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Finger food: mini portions tasty and fun to eat with your hands

Finger food tasty and simple as mini quiches with broad beans and pecorino cheese

Mini portions tasty and fun to eat with your hands, preferably in a single bite. In fact, all the food from Italian road, by arancini sandwich with roast pork, is a finger food. Both served in the normal portion is in mini version for buffets and catering. But so are mousse, cups, meatballs, traditional savoury pies. In short, all you can eat with your hands taking.

In short, Behind a saying English lurks a world of tasty dishes and lovely to see, Fashion and, especially, easy to prepare.

Fishballs Messina style

Newborn meatballs, one of the oldest and most traditional recipes of Sicilian fish cuisine
The chickpea flour, traditional recipe and vegan

The chickpea flour

The chickpea flour, traditional Tuscan dish, but also Liguria and Sardinia. Also known by the name or by cecina…
Creamy quenelles of cod fish with olive oil

Cod fish

Cod fish, original Venetian recipe: a creamy delight to spread on hot toast, perfect for breakfast and for…
Sushi di bresaola e avocado

Rice and avocado bresaola rolls

Involtini di bresaola e avocado: un sushi all'italiana facile da preparare e sfizioso. Una alternativa al sushi tradizionale perfetto per…