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Meat dishes

  1. Abbacchio alla cacciatora, with potatoes and stuffed artichokes
  2. Lamb with pecorino, pistachios, Mint, mashed potatoes and port reduction
  3. Pork loin with Rosemary and potatoes milk
  4. Pork loin stuffed with Apple puree
  5. Pork loin in wine with apples and potatoes
  6. Roast pork with grapes with sweet potatoes
  7. Roast pork with prunes
  8. Rolled pork with artichokes
  9. Roast pork with mushrooms and chestnuts
  10. Roast veal with tuna and anchovies
  11. Veal roast stuffed
  12. Cutlets alla messinese (original recipe)
  13. Beef braised in Barolo with stringy polenta and pickled onions
  14. Roast kid (Sicilian recipe)
  15. Kid stew with potatoes (Sicilian recipe)
  16. Rack of lamb
  17. Rabbit salad with lime mayonnaise and chives
  18. Rabbit in red wine with olives
  19. Rabbit Stew with olives
  20. Sweet and sour rabbit
  21. Rabbit with potatoes, onions and ham
  22. Stewed rabbit with artichokes and potatoes
  23. Coq au vin (chicken in wine)
  24. Coratella with Roman artichokes
  25. Spicy and spicy pork ribs
  26. Valdostana lamb chops, with creamed turnips and celery salad
  27. Herb breaded Pork Chops with potatoes and artichokes
  28. Pork Chops with shallots, roasted potatoes and lime
  29. Lamb Chops with cauliflower to graten
  30. Chicken cutlet with paprika peppers and tomatoes (paprika schnitzel)
  31. Cutlets with bechamel and baked potatoes
  32. Chicken nuggets with savory custard of gruyere cheese and oranges
  33. Filet with artichokes and mashed potatoes
  34. Pork Tenderloin with beer and chestnuts
  35. Baked pork fillet with bacon and apples
  36. Pork Tenderloin at Ficotto with grapes, chestnuts and Caramelized figs, braised onions
  37. Pork Tenderloin and crispy vegetables on Turnip puree
  38. Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with dried tomatoes and cheese
  39. Braised beef cheek with plums, with saffron mashed potatoes and cinnamon
  40. Flat Burger, with cheese, egg and caramelized onions
  41. The Neapolitan ragu
  42. Chicken Salad, spinach and prickly India
  43. Chicken Salad, Roasted Peppers and avocados
  44. Chicken Salad, potatoes, cabbage, Bacon and sour cream
  45. Chicken Salad, green sauce and pomegranate
  46. Sesame Turkey Salad with melon and vinaigrette
  47. Mint rolls and provolone with potato chips
  48. Beef rolls with Parma ham and pecorino cheese
  49. Chicken rolls, plums and smoked ham with mushrooms and Couscous
  50. Chicken rolls, omelet, and caciocavallo, with peppers
  51. Cabbage rolls with ham and cheese
  52. Orange pork loin with figs, chestnuts and onions
  53. Sweet and sour pork and peppers with rice with poppy seeds
  54. Mille-Feuille of pork with sauce, and Mango Salad
  55. Mille-Feuille of bresaola, wafers of Parmesan cheese and avocado
  56. Wasn't hideous enough chicken with peas
  57. Duck breast with sour cherry sauce to vino Nobile
  58. Baked chicken breast, with asparagus and Parmesan cheese
  59. Chicken breast alla Norma
  60. Chicken fricassee
  61. Chicken and vegetable pie baked in puff pastry
  62. Pie of sautéed pork and potatoes
  63. Chicken with peppers
  64. Agglassato glazed meat chicken on polenta with corn flour
  65. Beer chicken with mashed potatoes
  66. Baked chicken with grits and lemon and vegetable couscous
  67. Lemon chicken, with baked vegetables
  68. Chicken, artichokes and bacon in puff pastry
  69. Mediterranean stuffed chicken on a bed of cous cous
  70. Fried chicken and mayonnaise
  71. Chicken in creamy sauce with mushrooms and Bacon
  72. Meatballs in broth with fresh vegetables
  73. Spicy meatballs with cream cheese
  74. Stuffed meatloaf with tomato sauce
  75. Meatballs with lemon and parsley
  76. Meatballs with sweet and sour peppers
  77. Sweet and sour meatballs, Alla siciliana
  78. Stuffed meatloaf with tomato sauce
  79. Baked meatloaf Sicilian style, stuffed
  80. Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and raspberry syrup
  81. Genoese Sauce (Original recipe Neapolitan)
  82. Roast beef with potatoes and sauce supreme with Sherry
  83. Roulade of chicken and Bacon with mushrooms on potato rosti
  84. Saltimbocca alla romana
  85. Pork Escalopes with mushrooms porcinthe
  86. Pork Escalopes with gorgonzola
  87. Lamb and onion stew
  88. Spiced pork with potatoes, Apples and onions
  89. Beef stew with polenta
  90. Veal stew with potatoes
  91. Paprika chicken skewers with yoghurt sauce
  92. Lamb stew with peas and potatoes
  93. Sliced meat Chianina to four salts with potatoes
  94. Fassona piemontese tartare (Carne cruda all'albese)
  95. Vitello tonnato (traditional Piedmontese recipe)


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Emanuela, What about? I thank you from the bottom of my heart. because it's comments like this that continue to keep this blog. A hug, ADA


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