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Meat dishes: all the secrets for a second perfect, like the chops to Messina

Meat dishes: Messina style cutlets

Meat dishes: beef, chicken, pig, lamb and rabbit in delicious ways to prepare up to appeal to the whole family. All my secrets for preparing tasty dishes with a perfect result.

Among the Sicilian recipes, offers possibilities braciolettine to Messina, the falsomagro to Palermo and the stew with potatoes. But also a great braised in Barolo always does her figure. Do not forget that the cuts of meat poorest are always the tastiest. Among the dishes that deserve a special place, by diffusion and consumption, there is definitely the chicken, to be prepared in a thousand delicious ways.

Homemade burgers

Homemade burgers

Homemade burgers, to eat at the plate or in the sandwich. Not only pressed meat but seasoned 'to the Sicilian': Saber…
pork fillet with prunes with roasted onions

Pork tenderloin with plums

Pork tenderloin with plums served with roasted onions. A second of quick and easy meat perfect for…
Rack of lamb in the oven, with pistachio crust and saffron potatoes

Rack of lamb

Rack of lamb: a classic European cuisine, to be served with soft mashed potatoes and spring onions…
Coratella with artichokes: inevitable on Easter tables of Lazio

Coratella with artichokes

Coratella with artichokes: one of the most typical Roman recipes of the Easter period. The original recipe step by step…
Rabbit in sour Sicilian artichokes

Rabbit in sour Sicilian

Sweet and sour rabbit with artichokes: a traditional Sicilian cuisine recipe to best enjoy this white meat.
Kid baked Sicilian with potatoes

Kid baked Sicilian

Kid baked Sicilian, strictly with potatoes and red onions. easy Recipe, typical of Christmas and Easter. "Si…