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25 missed the first fish for New Year's Eve

Pasta, rice, lasagne and sardinian fregula

by Ada Parisi
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Pasta con le vongole, ricetta originale

Christmas with the family, New Year with whoever you want. And I thought I'd make your life easier. Choosing for you 25 unmissable fish and seafood first courses for New Year's Eve dinner. To respect the Italian tradition that on the evening of 31 you eat fish. I remind you that for a perfect organization of the New Year is crucial power to prepare something in advance (eg APPETIZERS). But with the first you can make an effort, because the first fish is the most anticipated flat around the New Year. Is, if you want to do something original, you can consider preparing ARANCINI E FRITTURE MISTE PER CAPODANNO. Oppure una delle mie meravigliose ricette di RISOTTO PERFECT FOR DINNER.

So here I suggest some recipes based on clams, the ingredient most loved ever, from classic spaghetti with clams. And still, Some first courses with seafood and the first of typical Sicilian cuisine fish. I also thought about some easy recipe, Economic and fast for those who are not very practical in the kitchen, He does not want to lose too much time and spending too much money. Among the first 25 fish for New Year's Eve you will also find a chapter on risottos, which are always a good choice.

As for the main course, I just remind you of the possibility of buying a large fish and cook it AL SALE, CRAZY WATER or Au gratin BAKED and accompany it with a couple of side dishes. For sweets, I refer you to my article on SWEET 15 SPOON EASY AND ELEGANT FOR THE HOLIDAYS.


We start the list of first 25 fish for New Year's Eve with the recipes with clams, ingredient symbol of New Year's Italian. The Queen of the New Year, at least in much of South Italy, and she: the PASTA WITH CLAMS. For me in the traditional Neapolitan version, namely the famous and poetic “Spaghetti with clams” strictly in black, that on my YouTube channel you can also find in VIDEO RECIPE STEP BY STEP. Obviously, I will also explain how to prepare the pasta with clams with some thread tomato (“spotted”, as they say in Naples”. Always with clams suggest you an original alternative and seasonal.

Alternatively, here are the LINGUINI WITH CLAMS AND CIME DI RAPA, a dish attractive and bright color, simple and lighter, because it contains considerably less oil. If you want to surprise your guests with an unusual recipe (unless you're Sardinian), try the Fregula SARDA WITH CLAMS, one of the most famous dishes of seafood in Sardinia, I love very much and I suggest you try it without hesitation.

For those of you, instead, would prefer a first course lighter than pasta, two suggestions. The first is the SOUP WITH fregula CIME DI RAPA, CLAMS AND BOTTARGA. An easy soup, slight, unmistakable and delicious taste, a very elegant dish destined to guests who enjoy gourmet taste over that eating. The second suggestion is POTATO CREAM WITH MUSSELS AND CLAMS, a velvety creamy and tasty with lots of seafood.


If you really want to overdo it, instead of serving a first course for New Year based on clams sun, you can broaden your horizon with seafood. The SPAGHETTI WITH CLAMS SICILY I am always a classic: Saporiti, economic, simple to prepare but intense flavor. And they are a great choice if you want to prepare a first undemanding fish from all points of view but exquisite.

The PASTA WITH SEAFOOD SAUCE ON BREAD it is rather a slightly more complex and gourmet choice, inspired by one of the symbolic dishes of chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo. If you enjoy being in the kitchen and tackle complicated dishes but effective does not scare you, then you'll have three unsurpassable recipes. The first is the Fregula SARDA SEAFOOD, combining the use of special Sardinian toasted fregula, used as if it were rice, the intense flavor of the seafood and dried tomatoes.

The second proposal is the traditional and elegant RESOTTO TO PESCATORA, one of the favorite dishes of the Italian seafood. The third proposal is almost a single dish, suitable for a New Year with friends and informal, maybe preceded by a nice buffet of appetizers (take look at 20 RECIPES FOR STARTERS TO PREPARE IN ADVANCE for the Holidays): the SEAFOOD PAELLA. That is the Spanish original recipe of the famous “seafood rice”. Rice, shrimp, calamari, mussels, clams, vegetables, Saffron make a truly amazing dish, a blaze of goodness.


