  78. Strawberry Jam and ginger
  79. Jam late red radicchio PGI and blood oranges
  80. Pumpkin Jam, cinnamon and vin saint
  81. Cup ricotta cheese with figs and cinnamon
  82. Quince jelly (Sicilian recipe)
  83. Sweet couscous with Marsala and dried fruit (Sicilian recipe)
  84. Chantilly cream mozzarella with syrup and yellow tomatoes confit
  85. Whipped cream with saffron composed of more
  86. Chantilly cream with saffron and berries on the ground cocoa and hazelnuts
  87. Cooked cream with strawberries (flognarde)
  88. Chestnut cream with persimmon sauce and chocolate
  89. White cream with lemon with lemon curd
  90. Cream yogurt with fresh strawberries
  91. Cream and yogurt with cherries and cinnamon
  92. Strawberry cream and soft cheese with crumble pastry
  93. Mascarpone cream with cranberries and candied oranges
  94. Lemon cream, Orange jelly and crunchy pistachios
  95. Mascarpone cream with amaretto
  96. Mascarpone cream with coffee, hazelnuts and chocolate
  97. Tangerine Crème brulée (Crème Brulee)
  98. Crème brulée, (cream catalana)
  99. Crème brulée with cheese, with fig jam
  100. Crème caramel to Mandarin, easy recipe
  101. Crème caramel, recipe by Luca Montersino
  102. Creamy white chocolate with mint and peaches jujube jam
  103. Crepe with fresh figs and cheese cream
  104. Sicilian rice fritters (Sicilian recipe)
  105. Croissants (or croissants)
  106. Biancomangiare Tart, strawberries and thyme
  107. White Chocolate Tart, lemon and pistachios
  108. Tart watermelon Frost, Sicilian recipe
  109. PEAR tart, plums and custard
  110. Peach tart
  111. Tart with cream of chestnuts
  112. Saffron Custard Tart, Fig and almond
  113. Frangipane tart with cream and fresh plums
  114. Pistachio frangipane tart with cream and peaches later Leonforte Igp
  115. Tart with custard and jam
  116. Tart with caramelized peaches and pistachio panna cotta
  117. Tart with panna cotta and fresh peaches
  118. Tart cream with fresh strawberries
  119. Tart with pastry cream and Strawberry Jam
  120. Tart covered pears and chocolate
  121. Tart fresh apricots (apricot pie)
  122. Fresh cherry pie with balsamic vinegar
  123. Chocolate Tart with Strawberry Compote
  124. Tart lemon cream and cherries
  125. Cream tart (crush) with berries
  126. Cream tart with fresh fruit
  127. Tart figs and almonds
  128. Tart with figs and ricotta di bufala
  129. Jam Tart, Quince and chocolate
  130. Apple tart and custard
  131. Fresh Blueberry Pie (Blueberry pie)
  132. Chocolate and ricotta tart (Sicilian recipe)
  133. Rice and ricotta tart
  134. cold ricotta tart and fresh fruit
  135. lightly tart fresh strawberries (Strawberry pie)
  136. Dark chocolate mousse tart with berries
  137. Pears And Chocolate Tart
  138. Rustic tart of puff pastry with cream and fruit
  139. Shortbread tarts with almonds, with white chocolate cream and berries
  140. Tarts with caramel, chocolate and cream
  141. Apple tarts with custard and spiced plum jam
  142. Corn tart with hazelnut cream
  143. Cuccìa, ricotta cream (Sicilian recipe)
  144. Banana Cupcakes with nuts and cinnamon
  145. Dark chocolate cupcakes, Caramel, salted peanuts and cashews
  146. Dark Chocolate Cupcake and oranges from Sicily
  147. Pumpkin spice and almond Cupcakes with mascarpone
  148. Chocolate Cupcakes with Italian meringue
  149. Phyllo Bundles with apricots and dry fruits
  150. Far breton, flan with prunes
  151. Homemade rusks
  152. Figs and apricots baked, with yogurt and honey
  153. Figs with cream with syrup of currants
  154. Custard flan with apples and cranberries
  155. Milk flan with salted caramel (Sardinian recipe)
  156. Dark chocolate flan with white chocolate sauce
  157. Sweet raisin Focaccia
  158. Fondant (gluten free chocolate cake)
  159. Sardinian Carnival donuts (para frittus)
  160. Zabaglione and pastry basket of dark chocolate with Strawberry love cremolada fact
  161. Sicilian orange jelly
  162. Cinnamon Frost (Sicilian recipe)
  163. Prickly pear jelly India (Sicilian recipe)
  164. Strawberry Frost, with cream (Sicilian recipe)
  165. Tangerine Frost, on cinnamon pastry (Sicilian recipe)
  166. Frost of Macmillan (Watermelon) (Sicilian recipe)
  167. Frost cantaloupe melon in port wine
  168. Frost Sicilian lemon
