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Christmas starters: 20 recipes to prepare ahead

by Ada Parisi
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Un classico antipasto natalizio: insalata russa, cremosa e ricca di verdure

The festive season always put those to the test kitchen. First, the Hamlet-like question about what is best to prepare for the menus of meals and Christmas dinners and New Year. This choice, largely, It depends on the guests: those who prefer meat, those fish, who is vegetarian, those on a diet, those who are simply hard to please. In short, in 2019 to prepare an important dinner meeting all is increasingly complex. Once you choose the type of menu, comes the second problem: the practical organization. Prepare everything at the last moment it is impossible, even for those in the kitchen she gets along very well. To help with Christmas appetizers, I thought of 20 recipes to prepare in advance: traditional and modern, simple but elegant. For a stress-free Christmas. And also I suggest you have a look at all CHRISTMAS MENU I have worked for you in previous years, to find inspiration for the Christmas table 2019.

A tip: prepare something ahead

E 'therefore necessary to plan something that we can prepare in advance for one or two days. Among the dishes that can be prepared well in advance for the Christmas menu, There are definitely appetizers, the contours and sweets. With careful planning, you can then dedicate calmly to the main preparations: the first and second courses. As for the main courses, I suggest you take a look at 15 RECIPES FOR EASY AND LASAGNE OVEN-BAKED PASTA I've come up for Christmas and also to 15 RECIPES DESSERT SPOON EASY AND ELEGANT that will definitely make your life easier.

In principle,, unless you have very few guests and do not be expert cooks, I do not recommend to do complex preparations that you have never faced before. Christmas and New Year are not the right occasion to experiment. Which is not to say bring to the table the usual things. Even the traditional recipes can innovate with small and simple touches and presented with elegance. Today we focus on appetizers and side dishes to prepare in advance.

The CHRISTMAS STARTERS should be simple to prepare, look nice and not too heavy, seen that will be followed by numerous courses. You can decide to serve the appetizers to the plate, in individual portions, or in the middle table. In this case, you'll have to prepare more than one.

The great classics of fish

Among the appetizers that can be prepared the day before, There are definitely of great classics like 'RUSSIAN SALAD. There you can prepare in advance of a day even in the seafood version and store covered in refrigerator for food in contact film. The rest in the refrigerator will enhance the salad tastes Russian, which will amalgamate the best.

Yet, the MARINATED ANCHOVIES: A traditional seafood appetizer Sicilian and Southern Italy in general, It must be prepared with one day in advance. Obviously the marinated anchovies are some small things you can do, But I'll explain all in the recipe. If you wish to serve a mixture of marinated sea, you can prepare in the same way fresh salmon, fresh tuna, prawns and serve a mixed plate.

For those who want to respect tradition, the COD 'MANTECATO It is another winning option. Easy to prepare, you can do it two days in advance and must be stored in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap. Remember only marker at room temperature and accompany with toasted bread. Also for the series classic Christmas recipes, l’OCTOPUS SALAD and, especially in the south, l’SALAD COD’: two simple fish entrees prepared in advance are even more good.

For those who opt for a creative seafood menu is an excellent choice CEVICHE, a plate of Peruvian origin composed of raw fish, vegetables, avocado, fruit and citrus juice. You can prepare it a day in advance: MARINERA the fish becoming more flavorful. The only care is to add fruits and vegetables at the last moment, to keep them crisp.

Parmigiane and pies: a jolly for Christmas

Even quiches and winter Parmesan can be served beneath the Christmas appetizers. Especially if instead of a single appetizer dish to opt for different preparations made centerpieces. The PARMIGIANA PUMPKIN or the POTATOES PARMIGIANA, the ARTICHOKES AND CHEESE PIE or simply RUSTIC CAKE WITH SPINACH AND CHEESE are perfect. Heat gently in the oven until it becomes barely warm, cut into slices are always a wildcard.

If you want something more original, choose a QUICHE WITH MUSHROOMS AND TALEGGIO, a TART WITH PEARS, NUTS AND gorgonzola or a pie with Radicchio TIME AND SMOKED SCAMORZA.

Lovely to be served in individual portions is also the Flan PUMPKIN, POTATOES AND CHEESE, you can cook the day before, store in the refrigerator and then heated in oven at 150 degrees so that soft and creamy returns. If you have individual casserole will make a great impression.

Starters with vegetables, perfect also as side dish

Some dishes, In addition, They can be both delicious SIDE DISHES STARTERS both for Christmas and New Year menu. Seasonal vegetables offer endless possibilities. Obviously, the outline you choose will also depend on the orientation of the menu, if meat or fish, but there are some dishes that go with almost everything.


For example,, the FENNEL AND SOUR or the FENNEL GRATIN: To serve them as an appetizer or as a side dish, They are light and delicious, and you can calmly prepare a day in advance. Those sweet and sour are served cold, while those potatoe need to store them in the refrigerator and reheat it slightly so that the white sauce creamy returns.

Yet, the STUFFED ARTICHOKES They are the classic contour of substance (that doubles as a plate of half or appetizer), that it is compulsory to do one day rest, to enjoy it at its best. Easy to make, They are also vegetarian.

Yet, the CAPONATA APPLES or the CAPONATA CARCIOFI They can be served either as a starter, both as a side dish. Being sweet and sour dishes, advance preparation is required and serve cold. Same indication also for the PUMPKIN SWEET & SOUR, inevitable on Sicilian tables.

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