As always, Christmas parties are a beautiful moment but also very tiring to deal: cooking is definitely one of the most demanding tasks. for that, as I have proposed a EASY MENU AND INCOME FOR CHRISTMAS, Now I propose some early easy fish, fast and that can be prepared in advance for New Year. First, the dish that is traditionally prepared in advance: the LASAGNE WITH SALMON WITH SPINACH AND GINGER béchamel. An original white lasagna, easy to prepare and tasty, with salmon (I advise you to use the wild) that immediately festivals.

If you love the cod, the recipe for you are FUSILLI SAUCE RED BACCALA’ AND OLIVE, a first fast and tasty dish. A recipe ready in 15 minutes, with a fish in Italy has traditionally present on the festive table (a must for the appetizer COD’ FRIED NEAPOLITAN).

Yet, the Calamarata SAUCE SPICY SQUIDS AND BLACK OLIVE, pleasantly spicy and intense flavor. or PASTA WITH PEAKS OF RAPE AND SQUIDS, allegra, colorful and flavorful. Finally, a dish inspired by Sicily in tastes, ingredients and scents: the PASTA WITH PESTO ALICI, PISTACHIOS and CITRUS. Prepared with fresh anchovies and fennel pesto, dried fruit and citrus in Sicily. Fragrant and ready in 10 minutes.


The Sicilian cuisine is very rich in fish first and 31 December for New Year, as well as for Christmas Eve, tradition has it that the fish is the king of the table, as I told you in the article on CHRISTMAS AT THE TABLE IN SICILY. The most popular recipe, especially in Palermo, is undoubtedly the PASTA WITH SARDINES fresh and plenty of wild fennel, I show that even in VIDEO RECIPE STEP BY STEP on YouTube. A traditional recipe of Sicilian cuisine, enriched with raisins, pine nuts, saffron and abundant 'dough atturrata', fried bread.

Another of the dishes that I recommend that you consider one of the first fish for New Year's Eve is the PASTA WITH CUTTLEFISH BLACK, Another timeless classic Sicilian seafood, and you can also found the VIDEO RECIPE STEP BY STEP. For non-Sicilians this first absolute black pot is always a surprise. We continue with another first simple but particular dish: the PASTA WITH PESTO PISTACHIOS AND SHRIMP, that is widespread in Sicily (even with the swordfish to replace the prawns, but now the local swordfish is out of season). Good and easy, It is an elegant recipe and with a touch of originality perfect for parties.

Always inspired by Sicily are the last three recipes that I propose: the SPAGHETTI SAUCE RED OCTOPUS, with a thick and flavorful sauce made from fresh octopus, tomatoes and red wine, delicious with the addition of a little’ pecorino Dop Sicilian canestrato. O in alternativa i RIGATONI WITH SAUCE’ OCTOPUS IN WHITE, PISTACHIOS AND LEMON, more refined and delicate taste, with the fresh scent of lemon and crunchy green pistachios. Finally, because the artichokes are in season and are another great classic on Christmas tables, the RIGATONI WITH ARTICHOKES, SQUIDS AND LEMON, a combination that works perfectly and that will surprise your taste buds and your guests.


I know that many are afraid of risotto, especially when it comes to serve in important dinners and many guests. But the risotto is always a classy choice when it comes to moments of celebration and on my board never fails. Obviously, my suggestion is to prepare it for a maximum of 8-10 people. And with the risotto we close the list of first 25 fish for New Year's Eve. I have already suggested in the chapter on pasta with seafood the elegant RESOTTO TO PESCATORA, one of my favorites. Now I add also RISOTTO OCTOPUS, a simple risotto to prepare and quite unusual to be original, you can also prepare the octopus. And the RISOTTO WITH CUTTLEFISH BLACK, the twin of pasta with black cuttlefish Sicilian, less well known outside Sicily but very popular and loved the Island.

Finally, two recipes for risotto dedicated to gourmet, the risotto lovers and special pairings: the first is the RISOTTO Radicchio, Prosecco DOCG AND TARTAR SALMON WITH ORANGE. A simple to prepare but elegant risotto, refined and unique flavor. Among the ingredients sweet and crunchy radicchio, Prosecco, which is now party to fresh salmon raw and marinated with citrus. Last, but first in my heart, the resounding RISOTTO WITH CHEESE AND PEPPER AND SHRIMPS NUT, a risotto for connoisseurs, where the flavor of the cheese is combined with the sweetness of the prawns and underbrush scent of hazelnuts.




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