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Puff pastry Christmas cookies: 5 recipes

by Ada Parisi
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Biscotti misti di pasta sfoglia

Christmas puff pastry cookies in 5 different recipes to make this Christmas so different from the usual a little’ Special. vorange and cinnamon entaglietti, the classics caramelized sheets (like the Dorè sheets I loved as a child). And still raviolini stuffed with Nutella, swivels with jam and almonds and the classics puff pastry cannons stuffed with ricotta sweet. A gluttonous centrepiece, an elegant fine meal to serve with a passito wine, a joker to enjoy for a snack but also a nice gift made with your own hands. To give Christmas love instead of simple objects. As you can see in the VIDEO RECIPE STEP BY STEP, these are very simple cookies to make, really in real time. If you want some alternative, take a look at my article on 18 HOMEMADE COOKIES, all to enjoy.

As I told you in the post on QUICK APPETIZERS FOR THE APERITIF, ready puff pastry is a great help in the kitchen. Honestly the taste is completely different from the homemade puff pastry, prepared with a quality butter, but the time-saving is such that I always keep a roll in the refrigerator.

To prepare this nice box of mixed Christmas puff pastry cookies takes 30 real minutes and you can indulge in fillings and tastes: you can use cottage cheese, custard, Nutella, chocolate cream, Jam. Or flavor the prussians of puff pastry even with vanilla, lemon zest, cinnamon, orange or tangerine zest.

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