  169. Banana ice POPs with chocolate mint
  170. Danish Swivels with custard and raisins
  171. Watermelon Granita and brioche (Sicilian recipe)
  172. Crushed strawberries and cream (Sicilian recipe)
  173. Peach Granita with cream and wild blackberries (Sicilian recipe)
  174. Hot cross buns, brioches with sour cherries and raisins
  175. Puglia Intorchiate
  176. Lemon curd (English original recipe)
  177. Lemon curd and brioche bread
  178. Lemon meringue pie (lemon meringue tart)
  179. Chocolate macarons
  180. Roman Maritozzi with cream
  181. Plum jam with spices
  182. Ribera Orange Marmalade, Artusi's recipe
  183. Baked apples stuffed with dried fruit, with crème anglaise
  184. Meringue topped with whipped cream with chocolate and hazelnuts
  185. Mille-Feuille of carasau bread with saffron cream and blueberries
  186. Mille-Feuille with coffee mousse and pistachio
  187. Mini hazelnut cake, raisins and Nashi pears
  188. Mini chocolate cupcake
  189. Mini corn muffins with currants
  190. Mostarda siciliana (Sicilian recipe)
  191. Strawberry and white chocolate mousse
  192. Cream cheese and PEAR mousse
  193. Almond mousse, Apricot compote and white chocolate ganache (by Saad)
  194. Mousse of ricotta and almond milk
  195. Coffee mousse with hazelnut and white chocolate daquoise
  196. White chocolate mousse with fresh strawberries
  197. Chocolate mousse with Spain and strawberry sponge cake
  198. Chocolate mousse with caramelized oranges and raspberries
  199. Muffine at wild strawberries and white pepper with cream
  200. Plum muffin
  201. Saffron muffins and jam
  202. Barley and chantilly Cream Muffins
  203. Blueberry muffins
  204. Corn Muffins and almonds with honey and lime
  205. Wholegrain muffin with marron Glacé
  206. New York cheese cake with chocolate
  207. New York cheese cake with Strawberry Compote
  208. Olivette di Sant'Agata (Sicilian recipe)
  209. Paccheri fried with ricotta cream to Ficotto and persimmon sauce
  210. Palets breton (pastry biscuits Breton)
  211. Chocolate sweet bread (brioche)
  212. Sweet bread with chestnut flour, raisins and chocolate
  213. Panna cotta with black mulberries and fennel
  214. White chocolate Panna cotta and Tonka bean, with passion fruit
  215. Panna cotta with hazelnut
  216. Panna cotta with lemon and candied cherries
  217. Panna cotta at the port with caramelized pears
  218. Panna cotta with 5 spices with gelèe and strawberry coulis and ginger
  219. Orange loaf (Sicilian recipe)
  220. Spain sponge cake with peach jam
  221. dinner rolls Messina (original recipe)
  222. Para frittus Sardinian (Carnival pancakes)
  223. Pardule, Sardinian desserts with ricotta
  224. Sicilian almond pastries (Sicilian recipe)
  225. Pastel de nata (Portuguese original recipe of Pasteis de Belem)
  226. Neapolitan pasta
  227. Matcha tea sablée pastries with cream cheese
  228. Pavlova with strawberries and raspberries
  229. Pavlova autumn with chestnut cream and persimmon sauce
  230. Pears baked in wine with orange chantilly cream
  231. Poached pears in spiced red wine
  232. Caramelized peaches with yogurt
  233. Sweet peaches
  234. Plum cake with lemon and raspberries
  235. Plum cake with yogurt and fresh strawberries
  236. Plum cake with chocolate chips and Cointreau
  237. Plum cake with pears and cinnamon, and cinnamon glaze
  238. Bread and Apple pudding
  239. panettone pudding, PEAR and chocolate
  240. Pupi cu l'ova (Sicilian cuddura)
  241. Fried sweet ravioli with ricotta (Sicilian cassatelle)
  242. Red velvet cake
  243. Black rice with diced fresh fruit and pistachios
  244. Risotto cake with cherries at Alkermes
  245. Swiss cake roll with mascarpone cream and raspberries
  246. Roll with cream and orange Marmalade
  247. Roll Black Forest, with cherries and cream
  248. Sacher Torte
  249. Pain au chocolate
  250. Chocolate salami
  251. Dark chocolate roll with dried fruit and brandy, without eggs
  252. Sandwiches of puff pastry with strawberries and whipped cream
  253. Strawberry grape autumn crumble
  254. Crumbled ricotta and chocolate
  255. Crumbled custard and blueberries
  256. Crumbled chocolate cake
  257. Crumbled wheel with oatmeal and apples
  258. Seadas (Original recipe Sardinian)
