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first Christmas: 15 recipes of lasagna and baked pasta

Pasta, Pies and lasagna for all tastes

by Ada Parisi
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Pasta incasciata alla messinese, uno dei tanti primi piatti al forno che si possono preparare per le feste

Talk about Christmas you think about two things: tortellini homemade, preferably immersed in a lavish capon broth, and the baked pasta. So today let's talk about the first Christmas and leave you 15 recipes for lasagna and pasta with easy and delicious baked. Also because you can use them not only for the holiday menu, the eve of the Christmas lunch until New Year, but also for a quiet Sunday lunch. Or just when you feel like a cuddle.

Among the first Christmas, the lasagne recipes and baked pasta, pies and cannelloni are among the first best-loved Italian dishes and lend themselves to endless variations and combinations. You can prepare in red, with the tomato sauce or meat, or white, with fish or vegetarian. And even in gourmet Key. At Christmas or New Year's Eve a dish baked is able to solve most of the problems in the kitchen. Because it is prepared in advance (and the next day is even tastier) and, the collective, immediately made the idea of ​​family, party, sharing. Among the first Christmas, here are the 15 recipes for lasagna and baked pasta to save.

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first Christmas: lasagna or baked pasta, cottage cheese is always a good choice

When it comes to baked pasta, among the privileged seasonings is definitely the ricotta. Versatile and perfect with almost any other seasoning, La ricotta (especially sheep, because it is tastier) It is mixed with tomato sauce, vegetables, herbs and meats with exceptional results.

Just think of VEGETARIAN CANNELLONI WITH RICOTTA AND SPINACHThe, a great classic of Italian cuisine, excellent alternative to the traditional (and a little’ heavy) Cannelloni SAUCE’ of course, that to me it has always seemed a variant less tasty lasagna.

I, personally, They are especially fond of a paste to the trapanesi origins oven: the Cannelloni WITH TOMATO AND CHEESE, flavored with Parmesan cheese and nutmeg. A dish that on our Christmas table can not miss, ever since I was little.

Other baked pasta extremely easy to prepare but are always welcome CONCHIGLIONI STUFFED WITH CHEESE AND HERBS (even on my YouTube channel VIDEO RECIPE) you can use chard or spinach. In any case, this dish is addictive and has a simplicity and speed of execution that has few comparisons.

Finally, if you want to overdo it and prepare everything at home to impress your guests, try the ROLLS OF SEMOLINA PASTA WITH BUFFALO CHEESE, SMOKED HAM AND TOMATO: a cooked mess with the delicate but tasty baked, with the creaminess of the buffalo ricotta that really makes the difference. On my YouTube channel also find the VIDEO RECIPE)

Lasagne, one of the first best-loved Christmas dishes at Christmas

In terms of lasagne, the list could go on forever. the lasagna, or white sauce, meat or fish, vegerariane o gourmet, I am one of the first best-loved Italian dishes. Especially at Christmas, When adults and children are waiting for the arrival eyed the table of steaming pan of lasagna and creamy with cheese spinning.

When you think lasagna, the first thing that comes to mind is of course the LASAGNA AL RAGU’ . Which I present to you not in the original Emilian version but in that of my family, with a very narrow and spicy sauce and lots of creamy white sauce.

Then come the lasagne with seasonal vegetables, mostly white, no tomato but with a great white sauce. At Christmas we are in the period of broccoli, artichokes and pumpkin and then here are the LASAGNE WITH PUMPKIN AND SAUSAGE, tasty and colorful. The LASAGNA WITH ARTICHOKES, CACIOCAVALLO AND SAFFRON, golden and savory, robust flavor despite being vegetarian. And yet the Sicilian-inspired lasagne SICILIAN BROCCOLI AND SMOKED SCAMORZA, complete with stringy cheese. And how to say no to WHITE LASAGNE WITH MUSHROOMS, An elegant and fragrant first course?

For Christmas also deserve some attention lasagne a bit’ details, original and creative. Especially if you're organizing menus for a few people. The original and rustic LASAGNE OF BREAD SARDO AND FIRST SALE, very simple, where the lasagna pastry is replaced by carasau bread or pistoccu dipped in a tasty tomato sauce with a fresh primo sale and pecorino.

Yet, for those who love fish lasagne, there are LASAGNE WHITE WITH SPINACH, SALMON AND GINGER béchamel, elegant but delicate. Finally, the lasagna really creative, to serve at the plate (which provides a preparation at the last moment, keep in mind); LASAGNA WITH WHITE buffalo mozzarella,LEMON AND BREAD CRUMBS OF THE LEAKING OF ANCHOVIES.

I timballi, Sicily on the table at Christmas

Every time I've heard of flan or pie, I remember the description Tomasi di Lampedusa is the timbale served at dinner in the book The Leopard. A burnished crust wrapper encased in a triumph of macaroni, meat sauce, hard boiled eggs, mushrooms, chicken livers, meats and cheeses. For this is the timbale, For me, the essence of the holiday flat.

Two of my favorite pies: the TIMBALE anelletti SAUCE ', Winter variation of the summer with fried eggplant. And of course the sumptuous THE PASTA INCASCIATA MESSINESE, so beloved by Montalbano, created by master Andrea Camilleri. Both dishes would be actually a main dish, so keep this.

Among the pies baked, Finally, do not forget two interesting dishes and easy to perform, real wild card of the holiday menu: the RIGATONI GRATIN WITH ARTICHOKES AND BACON and the MESS OF BROCCOLI, Bechamel AND BACON. Two pasta baked with plenty of white sauce and vegetables that can also serve as a menu of vegetarian feasts omitting the bacon.

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