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Barrette al limone

Barrette al limone

Barrette al limone, with an eggless whipped shortbread and a soft scented cream. Easy and delicious, are the snack…
Christmas shortbread

Christmas shortbread

Crumbly and buttery, the Christmas shortbread is a Scottish shortbread, without eggs, enriched with dried fruits and candied fruits. It is…
Soft pistachio biscuits

Soft bronte pistachio cookies

Soft bronte pistachio cookies, glazed with white chocolate: easy and are kept for a long time. Perfect Christmas gift…
Quick ricotta and lemon biscuits, no butter

Quick ricotta and lemon biscuits

Quick ricotta and lemon biscuits: a very fast dough all in a bowl. You don't need molds or rolling pins. They remain soft…
Regina biscuits, Original Sicilian recipe

Regina sesame biscuits

Regina biscuits, original Sicilian recipe of traditional crumbly and sesame-coated breakfast biscuits. Very easy to make.