  259. Chocolate Parfait with gelée and strawberry coulis with grappa
  260. Tangerine Parfait (Sicilian recipe)
  261. Bronte pistachio Parfait with Strawberry Compote (Sicilian recipe)
  262. Chocolate Meringue Parfait and berries (recipe by Nigella Lawson)
  263. Pistachio Parfait (Sicilian recipe)
  264. Hazelnut semifreddo
  265. Hazelnut chocolate Parfait
  266. Dark chocolate Parfait
  267. Parfait of strawberries with cream
  268. Buffalo mozzarella with honey caviar Parfait, Cranberry confit is a chat’
  269. Ricotta Parfait with sour cherries
  270. Sfinci di San Giuseppe, with ricotta (Sicilian recipe)
  271. PEAR and chocolate puff pastries
  272. Apple strudel
  273. Struffoli Carnival
  274. Tarte of cooked cream and pears
  275. Peach Tarte tatin and pepper thyme
  276. Pasta sablée tartlets with frost of watermelon
  277. Shortbread tarts with orange chantilly cream and raspberries
  278. Chocolate truffles in tahini and salt flower
  279. Strawberry tiramisu
  280. Tiramisu with lemon and lemon curd
  281. Autumn pumpkin tiramisu
  282. Tiramisù al tea matcha
  283. classic Tiramisu
  284. Chantilly lemon tiramisu in berries
  285. Tiramisu Mimosa lemon
  286. Chocolate cake, mascarpone cream with pistachios and red fruits
  287. Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and Caramelized oranges
  288. Chocolate and orange cake (recipe by Montersino)
  289. White chocolate cake with coffee cream and caramel cream puffs
  290. Chocolate Tart with pears and cinnamon
  291. Coconut cake, with lemon and raisins
  292. Chocolate layer cake (and chocolates)
  293. Mocha cake with chocolate and coffee
  294. Fresh fig and Almond Cake (Sicilian recipe)
  295. Cake soft strawberries and cream
  296. Pistachio cake, with ricotta cream and strawberries (Sicilian recipe)
  297. Layer cake with cream and strawberries
  298. Pink cake with ricotta cream and cherries
  299. Cherry pie with brown sugar
  300. Torta caprese, Maurizio Santin recipe
  301. Cake with yogurt cream, chocolate mousse, popcorn and toffee sauce
  302. Torta della nonna, with cream and pine nuts
  303. Apricot and Almond Cake
  304. Carrot cake and Ginger mascarpone stuffed
  305. Carrot cake, almonds and oranges
  306. Ricotta cake, Dried apricots and brown sugar
  307. Ricotta and semolina cake with citrus
  308. Almond Cake, vanilla and Caramelized peaches
  309. Mom's Apple Pie
  310. Apple Pie, without Eggs, spongy
  311. Apple Pie, light version
  312. Apple Pie tart and dark chocolate
  313. Pgi Piedmont hazelnuts and chocolate cake (gluten-free)
  314. Fresh plums and cinnamon cake
  315. Semolina cake to Burma
  316. Grape and must cake with wholemeal flour
  317. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie
  318. Fedora cake with ricotta (Sicilian recipe)
  319. Raspberry fudge cake with chocolate mousse and ginger
  320. Madeleine cake with ricotta cream, meringues and strawberries
  321. Magic chocolate cake
  322. Magic vanilla cake, with Caramelized Apples
  323. Mimosa cake
  324. Mocha cake
  325. Soft cake with cream (in the dough) and chocolate
  326. Soft cake with bananas and strawberries
  327. Soft cake with pumpkin and almonds (no butter)
  328. Soft peach and Almond Cake
  329. Soft cake with Strawberry Jam and cream (Victoria cake)
  330. soft cake with cream cheese and cherries
  331. Cake heaven to the two chocolates
  332. pineapple upside down cake
  333. Orange inverted cake
  334. Sette Veli Cake (Original recipe, personal variation)
  335. soft cake made with chestnut flour with chocolate icing water
  336. Spongy cake with ricotta and saffron (Sardinian recipe)
  337. Ricotta and tangerine cake
  338. Fluffy cake with ricotta, rum and chocolate
  339. spiced peach tart and custard
  340. Tiramisu cake
  341. Streusel cake with pears and ginger
  342. Peach and amaretto trifle (pudding)
  343. Zeppole with raisins and saffron
  344. Saint Joseph's Zeppole, cooked in the oven
  345. Zuccherini Vernio, Tuscan biscuits with anise (original recipe)
  346. Trifle to Pandora
  347. Meringue trifle
  348. Zuppa inglese and a little’ Sicula
  349. Spicy Soup of Quince and cranberries
  350. Soup of strawberries with zabaglione semifreddo (by Saad)
  351. Lukewarm soup of Sicilian oranges with chocolate mousse


