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Vegetarian dishes, eggs and outline

  1. Asparagus with eggs, Parmesan wafer and mousses with parsley
  2. Fried asparagus with mint and yogurt sauce
  3. Barchette eggplant in the pan
  4. Broccoli au gratin
  5. Figs with goat cheese bruschetta
  6. Bruschetta with guacamole
  7. Bruschetta with Gorgonzola, radicchio Pgi, honey and nuts
  8. Vegetarian cannelloni with ricotta and spinach
  9. Vegetarian cannelloni with tomato and ricotta
  10. Eggplant caponata
  11. Winter artichoke caponata
  12. Sicilian apple caponata
  13. Caprese salad of tomatoes stuffed with couscous
  14. Artichokes roman style
  15. Artichokes with mayonnaise (Sicilian recipe)
  16. Artichokes and sour Sicilian
  17. Artichokes, potatoes and fried eggs
  18. Stuffed artichokes with sauce eggs and poor
  19. Artichokes with purple potatoes
  20. Stuffed artichokes ammuddicati
  21. black cabbage with potatoes and fried eggs
  22. Carasau bread baskets with baked vegetable ratatouille
  23. Shortcrust baskets with apples, taleggio cheese and walnuts
  24. Mixed potato chips (sweet potatoes, Blue potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, Red and white turnips)
  25. Sweet and sour raspberry balsamic vinegar onions
  26. Cream of spinach, Leek and dried fruit (Vegan)
  27. Cream of dried beans and beets (Vegan)
  28. Cream of turnip leaves and almonds
  29. Eggplant with yogurt
  30. Cream of potato and broccoli with paprika
  31. Pea cream, leeks and ginger with toasted almonds
  32. Cream of turnip and celery with stewed cabbage
  33. Sweet potato cream, oranges and apples
  34. Vegetable crepe with bechamel stracchino
  35. Potato croquettes
  36. Potato croquettes and red cabbage (gluten-free)
  37. Potato croquettes, with ham and Bologna mortadella
  38. Croquettes of pumpkin and ginger
  39. Spelled tart with pears, gorgonzola and walnuts
  40. Tart with vegetable ratatouille and mozzarella di bufala DOP
  41. Pie with vegetable in sweet and sour
  42. Fried cubes of cream cheese and Gruyère
  43. Fettuccine with lentil ragout (Vegan recipe)
  44. Fennel Gratin with Pistachio
  45. Fennel in sweet and sour Sicilian style
  46. Cauliflower flan with gorgonzola cream, honey and nuts
  47. Frisella caprese
  48. Omelette with potatoes, Zucchini and squash blossoms
  49. Turnip leaves omelette with sour cream
  50. Baked omelette with tomato confit and sour cream
  51. Baked omelette with green peas and green beans
  52. Baked beans and pea Frittata
  53. Omelet with potatoes and tomatoes au gratin
  54. Jerusalem artichoke omelet in Filo Pastry
  55. Omelette with courgettes with flower and grain waffles
  56. Omelet vegan chick peas and onions
  57. Sicilian Fava bean Frittedda, peas and artichokes
  58. Fried mushrooms, with yogurt sauce and lime
  59. Stuffed mushrooms
  60. Gateau potatoes with sauce and fried eggplant (Sicilian recipe)
  61. Gazpacho
  62. Guacamole
  63. Chickpea and tahini hummus
  64. Baked Eggplant with tomato and feta salad
  65. Warm salad of radicchio, oranges and walnuts
  66. Baked beetroot salad, with yogurt and nuts
  67. Sweet and sour pumpkin salad, cabbage and dried fruit
  68. Greek salad (horiatiki)
  69. Veggie farro salad with roasted vegetables
  70. Insalata pantesca, with green beans
  71. Spring salad with vegetables, with fresh cheese
  72. Russian salad
  73. Grilled Eggplant rolls
  74. Rolls fried eggplant Sicilian
  75. Rolls of pasta and fried eggplant, Alla siciliana
  76. Stuffed Roasted Peppers
  77. The caprese in one bite
  78. White lasagne with broccoli and smoked cheese
  79. Spring lasagna, with asparagus, peas and beans
  80. Vegetarian lasagna with pumpkin, radicchio, nuts and taleggio Dop
  81. Summer Veggie lasagna with tomato confit and Zucchini
  82. Vegetarian lasagna with artichokes, Caciocavallo and saffron
  83. Beetroot pesto linguine, walnuts and pecorino
  84. Linguine with escarole, olives and bread crumbs
  85. Baked Eggplant with tomatoes and feta
  86. Stuffed eggplant with herbs with burrata
  87. Stuffed eggplant with tomato sauce
  88. Sicilian soup of dried beans and beets
