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Italian sweets, loved all over the world. A slice of coffee cake, three layers of sponge cake with chocolate and a soft coffee cream

Italian sweets: a slice of creamy mocha cake

Italian cuisine wouldn't be the same without sweets: Tarts, pastries, tiramisu and spoon cakes, creamy chocolate and fruit cakes, Sicilian cassate and cannoli. Italy can be told through its many desserts. Here you can find traditional recipes, regional and typical but also my original creations. With video recipes step by step of the most complex preparations and basics such as puff pastry, choux pasta, the pastry, custard and more.

Preparing a cake is an act of love, do not forget it. Of course, this category also includes yeasts, from Venetian brioche and with the tuppo made in Sicily to the famous, challenging, Milanese panettone.

Barrette al limone

Barrette al limone

Barrette al limone, with an eggless whipped shortbread and a soft scented cream. Easy and delicious, are the snack…
Christmas shortbread

Christmas shortbread

Crumbly and buttery, the Christmas shortbread is a Scottish shortbread, without eggs, enriched with dried fruits and candied fruits. It is…
Sicilian pistachio cake by Bronte Dop

Bronte Dop pistachio cake

Bronte Dop pistachio cake with ricotta cheese: Sicilian recipe for the perfect dessert for Christmas 2020. Simple and elegant,…