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The apples in the kitchen: Property, tipologie e ricette

by Ada Parisi
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Torta di mele senza uova: buona e sofficissima

Today we talk about the apples in the kitchen, of their properties, types and of course sweet and savory recipes to make the best use of them. They exist in the world over 7000 varieties of apples, and none is equal to #8217;other. On the market, Around the world, there are currently over 1000 varieties of apples but 70% of the market is covered by just 10 types and, definitely, at least 2 or 3 of these famous apples'’ you will have eaten them too. Ninth only. Thanks to research in the field of agri-food, a further 20 types are introduced on the market each year, all in search of the perfect apple. In Italy, there have been, between existing apples, forgotten and now extinct, over 2000 varieties.

Apples in history

The apple tree (scientific name Malus communis or malus domestic), it's a tree that accompanies the’man. Red, Shiny, a promise of sweetness, apples are the protagonists of stories, anecdotes and fairy tales: remember the’irresistible apple that Eva supwed from the’tree in Earth's Paradise, or the one that bit Snow White condemning himself to a death-like sleep? And the one that William Tell struck by striking an arrow on his son's head? Not to mention the apple that fell on Isaac Newton's head making him guess the principle of the law of gravity or that “pommel of discord” gifted to the goddess of #8217;Love, Aphrodite, with which Paris caused the Trojan War.

Apples in the kitchen are the protagonists not only of sweet but also savory recipes, and the classic APPLE PIE all’English, fluffy and buttery, it has always been one of the most loved desserts. The Italians, In fact, love apples, which are the most consumed fruit throughout the #8217 year. Despite apple election season being the #8217;autumn, In fact, thanks to scientific advances in cultivation and conservation techniques, Today there are apples all year.

Sweet recipes with apples: the most loved

Certainly among the recipes with the most loved apples stand out the sweet ones, and each of you will have a personal recipe for apple pie. I'll leave you my favorite recipes:

The properties of apples

Apples are composed of 80% water and have about 38 calories per 100 grams, even if the amount of sugar present in the fruit varies according to the type of apple. In any case, sugars are always present in rather small quantities and this makes the apple a fruit suitable for feeding those who need to control weight or those who are diabetic. In addition, apples contain vitamins of group C and B, in addition to important minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, football, iron and magnesium. Finally, apples contain a high amount of fibers, very little protein and no fat. That's why apples in the kitchen should never miss.

The said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” It is explained by the great qualities of apples: the pectin, a soluble fiber contained in large amounts in apples (Pectin is the substance that makes gel jams) It slows the absorption of sugar in the blood and helps to control blood sugar and cholesterol. The B vitamins, including folic acid, I am a help against fatigue, and facilitate digestive processes. Antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) They have proven effective in the prevention against some cancers (source Fimmg). Most vitamins, fiber and nutrients found in apples are found in the peel: that's why it's important to buy organic apples and, after they have been thoroughly washed, eat them with the peel.

Buying and storing apples

Since apples are now found on the market all year round, how to buy apples that are always fresh and crunchy? First of all, it is necessary to observe the peel, that it must be stretched and not wrinkled, sign of an old and dehydrated fruit. Yet, the peel of apples must not have dented parts or dark spots. The presence of the pedicle is synonymous with freshness. The flesh must be compact and crisp. however do not be fooled by a peel-gloss. The shine of the skin does not in fact nothing to do with the freshness of the fruit.

Once purchased, apples should be stored in the refrigerator, into the drawer for fruits. If stored properly, an apple you can keep cool for up to 3 weeks. Attention, because apples contain ethylene (come i kiwi) that stimulates the ripening of some other types of fruit: do not put them close to already mature fruit, otherwise you'll find it quickly overripe.

Apples DOP and IGP Italian

In Italy there are 4 types of PGI apples (geogradica Protected Indication) and only a Dop (Protected designation of origin). PGI is the apple Alto Adige Trentino Alto Adige, apple Valtellina di Sondrio, in Lombardy, The Red Apple Cuneo, in Piedmont. Then there is the Melannurca Campania, the only apple geographical indication produced in South Italy. The Italian PDO is only one Apple Val di Non Trentino Alto Adige (source Mipaaf). Italy is the second largest apple producer after China. In the 2018-2019 season (source ISMEA) Italy produced 2,199,526 tons of apples: 75% of Italian PDO and PGI apples are produced between Trentino and South Tyrol: four consortia (Melinda, The thirty, Vog and Vip) guarantee 20% of national production with over 440.000 tons of apples.

The most common types of apples

Among the most common types of apples in Italy:

  • la Mela Golden Delicious, with the characteristic golden yellow skin and sweet pulp pimpled, diuretic and suitable to prepare the APPLE STRUDEL
  • la Granny Smith, green access, rich in magnesium, taste sour and crunchy (the perfect apple for APPLE PIE Americana)
  • and even the Apple Pippin (PDO Val di Non). It has a greenish yellow skin, irregular shape, is low in sugar and crunchy. It has a high content of polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants.
  • the Red Apple or Stark Delicious, Apples are among the most widely consumed in Italy. They have dark red skin and flesh that, as it passes the time, It tends to become mealy. Is’ a medium sweet apple
  • la Mela Royal Gala, cultivated in Valtellina. He smaller than other apples, a bright red color and slightly doughy flesh, perfect for children
  • la Mela Pink Lady, between varieties recently introduced. It comes from Australia and has pink skin to green and crunchy, slightly sour
  • The Fuji apple is a variety of Japanese origin and, in Italy, It is a late apple (harvest in late October ). Is’ the richest sugar apple (and therefore not recommended for diabetics) and compact pulp, crunchy
  • the Annurca Apple is the only original Italian apple South Center, namely the Campania. small size, slightly squashed shape and irregular, a bright red tending to orange peel near the petiole. Pulp compact, juicy and very aromatic. Very high polyphenol content.

Risotto with Taleggio Dop and rennet apples

The apples in the kitchen: savory recipes

Doctors recommend eating raw apples, with all the zest, of course it is making sure that it is apples from organic crops. The apples in the kitchen, however, are one of the most used fruits, especially in dessert recipes. Although their use in savory dishes is widespread particularly in certain regions of northern Italy. Among the savory pairings with apples, one of the most famous is the one with pork: the PORK TENDERLOIN WITH BAKED APPLES , the PORK STEW WITH ONIONS AND APPLES or The ARISTA PORK WITH APPLES AND POTATOES They are second meat where apples are protagonists.

The apples in the kitchen match well with the fish dishes, especially those on low trend as BASKETS OF SHRIMP, APPLES and MAIONESE, to which the Granny Smith apple gives a pleasant acidity. Also perfect the combination of apples, cheese and dried fruit, like that in BASKETS OF APPLES, NUTS AND TALEGGIO, delicious aperitif. Is, from Sicily, comes the unusual recipe CAPONATA APPLES, light and delicious, preparata con mammal Granny Smith intersection.

The apples in the kitchen lend themselves to being used also in the first plates, where their sweetness balances savory ingredients such as bacon and gorgonzola: try the PASTA WITH APPLES, ONIONS, Pancetta and gorgonzola, the whimsical Risotto with Gorgonzola and caramelized apples and CINNAMON,spicy and tasty, or the APPLES AND RICE TALEGGIO, Lightweight and stylish, prepared with Renette apples.

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