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La genovese di tonno

The Neapolitan Genoese fish alternative

by Ada Parisi
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La genovese di tonno: ricetta napoletana strepitosa

One of the most intense and tempting scents I've ever heard: the scent of Genoa tuna. A bell recipe not long tradition, but now become part of the most beloved dishes of this extraordinary region. You'll all know the amazing RAGU’ GENOVESE Neapolitan meat, a very long cooking sauce based on meat but especially onions (strictly onions of Montoro Igp). The Genoese of meat is one of the symbolic recipes of Campania on the table and pasta with this sauce is pure poetry. For the fish version, and precisely with tuna (great meat substitute, not for nothing is called “sea pig”), we have to thank Pasquale Torrente, eclectic chef of the restaurant Al Convent di Cetara. Remember that tuna is one of the seasonal fish in June and that there are many RECIPES WITH TUNA to experiment in the kitchen.

My tips for a perfect tuna genoa

The process is virtually identical: Many, lots of onions cooked slowly and long, so that the sugars contained inside caramelized forming a sweet and soft sauce, tuna cut as if it were a stew, ziti or candles broken al dente and the scent of herbs. Preparation is simple. The ingredients are very few but only one is the fundamental one: the time.

Cooking Genoa tuna, In fact, lasts about 3 hours. During this time, you just have to stir the onions every now and then to make sure they don't stick to the pot. Advanced tuna (That's why I advise you to prepare in abundance) you can eat it as a second dish, with a side of stewed potatoes or vegetables with garlic oil and chilli.

The onions you should use are the same as the Genoese meat, montoro's copper onion, which is particularly sweet. As for cooking, The most suitable materials are cast iron, crock or copper. In season, you can use basil as an aromatic herb, that gives the dish a summer freshness. At this point I just tell you to take a look at all my NAPOLETANE RECIPES and, as an alternative to tuna genoa, I propose the Sicilian PASTA WITH TUNA AEOLIAN. And I wish you good day.

La genovese di tonno: ricetta napoletana strepitosa


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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600 grams of tuna in one piece

2 sticks of celery (the inside)

a large carrot

2 kilograms of Montoro Igp copper onions

few peppercorns

Thyme, lemon thyme, Marjoram

extra virgin olive oil


80 ml dry white wine


Pasta with tuna sauce Genovese

Tuna Genoa is easy to prepare and has few ingredients, including time. Clean the celery by removing the filamentose parts and carrot with a knife, removing the peel and ends. Slice the onions thinly. Fry in a large, low-edge pan, better if crock pot, celery and carrot in extra virgin olive oil and little water.

After 3-4 minutes add all the onions and a little salt (promotes the loss of vegetable liquid). Mix well, cover and cook the onions over very low heat and on the lowest heat you have, I use the little one for coffee. Also add a few whole grains of black pepper and some fresh herbs: I suggest thyme or thyme with lemon and marquee.

After the first 30-40 minutes of cooking, onions will have now released their own water and sugars and should be darker and more fragrant thanks to the process of caramelizing these sugary components.

Cut the tuna fillet into large enough pieces, like a meat stew. Brown the tuna on each side in a pan in a little extra virgin olive oil and over a very lively heat. Then add the tuna to the onion mixture and blend with very little dry white wine (for this recipe a Falanghina del Sannio would be a great choice). When the alcoholic portion of the wine has evaporated, continue cooking the Genoa tuna for another 2 hours or so. stirring gently from time to time and checking that the onions do not stick to the bottom. Optionally you can add a tablespoon of hot water, but only and the onions seemed too dry.

Let the tuna genoa rest for a couple of hours so that it has time to season. I suggest you prepare it in the evening for the morning or morning for the evening.

The pasta I suggest you use are the ziti or the candles, both to be broken by hand. Boil the pasta in salted water and drain it al dente. Skip the pasta with the Genoa tuna sauce and serve immediately. The tuna that should eventually advance you can taste it as a second dish. Bon appétit!


MATCHING: Red Dust, Igt Umbria, of Barberani winery of Orvieto. We chose this Umbrian wine for a recipe with a strong and structured taste. This red has hints of ripe fruit, it's medium-bodied, the palate is soft and full, with a long finish and notes of cherries.

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