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The Doughs for cakes

Here you will find all the basic dough to prepare sweets, so that your imagination can do the rest and customize them according to your taste. It is a continuously updated section and I would like it to be interactive. If you want to deepen or know some particular aspect of a sauce or condiment, leave a comment or request and I will try to accommodate you. In this section you will find basic dough for beignets, short pastry, brioche dough sweet-salty, brioche bread, croissants, cookie dough, puff pastry, Spain loaf….

Recipes: the brioche dough sweet-salty Montersino, the base for cake heaven, the puff pastry dough for croissants and croissants, the puff pastry Classic, the biscuit dough per roll, the brioche bread, the choux pastry for the cream puffs, the Spain loaf, the short pastry.

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