Apple Pie, without Eggs

Apple Pie, without Eggs: good and spongy

Today, the recipe for apple pie without eggs. The apple pie is by far one of the easiest desserts, good, I would say almost "eternal” of world cuisine. I believe that everyone deserves a nice breakfast of apple pie and if you want you in my RECIPES WITH APPLES you will surely find the sweet with apples for you. There are, though, many people intolerant or allergic to egg protein. For these people, life is not easy, because the eggs are, even in small traces, in many convenience products, and particularly desserts.

How to replace the eggs in cakes

Who cooks know it is not easy to replace the eggs in cakes, especially when the original recipe it provides for more than one, with a function not only of binder, but also rising. Obviously, There are many methods to replace an egg, if merely you have a binding function, due to its protein: half a banana puree, two tablespoons of corn starch or potato starch, 40 grams of yogurt, 2 tablespoons whole or soy milk. The key issue is that the dough, visually and for its consistency, is as close as possible to how it should be if it had eggs inside. Obviously, the advice is to slightly increase the dose of yeast, or use in place of regular flour a self raising flour, and add 5 grams of cream of tartar, to facilitate the rise.

I have experienced a recipe of my own, modeled on theMy mom's Apple Pie and adding several high-protein ingredients and binder, to replace the egg. The result has convinced me, because my apple pie without eggs is well managed: good taste, Also thanks to the abundant lemon zest verdello, soft dough, grown properly, creamy inside to the presence of apples. I did not find large differences in flavor than the traditional apple pie, with eggs. The texture is slightly more pasty, but very pleasant. At this point you just have to try it. Have a good day!

APPLE PIE, WITHOUT EGGS (doses for a mold 24 cm)

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  • 250 grams of flour 00
  • 150 ml whole milk
  • 150 grams of caster sugar
  • 80 grams of butter
  • 80 grams of greek yogurt
  • 50 grams of cornstarch (corn starch)
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • 5 grams of cream of tartar
  • a pinch of salt
  • zest of an organic lemon verdello
  • 2-3 apples
  • lemon juice to prevent blackening apples, to taste
  • 2 tablespoons sugar to macerate the apples
  • butter and sugar to finish the cake, to taste


Spongy apple pie without eggs

The preparation of apple pie without eggs is simple. First of all, You need to preheat the oven to 170 degrees (static). Then, I suggest you peel apples, make very thin slices and put everything in a bowl with a little’ of lemon juice and two tablespoons granulated sugar. Melt the butter in a double boiler or microwave. Allow to cool.

Place in a large bowl granulated sugar and salt. Combine yogurt. Sift the flour, cornflour, baking powder and cream of tartar. Add this mix, in small doses, alternating with milk, to obtain a smooth and homogeneous mixture. You can mix everything with a spoon, but I suggest you still use an electric mixer, however, because they help to incorporate air into the compound. Alternate slightly’ of flour and a little’ of milk, so as not to create lumps. Finally, stirring constantly, Slowly add the melted butter and lemon zest. Taste the dough when it is raw: Obviously, It must have a good flavor, if it seems that your tastes somewhat lacking’ sugar or salt, then add a little’ salt or a little’ of sugar. Pay close attention to the consistency, It should be creamy, smooth, like a dough with eggs.

Grease and flour a cake pan of 24 cm. Remember that in the absence of eggs is best to use a pan wider and less high, to ensure that the thrust face rising raise the sweet. Pour the apple pie without eggs in the pan. Spread the slices of apple by stuffing perpendicular to dessert, so that the lower part of the dough apple lunges. Do not overdo the amount of apples, because they encumber the dough. Sprinkle the surface of the cake with a little’ granulated sugar and finish with some butter. Bake the cake in the oven, for 45 minutes. To check the cooking, stuck a skewer into the cake. If it comes out dry, the cake is ready. Remove from the oven apple pie without eggs, let it cool, add the icing sugar and serve. Bon appétit!

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Mirta 5 November 2019 at 11:21

Hi Ada,
I stopped a – 1 sachet of baking powder –
Please can you check a sachet returns “baking powder? and how many grams more or less. Since we unfortunately there is this ingredient. I'm sure other people have asked but I have not seen it before… Sorry
Thank you very much, Mirta

Ada Parisi 5 November 2019 at 14:10

hello Mirta, in Italy, a sachet of baking powder for cakes has a standard weight, equal to 16 grams, so it is not necessary to specify. A warm greeting, ADA

elisabetta corbetta 2 November 2018 at 08:37

In addition to being good cake are also beautiful pictures
A big kiss

Ada Parisi 4 November 2018 at 00:15

Thanks. I relate with joy to my love making photos. A hug, ADA


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