Antonella Paterlini January 19, 2016 - 11:22

Hi Ada,I read recently your own recipe of a trifle topped with meringue,Unfortunately I didn't save her and now I can't find it anymore,How can I retrieve it?….. I'd try to make it!!!!Thanks Antonella

Ada Parisi January 19, 2016 - 14:14

Hello Antonella, the recipe you are looking for is here: https://www.sicilianicreativiincucina.it/zuppa-inglese-meringata/
When you can't find a recipe, see the recipes section at the top under the blog name, is divided by categories and you will be easy to consult. Let me know if you like trifle, I adore. a warm greeting, ADA

Aldo August 29, 2014 - 12:57

Hi Ada
Thank you for the information , you were very helpful
Sparrow’ the addresses to data subjects , I asked for one to one lessons in English and am quite care 500 eu. for 5 hours , Decides the girl if you want to
Thanks again and have a nice weekend

Aldo August 12, 2014 - 15:51

Congratulations for your blog with recipes even for a beginner like I consider myself since I started cooking 5 years ago
I made the recipe for Parfait and e’ looks good then the almond biscuits that I may have cut too thin and are very fragile but are equally very good
Thanks and regards

Sicilians creative in the kitchen August 13, 2014 - 00:10

Hello Aldo, Thanks. Welcome to my blog. I wouldn't say that you are a beginner since you have five years of experience. expect to know how you will be other recipes. Thanks to you. Hello, ADA.

Aldo August 21, 2014 - 17:29

Hi Ada
Thank you but my kitchen until a few months ago was limited to cook the flat of my region . the Romagna because living abroad I sntivo few months I lack but try with sweets also and’ more difficult
I would ask you information I have two friends who would like to take a cooking class in Italy . one for the kitchen with a course of even 1 or 2 months the other for sweets a week but in English
You are aware of the courses of this type
Greetings and thanks

Sicilians creative in the kitchen August 22, 2014 - 20:06

Hello Aldo, for courses in Italian for one or two months, in Rome as in other cities they have several, more or less professional. So first we should understand what level to your friend. Those of triggering the profession last at least two and a half months and expect a final level. Otherwise, There are so many amateur courses but with single lessons or packages (for example the red shrimp). If you give me some more information (City of the course, required level, subject or topic of the course) I will try’ to be more precise. As for the pastry workshop in English, I don't know of. But I think the most effective thing is the one-on-one in private. See you soon, ADA.

Aldo August 23, 2014 - 03:23

Hi Ada
Thanks for your response , I live in Malaysia and I know a girl and her brother who have little experience of the kitchen but would like to improve it , He studies in the US but has 1 year off and would like to learn and have the opportunity to stay in Italy a little girl has 29 years did design courses in UK and China but now it’ concerned you cakes and ice cream but has little experience and since I'm in Italy in October and would like to come too , the girl for 1-2 weeks , make a one to one course might be fine for you but for him I think it would be difficult
Thank you again and have a nice weekend

Sicilians creative in the kitchen August 26, 2014 - 15:58

Hello Aldo, Here are some addresses in Rome for middle term courses that could go well for him: Les Chefs blancs (leschefsblancs.it), A Tavola con lo chef (atavolaconlochef.it), Le Cordon bleu (cordonbleu.it). The duration of these courses basic starter to the profession is just over two months. And the costs are around 2500-3000 euro. Are enough for a basic setting.
The more complex the situation for her: in one or two weeks you have to find a Professor ad personam. Or it could make some candid lessons at Rome or red shrimp.

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