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Chocolate sweets: simple or refined recipes in 23

How to recycle Chocolate from Easter Eggs

by Ada Parisi
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Torta a strati al cioccolato e caffè, 3 strati di creme e cioccolatini come decorazione

Chocolate sweets: easy or refined in 23 perfect recipes to taste. Also useful for recycling chocolate from Easter eggs. The chocolate desserts are my passion. And the millions of people who are 'addicted to chocolate', as they say in English, or employees from chocolate. I can't say whether or not chocolate is aphrodisiac, but surely for those who love to celebrate the feast of lovers chocolate sweets are always a winning choice. Why chocolate, in its various forms, everyone likes it and it's extremely versatile.

And after Easter, when we all have kilos of chocolate to recycle, leftover from Easter eggs, here is the perfect excuse to try yet another recipe for chocolate desserts. And it is not true that chocolate with hot first courses is less popular. Try the VEGAN COCOA POPSICLES or the CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM CAKE and I'm sure you'll change your mind.

The great Italian and French pastries can not ignore this amazing and versatile ingredient. And to think that, without the discovery of America, in Europe the chocolate would never come. During the great holidays from Christmas to Easter and until Valentine's Day chocolate becomes the absolute protagonist before the party and even after (since there is also a need to recycle that of Easter eggs). So here are all my chocolate cake recipes to try (and taste) at least once, from simple and quick to prepare in the most refined.

A brief history of the origins of chocolate

The chocolate (scientific name Theobroma cacao, in greek means nourishment of the gods) It comes from far and precisely from Central America, namely Mexico. It is one of the oldest plants, whose presence on Earth dates back to over 6000 years ago. Is’ now known the sacred role of drink that had the chocolate in the Maya population, where it was consumed in the form of hot and cold beverages with the name of “xocoatl”.

The chocolate is then arrived in Europe after the discovery of America ( 1492) by degli Spagnoli. Thanks to the Spaniards, Chocolate first came to Spain in 1519 with Hernan Cortèz and then spread throughout Europe: It was initially tasted dissolved in water, as a hot drink, containing added sugar. In Italy the chocolate came through Catalina Micaele, Infanta of Spain and wife of Charles Emmanuel I. Turin was the first city to fall in love with chocolate, even today, It is one of the landmarks of processing this product.

The chocolate cakes, from creams to more complex cakes

The chocolate, whether it is dark, milk or white, It is undoubtedly one of the prince of pastry ingredients, that the chocolate has managed to create memorable and monumental desserts such as Sachertorte, Opera cake, il Profiterol, the CHOCOLATE MOUSSE, Black Forest cake that I shall roll version, the SETTE VELI CAKE that on the site you are in my personal version. In more modern times they were born American Devil Mud cake and double chocolate cake.

But the chocolate custard, the GANACHE to stuff and cover all types of eclairs and cream puffs. Even in the home bakery, though, Chocolate is the protagonist of the most simple but delicious preparations, beloved by children and adults. Here is my favorite chocolate desserts: 23 mouth-watering recipes of sweets or refined easy, one better than the.


We begin with MAGIC CAKE COCOA, a sweet surprising ease that, with a single dough, you will get a cake with three textures. A look like a pudding, a creamy, like a sponge. must try especially with an extra dark chocolate and flavored with orange zest.

Is’ the classic sweet fluffy breakfast and long-lasting, the Bundt Cake TO DOUBLE CHOCOLATE, that you can also cook in the mold plumcake. Perfect for a soak. Irresistible, the SOFT CHOCOLATE AND PEAR CAKE, made with whole pears, it will end in a moment and is very easy to prepare.

Even the SALAMI CHOCOLATE AND DRIED FRUIT It is among the easiest and delicious desserts. This I present in a version without eggs, so we eliminate any doubt about the pasteurization of the yolks, and so crunchy nuts inside.

Very easy to prepare, a 10 minute, are the Tartufini CHOCOLATE and tahini, with sesame cream and covered with dried fruit. Even this delicious chocolate-based candy is gluten.

Among the desserts the fastest chocolate, famous and beloved (beloved especially by children) there are definitely BROWNIES, made with butter and chocolate with a delicious crust. Preparation times? Ten minutes, seeing is believing.

And how not to give in to sinful charm of a ORANGE AND CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE? Quick to prepare as all the cupcakes and muffins, with a luxurious chocolate cream extrafondente, orange peel and candied oranges. Perfect as a snack, but also to end a dinner with a sinful dessert portion.

Who has never dipped a spoon into a creamy PROFITEROLE CHOCOLATE AND CREAM? Small puffs filled with whipped cream and covered with a dark chocolate waterfall. A simple recipe, just do the choux pastry, and transverse: I've never known someone who did not love profiterol.


