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Rice dishes

  1. Pink rice cheese ring
  2. Arancini Messina style (original recipe)
  3. Arancini Blacks with taleggio cheese with cream of Jerusalem artichokes
  4. Arancini fave, Pillow, cheese and pepper on pecorino cream
  5. Sicilian arancini with meat sauce
  6. Sicilian arancine with butter
  7. Gruyére arancini, hazelnuts and ' onion soup’
  8. Yellow risotto stuffed artichokes and hazelnuts
  9. Rice salad
  10. Black rice salad, Chickpeas, mussels and prawns
  11. Red rice salad with swordfish, celery and tomato
  12. Eggplant stuffed with rice with spinach
  13. Black chick pea soup and rice, scented with Rosemary
  14. Nasi goreng, fried rice with chicken and vegetables
  15. Seafood Paella – Seafood rice (Spanish recipe)
  16. Tomatoes stuffed with rice to the Roman
  17. Rice with prawns and spinach ravioli, flavored tea
  18. Rice with chicory, Amarone, pine nuts and sheep cheese
  19. Hermes spinach pesto rice, with tomatoes and almonds
  20. Red rice with steamed broccoli and quail eggs
  21. Risotto with spinach and white sauce and pomegranate
  22. Risotto with porcini mushrooms
  23. Risotto with crispy Zucchini with oranges
  24. Risotto with Champagne and pomegranate
  25. Rice with Octopus
  26. Black rice with cuttlefish
  27. Risotto with radicchio IGP, Prosecco DOCG and salmon tartare with orange
  28. Beetroot risotto and gorgonzola
  29. Risotto with robiola cheese with pumpkin cream
  30. Taleggio Dop risotto with crispy vegetables
  31. Risotto with Taleggio Dop and rennet apples
  32. White Alba truffle risotto
  33. Thyme and saffron risotto with chicken livers and Marsala reduction
  34. Risotto with pecorino and pepper, prawns and hazelnuts
  35. Risotto with fennel and sardines… a mare
  36. Risotto with artichokes and mascarpone
  37. Cureggio onion risotto and gorgonzola
  38. Risotto with leaking and from Cetara, bread and butter
  39. Risotto with cream of white asparagus, cheese and walnuts
  40. Risotto with peas and mint and red shrimp tartare
  41. Risotto with fresh broad beans, pecorino and Mint
  42. Risotto with Endive, burrata cheese and red onions
  43. Delicate risotto with black cabbage and sour cream
  44. Risotto with calamari and lemon
  45. Risotto with leeks and chestnuts with red wine sauce
  46. Borage risotto with botargo, pecorino & almond cream
  47. Gorgonzola risotto with Caramelized Apples and cinnamon
  48. Crispy lettuce with Stilton and Leek risotto
  49. Seafood risotto
  50. Risotto with Broccoli Rabe, with garnish, pine nuts and bread crumbs
  51. Risotto with pears and blue cheese with honey and pistachios
  52. Artichoke risotto with botargo
  53. Pumpkin risotto with pistachios and Castelmagno
  54. Risotto with berries and chives
  55. Herb risotto with blueberries, raspadura and zabaglione
  56. Risotto with olive oil and Parmesan cheese with dried beef and asparagus
  57. Creamy yolk with asparagus risotto and pecorino
  58. Sicilian broccoli risotto and Puzzone di Moena
  59. Chestnut risotto with porcini mushrooms and truffles
  60. Summer summer truffle risotto with lemon and anchovy sauce
  61. Risotto with asparagus cream and ginger
  62. Risotto with potatoes, taleggio Dop and black truffle
  63. Risotto with red mullet and Zucchini sauce
  64. Red pumpkin and sausage risotto
  65. Baked rice timbale (sartù di riso)
  66. Risotto with leeks and taleggio, with saffron cream and hazelnuts
  67. Supplì Romans
  68. Sushi with salmon and avocado
  69. Rice and fish soup with saffron

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