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Finger food: mini portions tasty and fun to eat with your hands

Finger food tasty and simple as mini quiches with broad beans and pecorino cheese

Mini portions tasty and fun to eat with your hands, preferably in a single bite. In fact, all the food from Italian road, by arancini sandwich with roast pork, is a finger food. Both served in the normal portion is in mini version for buffets and catering. But so are mousse, cups, meatballs, traditional savoury pies. In short, all you can eat with your hands taking.

In short, Behind a saying English lurks a world of tasty dishes and lovely to see, Fashion and, especially, easy to prepare.

Radicchio and potato dumplings

Sausage patties or croquettes, for me whatever it is round, soft inside and crunchy on the outside, and deep fried, is irresistible. These are…

Fish balls with tomato sauce

Chopped anchovies and salmon. Soft inside and outside croccantissime, as must all be meatballs. These are meatballs…


A crunchy Breading and, inside, a surprise: instead of a simple egg yolk, a ' casting’ of bechamel and hard-boiled egg yolk. It's the…