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Fish main: the swordfish to the aelian

Fish main: swordfish to the aelian

Italy is a country surrounded by the sea and Italian sea cuisine is among the most loved and widespread, especially in the South. In this section you can find all my recipes, traditional and regional, but also creative and original.

From Sicily come the many dishes with blue fish, from anchovies in acaler to fried sardines to all dishes made with swordfish and tuna, like the swordfish, sweet and sour tuna or Mexican chops. The mussel soup, octopus salad, fried squid and shrimp and the always green grilled mixed are in our collective memory.

Sicilian gratin baked sardines

Sicilian baked sardines

Sicilian baked sardines: a delicious and simple tortino to make to feel the taste of the sea of…
Livorno mullet

Livorno mullet

Livorno mullet: one of the best known and most loved Tuscan sea recipes, Very fast to prepare and read.
Sicilian sweet and sour spatula

Sicilian sweet and sour spatula

Sicilian sweet and sour spatula, Easy and delicious recipe with a delicate and tasty blue fish. Sweet and sour onions,…
Sicilian swordfish cutlets

Sicilian swordfish cutlets

Sicilian swordfish cutlets: one of Mexico's most traditional summer recipes based on swordfish. Easy and easy…
Squid meatballs

Squid meatballs

Squid meatballs: an original way, simple and tasty to prepare squid. They prepare with raw squid and…
Sicilian spatula chops

Sicilian spatula fish chops

Sicilian spatula fish chops, a typical recipe of the Strait of Messina with one of the most versatile blue fish…

Roulade of swordfish Messina

Roulade of swordfish Messina: a typical Sicilian recipe also widespread in Calabria, where the swordfish is the protagonist…
Spicy squid and fried rice soup

Spicy squid soup

Spicy squid soup: accompanied by fried rice with cardamom is a unique delicious and original dish. Incredibly easy to prepare,…