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Lasagne for Christmas 2020: 10 easy and delicious recipes

by Ada Parisi
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Lasagne d'autunno con zucca e salsiccia

Pumpkin, turnip greens, artichokes, broccoli, cabbage, porcini mushrooms: autumn is a riot of seasonal vegetables and today I decided to combine all these autumn vegetables with the most delicious dish ever. the lasagna. So here are 10 must-see and delicious recipes of lasagna for Christmas 2020 based on seasonal vegetables. Interpreted in a vegetarian key or combined with cured meats, fish or meat, absolutely not to be missed. Baked pasta, timbales, lasagna, in short, all the first sumptuous pasta, baked, with a crunchy crust and rich in seasoning, perhaps evoke more than any other Italian first course the idea of conviviality, family, of being together.

In these difficult moments, while we can only hope to be able to spend the Christmas holidays each with loved ones, i want to be optimistic and start thinking about something good to eat all together. Of course these lasagna are perfect for Christmas party menus but also for any Sunday lunch or special occasion. There's always a good reason to make a lasagna. And if you still don't have clear ideas for party menus and are looking for inspiration, have a look to my CHRISTMAS MENU of past years, waiting for the one in 2020.

Before you start talking about lasagna, however, I cannot but mention two seasonal recipes of baked pasta that lasagne are not, but they're equally delicious: the TIMBALE anelletti SICILIANI SAUCE’ , a great classic of Sicilian cuisine in the cold seasons. And the BAKED MESS WITH BROCCOLI AND BACON, rich, creamy and tasty.

Looking for inspiration for Christmas?

As for lasagna, are the symbol of versatility in the kitchen. To the sauce, in white, with fish, the meat, only with vegetables. I'm a joker in the kitchen, to be prepared with fresh or dry puff pastry, with all kinds of cheese, vegetables, with or without béchaellae. They are the queens of the first Sundays and Christmas. To find inspiration for your Christmas menus in addition to my 10 easy lasagna recipes for Christmas 2020, take a look at these articles too:



    The LASAGNA AL RAGU’ It is always a great classic: for years I have been repromot to prepare the traditional Emilian recipe, but waiting to do it i keep making the family recipe. Different, throughout, but yummy. With a small ragout, a soft and creamy béchain and a golden and crunchy crust.

    A much lighter alternative is the LASAGNE OF BREAD SARDO AND FIRST SALE: with a simple tomato sauce, parmesan and first salt, in these lasagna inspired by Sardinian cuisine there is carasau bread instead of the classic egg pasta puff pastry. And they're delicious.


    The world of white lasagna is extremely diverse. They are much more customizable than those with red sauce, lend themselves well to being seasoned with meat, with fish but above all in a vegetarian key. And they're absolutely delicious. Among the best certainly the WHITE LASAGNE BROCCOLI AND SCAMORZA, with sicilian broccoli reviewed, very lively and sly. And the ARTICHOKE LASAGNE, CACIOCAVALLO AND SAFFRON: the strong taste of artichokes, the golden color of saffron and the intense taste of caciocavallo are certainly winning.


    Sausage and cured meats, speck ham and mortadella especially, lend themselves wonderfully to becoming protagonists of lasagna. In the middle of the season, the LASAGNE AUTUMN PUMPKIN AND SAUSAGE, with one of the most loved seasonal vegetables (you've already read my article on LA PUMPKIN IN THE KITCHEN AND ALL RECIPES?). Tasty and delicious even the LASAGNE WITH ARTICHOKES AND SAUSAGE, with a really intense taste, perfect for sturdy palates.

    Pistachio lasagne

    Not the sausage but a tasty pork ragout for the LASAGNE AL RAGU’ PORK, CABBAGE AND TURNIP TOPS, perfect with a nice red wine, for a rustic party menu with strong flavors. More delicate and refined, instead the WHITE LASAGNE WITH PORCINI MUSHROOMS, BACON AND BURRATA: you can also use mixed mushrooms (even frozen) and they're very easy to prepare.

    My favorite lasagna for the Christmas 2020 menu will instead be the WHITE PISTACHIO AND MORTADELLA LASAGNA: flavorful, cremosissima, delicate. Pistachio is one of the great passions of Italians and the combination with mortadella is now a great classic. This lasagna is a real treat.

    Lasagne with salmon and spinach with white sauce with ginger

    Lasagne with salmon and spinach with white sauce with ginger


    I'm not a big lover of fish-based lasagna, but the WHITE LASAGNE WITH SALMON AND SPINACH at my house they always have a great success. I combine them with an aromatic and slightly spicy ginger béchamelle and these lasagna are perfect if you have a completely fish menu in mind but don't want to give up the traditional baked pasta.

    At this point, I'll let you choose your favorite lasagna and wish you a good appetite!




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