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Bagels (original recipe)

The perfect soft buns to fill

by Ada Parisi
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I bagel, ricetta originale: farcito con salmone e Philadelphia per una colazione americana

Today, the original recipe of bagels: They are soft buns covered with various seeds, become famous for being one of the favorite foods by New Yorkers. They are actually Originally from northern Europe, and in particular of Poland: it was Polish Jews who emigrated to the U.S. who brought with them and then spread these sandwiches that were successfully adopted throughout the U.S.. On my youTube channel you will also find a VIDEO TUTORIAL ON FORMING AND BOILING BAGEL.

How to stuff the bagel

So today I'm going to explain to you How to make bagels at home in the perfect way. Obviously The bagels must be stuffed and the classic filling is the one with cream cheese (the ' soft cheese’ which in fact corresponds to our Robiola or Philadelphia), smoked salmon, avocado. I also added a little’ of fresh salad and a few strands of chives. Clearly You can unleash your imagination: Cooked ham and buffalo mozzarella, capocollo di Agnone and caciocavallo, Prosciutto and taleggio. But also in a sweet version with chocolate cream or ricotta cream with fresh fruit, or jam.

My tips for the perfect bagel

I made the bagels using the dry brewer's yeast, but I am posting even doses with fresh yeast. Is’ A very simple dough and the leavening times are not long. I let the dough mature in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours, But if you want you can proceed with the leavening at room temperature, and then restrict the times about 2 hours in total. The fundamental step in the recipe of bagels is boiling, as is the case with PRETZEL or LAUGENBROT BUNS or for Apulian taralli. Boiling times determine the thickness of the bagel crust: I suggest you cook them for a total of 40 seconds, to have a thin crust and a soft crumb and dense.

You can sprinkle with Sesame, poppy seeds, sunflower oil, pumpkin, or coarse salt. Will be great. Obviously bagels are best when eaten freshly made. But if you already cooked frozen, thaw them in the refrigerator and let stand for a few minutes in the oven at 100 degrees return fragrant. If you love kneading and leavening, have a look at all my BREAD RECIPES as the PUMPKIN BREAD or the MESSINA DINNER SANDWICHES, Soft and aromatic.

I bagel, ricetta originale: farcito con salmone e Philadelphia per una colazione americana

BAGEL (American recipe)

Portions: 15 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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300 g of strong flour (330 W)

300 grams of 00 flour or whole wheat flour if you prefer

3 grams of dried Brewer's yeast (or 10 grams of fresh yeast)

50 grams of honey

250 ml lukewarm milk

50 grams of butter at room temperature

2 whole eggs

12 grams of salt

mixed seeds (White Sesame, Black Sesame, poppy, pumpkin, Sunflower)

one egg yolk and a little 'milk for brushing bagels


1 liter of water

50 grams of glucose

30 grams of sugar

20 grams of baking soda


Before you start preparing bagels, look at my VIDEO TUTORIAL ON FORMING AND BOILING BAGEL. First you have to sift the flours and pour them into the bowl of the kneading machine. Heat as soon as the milk (must be warm, absolutely not warm) and dissolve the yeast (is dry is cool, nothing changes). Pour the liquid into the kneading machine and knead for a minute, so that it is absorbed: you don't have to get a, Okay even if part of the flour is not wet. Let it sit for 15 minutes.

After this time, Add two whole eggs, the diced butter, honey and salt. Knead with the kneaders until you obtain a homogeneous mixture, then transfer it onto lightly greased work surface of extra virgin olive oil and knead by hand until a glossy dough, smooth and homogeneous, that comes off perfectly by the work plan. Put the dough in a bowl (always oiled) and cover with plastic wrap (or with a shower Cap, of course new, I'm telling you the absolute best method).

At this point, you have two alternatives: or let the bagel dough rise for an hour and proceed immediately to make your own bagels, or you do mature for 12-15 hours in the fridge: I would recommend that you follow the second path. Slowing rising due to cold, the dough has time to mature: gluten softens, bagel once formed will be lighter and, Once cooked, easier to digest. In any case, or immediately after kneaded or after maturity, the dough should rise until double at room temperature (best if around 26-27 degrees).

Because the dough has doubled in volume, put it on the floured work surface and divide it into equal parts 18-20. Roll up each piece until you have a ball, crush it slightly with the palms of your hands and put all the pieces of dough to rise on a cloth sprinkled with flour and covered with a cotton cloth dampened.

When the balls are doubled again in volume (about 30 minutes), make a hole in the center of each ball: I do it just with fingers. Try to make a large hole about 2 centimeters in diameter, because then they will tend to close again. Put the Donuts back onto the cloth to rise for 10-15 minutes.

While the bagels rise, bring the water to a boil with the rest of the ingredients (If you don't have glucose doubled the amount of sugar). When the water boils, Dip the bagels (a few at a time) and cook stirring occasionally for about 40-50 seconds. Boiling gels the starch present in the flour and create a crust that will more or less thick depending on cooking time: don't go past the minute. Drain well bagels and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Mix the egg yolk with milk and uniformly coat the surface of the bagel, then sprinkle with seeds that you prefer. Cover with a cloth and leave to rise again 10 minutes.

Preheat oven to 190 degrees and bake the bagels for 20 minutes or until they are golden. Allow to cool. Once cooked you can also freeze them. Cannoli as Favorites: the classic New Yorker's cream cheese, salmon and avocado, but bagels are also delicious italian-language, with mortadella, salami or ham. Bon appétit!

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