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Recipes from the world, sweet and savory, American as apple pie

Recipes from the world: the American apple standing

Not only Italian recipes. Who likes to cook (and eating), loves snooping around and try everything, from dishes to the strangest ingredients. And I have a tremendously curious person. Here are recipes from the world, to try and taste: the American apple pie with french onion soup, from Japanese sushi step by step video recipe, Hungarian goulash. Because you can also travel by standing in his kitchen.

If cooking is culture, then it is better not to dwell only on the wonderful recipes that we have in Italy: the world is full of ingredients that do not know and cooking techniques to learn. On the other hand, croissant was born in France and England trifle. In this section you will find all sweet and savory recipes to try.

Scottish eggs

Scottish eggs

Scottish eggs, the perfect starter for Easter: soft yolk eggs wrapped in seasoned minced meat and double crispy breadcrumbs.
Crumble ai frutti di bosco

Crumble ai frutti di bosco

Crumble ai frutti di bosco con fiocchi di avena, pistacchio e farina di mandorle: è un dolce semplice, leggero e…
Spicy squid and fried rice soup

Spicy squid soup

Spicy squid soup: accompanied by fried rice with cardamom is a unique delicious and original dish. Incredibly easy to prepare,…
Pita bread or Arabic bread

Pita bread or Arabic bread

Pita bread or Arabic bread: easy recipe for a perfect bread to be stuffed or to accompany delicious sauces during…
Hummus (chickpea and tahini cream)

Chickpea and tahini hummus

Chickpea and tahini hummus: Perfect vegan recipe for aperitif. With precoots it is prepared in 10 minutes. You…
Bagels, original recipe: stuffed with salmon and Philadelphia for an American breakfast

Bagels, original recipe

Bagels, original recipe. They are delicious and soft rolls covered with seeds. Perfect to be frozen, always remain fluffy. step Recipe…