  89. Buffalo mozzarella on marinated Tomatoes with creamy crispy pasta and egg yolk
  90. Paccheri pasta with tomato confit, black sesame seeds and bread crumbs
  91. Goat cheese balls with spices and herbs
  92. Panada Sardinian artichokes
  93. Pane frattau
  94. Sandwich with asiago, nuts, pears and honey
  95. Panzanella Toscana
  96. Pappa al pomodoro
  97. Eggplant parmesan
  98. Eggplant parmesan, Fior di latte and pane carasau
  99. Parmesan potatoes in white
  100. Parmigiana pumpkin
  101. Zucchini parmigiane
  102. Pasta with lentils
  103. Potatoes au gratin with Parmigiano Reggiano delphinoise
  104. Stuffed potatoes (jacket potato)
  105. Fried bean curd cream pecorino
  106. Ratatouille
  107. Sicilian Ratatouille, with Eggplant and potatoes
  108. Roasted Peppers with Almond's bath’ Green
  109. Peppers and potatoes stew, with eye eggs
  110. Peppers stuffed with couscous
  111. Sicilian stuffed peppers
  112. Eggplant pizzas with pesto alla trapanese
  113. Taleggio polenta with mixed mushrooms
  114. Polenta with broccoli with creamy taleggio cheese and quail eggs
  115. Broccoli and potato dumplings (baked)
  116. Cauliflower meatballs sicilian style
  117. Meatballs with chickpeas and chard with avocado sauce (Vegan recipe)
  118. Sicilian pecorino meatballs, baked (Sicilian recipe)
  119. Meatballs ricotta tomato (Sicilian recipe)
  120. Tomatoes Stuffed With Rice, alla romana (Vegan recipe)
  121. Tomatoes stuffed with egg and cheese
  122. Lentil Ragout (Vegan recipe)
  123. Ratatouille baked vegetables
  124. Ricotta ravioli with artichokes and saffron
  125. Ribollita toscana (original recipe)
  126. Hermes spinach pesto rice, with tomatoes and almonds
  127. Brown risotto with porcini mushrooms and truffles
  128. Risotto with fresh broad beans, pecorino and Mint
  129. Wild asparagus quiche
  130. Quiche with mushrooms and Taleggio Dop
  131. Quiche with potato and smoked cheese
  132. Scaccia Ragusa parmigiana (Sicilian recipe)
  133. Puff pastry with sweet peppers, Sage and quail eggs
  134. Neapolitan pastry, with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella di bufala Dop
  135. Puff pastry with Parmesan cheese
  136. Vegetarian puff pastry with pine nuts and parsley pesto and mozzarella
  137. Layers of Onion Stuffed
  138. Pumpkin puff pastry with cheese and honey
  139. Baked beetroot leaves and Buffalo mozzarella
  140. Broccoli Rabe and ricotta timbale
  141. Potato pudding, Chard and cheese salad with walnuts
  142. Pumpkin flan, potatoes and ricotta
  143. Spaghetti with green tomatoes
  144. Spaghetti with zucchini Nerano (recipe bell)
  145. Leek and ricotta strudel phyllo
  146. Torta pasqualina, italian Easter pie (Original recipe from Genoa)
  147. salt cake kale
  148. Rustic pie of artichokes and ricotta
  149. Rustic pie with rice and tomatoes
  150. Ricotta and herbs rustic pie
  151. Pumpkin ravioli with whole wheat flour
  152. Ricotta and mushroom patties
  153. Broad bean patties, potatoes and peas
  154. Pumpkin cupcakes, leeks, cinnamon and gorgonzola
  155. Tripe … pretend
  156. Mushroom and truffle egg with melted taleggio Dop
  157. Egg, fondue and white Alba truffle
  158. Fried eggs, rosti potatoes and asparagus
  159. Poached egg on artichoke, polenta and almond milk
  160. Egg in cocotte with taleggio cheese and truffle cream
  161. Poached egg on a nest of Eggplant and tomatoes
  162. Egg in cocotte with bacon, robiola di Roccaverano cheese and black truffle
  163. Egg in cocotte with asparagus and pecorino cream
  164. Quail egg in cocotte with peas, Bacon and Gruyère fondue
  165. Quail egg with black truffle and fondue
  166. Poached egg on creamed peas with wafer of crispy polenta with saffron
  167. Poached egg with beans cheese fondue, peas and asparagus
  168. Poached egg with Roast Pumpkin and porcini mushrooms
  169. Pumpkin confit, baked with herbs and spices
  170. Sweet and sour pumpkin, Alla siciliana
  171. Chestnut soup and cabbage with poached egg (Vegan)
  172. Onion soup, whole wheat bread and beer
  173. Bean soup and kale
  174. Cold tomato soup with burrata di Andria

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