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The processing of the copper in Sardinia: the laboratory of Louis Pitzalis

The Sardinian filindeu, the rarest in the world pasta

Sugary cookies Vernio (Tuscany)

The canestrato of Castel del Monte (Abruzzo)

Late Red Treviso radicchio IGP

Pythons Messina

The Sardinian fregula

Pecorino di Osilo

The marzipan fruits

The Sicilian cassata

Capocollo di Martina Franca

Cookie Carroll

The mozzarella and burrata from Puglia

Gorgonzola Dop

Parmigiano Reggiano Pdo

Robiola di Roccaverano Dop

L ’ extra virgin olive oil

Caciocavallo di Agnone

Dry pasta (from the Molise)

The Sicilian almond pastries


How do I clean the artichokes

How to decorate a tart with a beautiful basket weave

How do I clean the anchovies

Come si fa broken pasta (recipe by Michael Roux)

As you make the confit tomatoes

How to make homemade ravioli in 5 different forms


Acciuleddi Sardinian Carnival

Angel food cake

Sicilian arancini (Sicilian recipe)

Pork loin with milk

Codfish in tomato sauce

Barchette eggplant in the pan (Sicilian recipe)

Quick ricotta and lemon biscuits

Chops Messina (Sicilian recipe)

Calamari stew with potatoes (Sicilian recipe)

Stuffed calamari in tomato sauce (Sicilian recipe)

Cannoli, original recipe (Sicilian recipe)

Eggplant caponata (Sicilian recipe)

Artichokes roman style

Stuffed artichokes Sicilian (Sicilian recipe)

Baked cassata – chocolate and ricotta tart (Sicilian recipe)

Cassata per glass

Cauliflower Au Gratin with béchamel sauce

kale with potatoes in a pan

Cheese cake without baking

Lemon ricotta cake

Onions stuffed Sicilian (Sicilian recipe)

Cherry Clafoutis (original French recipe)

Conchiglioni baked stuffed, with cottage cheese and herbs

Stewed rabbit in red wine

Quince jelly (Sicilian recipe)

Breaded Eggplant (Sicilian recipe)

Baked gratin mussels (Sicilian recipe)

Baked potato and kale croquettes

Custard Tart apples

Tart with pastry cream and jam

Doublets of Eggplant and pasta (Sicilian recipe)

Sicilian falsemagro (Sicilian recipe)

Pancakes baby girl to Messina (Sicilian recipe)

Gateau di patate (Sicilian recipe)

Watermelon Frost (Sicilian recipe)

Homemade ricotta dumplings

Homemade pumpkin dumplings, with blue cheese and walnuts

Rolls of pasta and eggplant fried Sicilian (Sicilian recipe)

Cabbage rolls with ham and cheese

Sicilian macaroni with underwire (Sicilian recipe)

M dried broad beans (Sicilian recipe)

Baked Eggplant with tomatoes and cheese

Musky octopus "alla Luciana"

Blueberry muffins

New York cheese cake

Panelle Palermo (Sicilian recipe)

Zucchini parmigiane

Pasta alla Amatriciana

Pasta Carbonara, original recipe

Pasta with fresh tuna to the Eolian (Sicilian recipe)

Pasta alla Norma, of my house (Sicilian recipe)

Pasta al pesto alla trapanese (Sicilian recipe)

Pasta cacio e pepe

Pasta with mushrooms

Pasta with black cuttlefish (Sicilian recipe)

Pasta with cauliflower alla siciliana (Sicilian recipe)

Pasta with sardines (Sicilian recipe)

Pasta with clams

Fresh pasta and beans (Sicilian recipe)

Nata de nata, original recipe (pastel de Belem)

Peppers in foil, baked

Sicilian stuffed peppers (Sicilian recipe)

Peppers stuffed baked fast

Swordfish greedy (Sicilian recipe)

Swordfish eoliana (Sicilian recipe)

Chicken in a pan

Eggplant meatballs (Sicilian recipe)

Meatloaf stuffed baked (Sicilian recipe)

Tomatoes stuffed with rice to the Roman (Vegan recipe)

Meat sauce

Homemade ravioli, with different shapes and fillings

Amber-fish stew (Sicilian recipe)

Risotto with pumpkin

Baked turbot with potatoes and tomatoes

Rolls of pasta with ricotta and ham

Crumbled ricotta (Sicilian recipe)

Homemade sushi

Tagliatelle mushrooms and sausage

Tagliolini 30 egg yolks

Timbale of anelletti al forno (Sicilian recipe)


Torta della nonna (custard pie)

Mom's Apple Pie

Streusel cake with pears and ginger

Tart Sicilian anchovies (Sicilian recipe)

Baked Hokkaido pumpkin with potatoes

Sweet and sour pumpkin (Sicilian recipe)

Zuccherini Vernio

Trifle to Pandora

Spicy squid soup



Cooking with Paolo Grimaldi (Fiorfiore restaurant Todi)

Cooking with Andrea Cannalire (* Cielo restaurant in Ostuni)

In the kitchen with Toto Giuseppe (Le Parule Ercolano)

In the kitchen with Peter D & #8217; Augustine (restaurant * La Capinera Taormina)

In the kitchen with Peppe Guida al SeaFront Pasta Bar Di Martino

In pastry with Paolo Sacchetti (pastry New World Prato)

In pastry with pastry chef ANU Malik (Pastry Corsino)

In the kitchen with chef Donna R (Zash restaurant)



Giorginaro mill and ancient Sicilian grains

The Sardinian ceramic Walter Usai

The peaches of Prato in pastry New World

Seadas Sardinian Sa Domu Antiga Gergei

The look and the quality of the truffle in the Marche

The master potter Castelli Vincenzo Di Simone

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