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Christmas cakes: 15 dessert recipes to easy and elegant spoon

by Ada Parisi
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How to end on a sweet note dinners, meals and Christmas dinners and New Year? Have I the solution for you: here's 15 recipes sweet Christmas puddings Easy and elegant. You can prepare them all in advance (Also two days) and success will be assured. After a huge meal, both in terms of time and calories, hard to find space for the sweet. Also because we know that on the table there will be fruit, dried fruit, dates, figs, Panettone and Pandoro. For this I think the ideal dessert for Christmas has a pudding, creamy, also light in some cases, based cream or fruit-based. Although you can choose to serve a sweet two in one, or a dessert based on panettone or pandoro. As the SOUP IN ENGLISH PANDORO or the PANETTONE AND PERE PUDDING. Both delicious.

I have chosen 15, my favorite of all time: well 5 recipes of Christmas sweets to the spoon are variations of the tiramisu and 4 are gels of fruit, a typical Sicilian preparation that shines for taste, elegance and lightness. And then some must-sweet and really quick to prepare: everyone will think you bought them in pastry. Find two desserts mandarin, the classic result of the holiday season, something Sicilian, something chocolate and something to enhance the cake.

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Tiramisu’ classic and variants for sweets Christmas puddings

The TIRAMISU’ It is always a winning choice, in all its possible variant. First, it is a sweet easy to prepare with the ingredients of your choice. Indeed, maybe it's one of the cakes easier to customize according to their own tastes and needs: in addition to TIRAMISU’ CLASSIC (that are in VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel), in time for the Christmas holidays you can try TIRAMISU CHOCOLATE AND ORANGE, pleasant taste and fresh citrus, to enhance a seasonal fruit.

If you do not like the mascarpone and you will serve a cake without even eggs, delicious but light, here is the TIRAMISU’ RICOTTA , complete with coffee and chocolate, creamy and intense. Without eggs and creamy is also the TIRAMISU’ LEMON, with lemon curd or lemon marmalade that make it irresistible. And if you want to be original at all costs, the TIRAMISU’ PUMPKIN It is for you: It has a delicate caramel flavor that will please everyone.

It has a taste reminiscent of tiramisu but definitely with more intensity, the MOCHA CHOCOLATE CAKE AND COFFEE ', A base of the Spanish chocolate pan, a cream without cooking mascarpone complete with espresso, washes and gels coffee. You've remade into many, confirming me that is prepared with ease and I hope the redo many for Christmas.

The pudding is a winning choice

There is magic in a pudding: its consistency, soda but that melts in your mouth, the sauce (with fruit, caramel or other) which increases the sweetness, the infinite possibilities of customization of the cake to your taste and those of guests. Among the most tempting definitely ENGLISH SOUP, a lethal combination of lemon cream and chocolate with ladyfingers and Alkermes, Also in the meringue version, even Christmas.

Yet, from Sicily suggest you the Sicilian Cassata THE GLASS: It has all the ingredients of the traditional Cassata, but you can do with your hands quietly in single-portion cups. Is’ one of the cakes I make more often during the holidays, because it is simple, colorful and stylish, or when I have guests who want to taste the essence of Sicily.

Don't forget, When you have to choose a cake to cucchaio, that there is a vast world of Bavarian and puddings. I propose two pieces of nineties: the COFFEE BAVARESE’ WITHOUT EGGS, without eggs, easy and quick to prepare, with a strong taste of coffee. I suggest you prepare it in a ring mold, so you can bring it in whole table and enjoy it comfortably and then cut into portions. Yet, the BELGIAN CHOCOLATE PUDDING, which provides a cooking in the oven or in a double boiler. Is’ a simply delicious cake, with a delicious caramel and a firm texture but cremosissima, best served cold.

Panna cotta and creme caramel, the elegance of simplicity

Between my 15 dessert recipes Christmas puddings could not miss the panna cotta. Always a favorite Italian desserts and most famous in the world. The most famous is vanilla, the simplest version and maybe a little’ trivial. But I assure you that with small adjustments panna cotta can become an elegant and amazing taste desserts. As for example, the PANNA COTTA WITH THE PORT PERRY CARAMELIZED. A dessert for adults, with the alcohol taste of Porto that blends perfectly with crisp pear and caramelized in sugar, to be served hot. or PANNA COTTA WITH CHOCOLATE AND WHITE MARACUJA, sweet and compact, but interesting yield the acidity of passion fruit. They are sweet for a dinner with people who appreciate creativity.

If there is a fruit that is Christmas, is Mandarin: arancione access, round, with bright green leaves, mandarins triumph on Christmas table. The Mandarin lends itself to being used in cocktails and of course desserts: its slightly sour juice, fragrant and citrusy, illuminates everything. The CREME CARAMEL At MANDARIN And the CREME BRULEE MANDARIN are two desserts so quick and easy to prepare as irresistible. Both are made from milk, eggs, juice and tangerine peel. The first has a delicious caramel Mandarin and the second a crust of sugar that breaks down under the blows of the spoon.

The cakes beautiful Christmas spoon, good and light: fruit gels

Another type of pudding that solves the problem of dessert after a meal is important that the fruit from freezing. It is a typical Sicilian sweet perfect for those who are vegetarian, vegan, intolerant to eggs, lactose, gluten. It is soft and creamy gel made with seasonal fruit (from strawberries to oranges) and sugar, thickened with cornstarch. Legacy of Arab culture, as well as sorbets, fruit gels you can also customize guarnendoli elegantly and creatively. They become so real fine desserts to feast.

My favorites are the LEMON FROST , one of the most famous Sicilian frosts, I simply garnish with fresh raspberries to enhance acidity and clean. Yet, the FROST ORANGE, to prepare with the blood orange Etna or the blonde Ribera, I serve with candied fennel to make it original and sweeter. Always on citrus, He could not miss the MANDARIN FROST I propose with a pastry to crisp and fragrant cinnamon. A real special desserts is the MELON FROST CANTALUPO to PORTO, suitable for an important dinner with guests, in addition to taste, also appreciate the aesthetics of the dishes. Finally, It is not a gel but I think it is perfect after meals, l’ASPIC MUSCAT D'ASTI AND BERRIES, increasingly sophisticated and delicious, you can prepare by varying the fruit. I would suggest adding orange juice to Muscat and put inside canned peaches, cantaloupe melon and winter melon. You will see how wonderful.

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