To try absolutely the BAKED CASSATA WITH CHOCOLATE, that I also make in single portions in muffin molds, or the SICILIAN BLACK RICE, a delicious and simple spoon dessert. And what about the SICILIAN CHOCOLATE CANNOLI? Made with a soft cream of ricotta and dark chocolate and covered with chopped hazelnuts.

Comes from Messina the recipe of BLACK AND WHITE, a sort of delicious profiterol stuffed with cream and covered with a gianduia cream and chocolate sheets. If you love cupboard sweets instead, try the STRACCIATELLA CAKE, where sheep's ricotta goes well with dark chocolate.


The chocolate tart is an evergreen, beloved a sweet and easy to prepare, that lends itself to different interpretations even gourmet. The Crumbled CHOCOLATE never goes out of style: super creamy, with a mixture of chocolate and a soft cream but compact, is the dream of every chocolate addicted. Very easy to do, as you see in VIDEO RECIPE STEP BY STEP OF crumbled CHEESE AND CHOCOLATE, another sweet scream.

And speaking of tarts, memorable pairing chocolate and pears, much used in confectionery: the PEARS AND CHOCOLATE TART has in its interior a soft chocolate mousse, enclosed in a casket shortbread and covered with caramelized pears.

While the TART AND CHOCOLATE COVERED PEAR It is more like an American Pie, with lots of pears and melted chocolate. Both pies are greedy.

Tart with pistachio cream, white chocolate and lemon


Chapter tarts could not ignore one of the most elegant and choreographic desserts ever. The DARK CHOCOLATE TART AND BERRIES, mousse with a soft heart, a crispy crust and lots of berries with a pleasant acidity.

elegantissima, definitely one of my most successful and most popular pies, the WHITE CHOCOLATE TART AND PISTACHIOS, fragrant with lemons from Sicily. A fine pie for special occasions.

Finally, sweet in my opinion perfect for lovers, that portion, simple and elegant. TARTLETS CHOCOLATE, CREAM AND SALTED CARAMEL: small and lethal, with a creamy caramel, dark chocolate and whipped cream.


If the chocolate is among the most beloved ingredients, The desserts are the most loved desserts ever. Among the 23 mouth-watering recipes of chocolate sweets or refined easy, it was impossible not therefore include desserts. Here it becomes impossible not to sink in the spoon BELGIAN CHOCOLATE PUDDING, cooked in a double boiler, without gluten and with a casting of caramel.

Among the simplest and most delicious spoon desserts is not to be missed the CHOCOLATE PUDDING in the traditional recipe, that will delight the little ones. And for those on a diet there is also the fit variant and with very few calories, with COCOA AND PERSIMMON.

The mousse is always a classic choice, you can make it modern by combining sour and fresh ingredients. The CHOCOLATE-MOUSSE, ORANGES AND RASPBERRIES CARAMELISED It is an excellent solution for a refined desserts but very quick to prepare.

Finally, The pudding tradition for excellence: the TIRAMISU’ ORANGE AND CHOCOLATE, fresh and delicious, but even light enough to be able to conclude a hearty dinner.

Still pleasant acidity in CREAM COOKED WHITE CHOCOLATE AND PASSION FRUIT, a cool sweet taste of the exotic, suitable for an elegant and refined dinner.


Among the desserts the most elegant and refined spoon are definitely MOCHA CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE’, with layers of sponge cake with chocolate and coffee cream espresso. Good and really simple to prepare.

A little more complex but effective is the LAYER CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE with two creams chocolate and coffee, garnished with chocolates and downright irresistible.

Eternal is the fame as well as eternal is the charm of SACHERTORTE, invented in Vienna in the eponymous pastry: a chocolate cake with apricot jam and icing famous Sacher, an unmissable ritual for anyone traveling to the Austrian capital.

Unmissable, in the season of cherries, the ROLL BLACK FOREST, predictive version but equally refined and elegant of the legendary Black Forest cake. A roll of cookie dough stuffed chocolate with whipped cream and cherries, kirsch and crunchy dark chocolate cover. Very soft and creamy even the CHOCOLATE ROLL WITH CHOCOLATE CREAM, intended only for those who are chocolate addicted.

The triumph of gluttony comes from America with NEW YORK CHEESE CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE, cremosissima, cooked in the oven and covered with fresh raspberries.

Finally, a sweet French with very few ingredients (gluten-free) timeless elegance: a slice of FONDANT Dark chocolate, with whipped cream and a pinch of cinnamon, and will end any dinner with a flourish. And with this we close the ranking of my 23 favorite recipes of easy or refined chocolate sweets.



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