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Soups, creme, soups and stews

  1. Water cooked at the maremmana
  2. Chicken and vegetable broth with Sardinian fregula
  3. Cream of spinach, Leek and dried fruit (Vegan)
  4. Cream of broccoli and potato bottarga
  5. Artichoke cream with Golden salt cod and bottarga
  6. Artichoke cream, potatoes and chestnuts (Vegan)
  7. Cream of carrots and potatoes with Curried beef patties
  8. Chickpea and turmeric, Broccoli serviced and tosela del Primiero
  9. Cream of turnip leaves and almonds
  10. Lettuce cream with stracciatella and anchovy sauce
  11. Cream of potato soup with mussels and clams
  12. Cream of potato soup, salmon, hazelnuts and poached egg
  13. Cream of potato soup, mushrooms and chanterelles
  14. Cream of potato soup, Apples and celery with sour cream
  15. Cream of potato and broccoli with paprika
  16. Sweet potato cream, Apples and oranges
  17. Pea cream, Mint and sour cream
  18. Pea cream with ricotta gnocchi
  19. Pea cream, leeks and ginger with toasted almonds
  20. Cream of peas and beans with lemon chicken meatballs
  21. Pea cream, Zucchini and fennel with sour cream
  22. Cream of tomato
  23. Cream of turnip and celery with stewed cabbage
  24. Creamed turnips, with toasted almonds and chives
  25. Pumpkin Soup with mushrooms and Bacon
  26. Pumpkin cream, carrots and turmeric with para
  27. Tasty cream of green Zucchini
  28. Gazpacho
  29. Cantaloupe gazpacho with fresh figs and feta
  30. Macco di fave (Sicilian soup of dried beans)
  31. Macco of dried peas
  32. Soup of asparagus, peas and burrata
  33. Soup of fregula with clams, turnip and bottarga
  34. Summer pasta e fagioli soup
  35. Broad bean soup, peas and lettuce (Sicilian recipe)
  36. Sea chicken soup, Fish cakes with fried eggplant and chickpeas
  37. Broad bean soup, peas and lettuce with Parmesan wafers
  38. Soup of fregula with clams
  39. Pea soup, Zucchini and potatoes
  40. Sicilian soup of dried beans and beets
  41. tenerumi of Sicilian Soup, traditional recipe
  42. Sicilian soup of Zucchini long
  43. Pappa al pomodoro
  44. Pasta with lentils
  45. Pasta with chickpeas
  46. Pasta and potatoes alla napoletana
  47. Meatballs in broth with fresh vegetables
  48. Ribollita toscana (original recipe)
  49. Zucchini with tomato and rice noodles
  50. Bread soup, potatoes and cabbage
  51. Pepper soup with shellfish
  52. Chestnut soup and cabbage with poached egg
  53. Gratinated cauliflower soup, with carrots and red rice
  54. Onion soup, whole wheat bread and beer
  55. Bean soup and kale
  56. Soup beans and beets with crispy bacon
  57. Potato and fennel soup with toast with pecorino sardo Dop
  58. Mushroom soup, the scent that warms my heart
  59. Zuppa di funghi porcini and chanterelle mushrooms
  60. Mushroom soup and potatoes
  61. Lentil soup, Farro and pumpkin Red
  62. Rice vermicelli soup with salmon and ginger
  63. Fresh vegetable soup, the good is good
  64. New York style clam chowder (Chowder)
  65. Pumpkin soup, cabbage and Leek Soup with Gruyere croutons
  66. Pumpkin soup, Chickpeas and porcini mushrooms (Vegan)
  67. Cold tomato soup with burrata di Andria
  68. Rice and fish soup with saffron
  69. Cream of pumpkin soup

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