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Festive menu 2015: my proposal to fish

by Ada Parisi
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Here we are in a new menu for the holidays! After the time of that vegetarian , the menu of Meat and of that Creative, Today we present seafood menu, widely regarded as the most traditional and often chosen especially for new year's Eve dinner. In Sicily, For example,, they usually prefer the meat for the holiday season and fish for those year-end. In any case, Here are my suggestions for a complex menu, original and easily executable. In anticipation of the new year, I decided to enter in the menu the lentils, but combined with the usual sausage (When they're all filled and no one taste), but the Starter, in an unusual salad with avocado and red mullet. The first is traditional and beloved, pasta with clams that I like with some tomato fillet, so you can enjoy guilt-free per second which is sicilianissimo and very tasty, and especially desserts. In fact, in this menu, the sweet creams (with mascarpone, hazelnuts and chocolate) is delicious. But it is equally tempting to fruit: a true gourmet dessert. I hope this menu you like and give you some ideas for your labors in the kitchen.


Here's my seafood menu, from Starter la dolce, Click on the name to find the recipe:

Fillet of red mullet on avocado salad and lentils

Fillet of red mullet, lentils and avocado






Spaghetti with clams

Spaghetti with clams






Stewed amberjack alla siciliana

Stewed amberjack alla siciliana






Mascarpone cream with coffee, hazelnuts and chocolate

Coffee mascarpone cream with hazelnut and chocolate







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