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Butter board of ricotta and dried fruit

The viral aperitif on social media but in Italian version

by Ada Parisi
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Butter board di ricotta e frutta secca

Today a novelty: The butter board but made with ricotta and dried fruit and dehydrated. Look how delicious it is in the VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel!

I don't know if you've seen the 'butter board', the tagliere ricoperto di burro aromatizzato e variamente guarnito, that is fashionable on social networks? Tik Tok and Instagram are invaded, da settimane e la cosa è diventata virale come Christmas aperitif. The burro morbido, seasoned and flavored, is 'smeared'’ in modo artistico su un tagliere di legno e poi guarnito con frutta, cured meats etc. And then served with crackers or crostini in modo che tutti possano attingere in modo conviviale per l’aperitivo.

The butter board in Italian version

Now, I really like the idea. But I don't like hygienically the fact that you spread butter on a wooden cutting board., reason why I used a slab of slate. A nice passage in the dishwasher and goodbye grease. And it does not seem appropriate to eat kilos of butter for aperitif: it seems to me more a typical habit of Northern Europe than Italian. Motivo per cui al posto del burro ho utilizzato un misto a base di ricotta di pecora, robiola and little mascarpone.

Ecco perché il mio è un butter board ma di ricotta e frutta secca! For garnish, dehydrated fruits such as apricots, figs, Cranberries, and dried fruit to taste. You can not miss the honey. A nice way to recycle a bit’ of advanced dried fruit, but also crackers, bread sticks, persino il panettone that, toasted, It goes very well with this sweet-savory aperitif. And if you are looking for how to recycle leftovers from Christmas and New Year holidays, take a look at my article Twenty recipes to recycle the leftovers of feasts. In short, with this aperitif for the Epiphany, The caloric Christmas parenthesis closes. Also because Carnival is coming with its fried! Tempus fugit. Have a good day!

Butter board di ricotta e frutta secca


Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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400 grams of ricotta cheese

100 grams of soft cheese

80 grams of mascarpone

salt and pepper

lemon zest and aromatic herbs to taste

Cranberries, dried figs and dried apricots, dehydrated

nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds

honey to taste

crackers, bread sticks, croutons to taste


Butter board of ricotta and dried fruit

As you can see in the video recipe The butter board of ricotta and dried fruit is very easy to prepare and very tasty. The process is really intuitive.

I suggest just three important things. Leave ricotta, robiola and mascarpone for 20 minutes at room temperature before starting: In this way you will work the cheese better and it will be creamier. Second thing: toast the dried fruit, to give a crunchy touch to your aperitif. Third thing: Don't forget to rehydrate dehydrated fruit in hot water, also flavored with Brandy or Rum if you love strong tastes.

Put ricotta in a bowl, robiola and mascarpone and knead them with a spoon or whisk until you get a soft cream. Season with salt, Add freshly ground black pepper, grated lemon zest and aromatic herbs chopped to taste. Using the back of a spoon, Distribute the cream cheese on the plate or on the cutting board as you see in the video recipe.

Cut into small pieces with dried fruit and dehydrated fruit and spread everything over the cream cheese. Completed by sprinkling everything with honey or maple syrup. I like to use a orange blossom honey with a fresh citrus scent.

Serve immediately with hot croutons, fresh homemade bread, breadsticks or crackers. If you have prepared the ricotta butter board in advance, Store it in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap and remember to leave it at room temperature for at least 20 minutes before enjoying it. Bon appétit!

Mix the fine cheeses to obtain a cream, Season with salt, papá, aromatic herbs and lemon zest to taste. Spread the cream on a cutting board or plate and garnish with dehydrated fruit (Rehydrate it first in boiling water) and dry and finally sprinkle with honey.

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