10 chocolate. (as a Setteveli and get somewhere)

Chocolate layer cake (Setteveli)

10 chocolate.. Or a chocolate cake in all its declination, in 10 layers, inspired by avowedly to Setteveli but that Setteveli is not. The story of this cake is complicated, but the result satisfied me completely.

The original

I started with the idea of making the famous Setteveli & #8217;, the wonderful sweet with which the padovano Luigi Biasetto, the Rector Cristian Babylon and the pratese Gianluca Mannori won the World Pastry Cup in Lyon 1997. The recipe, copyrighted and sole property of the three pastry chefs, is secret and therefore here I met the first hurdle: My Setteveli would never be equal to the original versions I've #8217; & found around the net are many and varied. Among other things, I unfortunately I haven't tasted the original.

My version

Then I decided to do it my way and put together my idea of the taste of Setteveli (chocolate, hazelnuts, frosting, textures) with some basics of pastry chefs (Montersino, Santin) which I personally enjoyed (the base chocolate Madeleine, the bavarois with hazelnuts, dark chocolate mousse), by adding elements of Setteveli as the disc of crispy, done though I like it, Praline with nuts and puffed rice, mirror glaze and a touch of acidity (the apricot jam, tribute to Sacher) to balance such sweetness.

From all of this came out of a cake that has chocolate in its main character, where are the soft, wet basis Madeleine, creamy hazelnut Bavarian ones, that crunchy Praline disk, the airy chocolate mousse, the tip a bit sour Apricot and the sumptuous density of & #8217; glaze. There lie to you saying it is a gentle easy to prepare: It took me 8 hours between preparations, mounting and cooling. You may notify us less but even more. So approach this cake with caution and goodwill, as beautiful and precious things, and for this hard to get. And for this reason even more beautiful and precious. Merry Christmas.

10 chocolate. (as a Setteveli and get somewhere)

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Bryan Davids 18 December 2017 at 08:05

forget montersino, the setteveli chocolate has only two names:
Balaguer in Padua
Hat in palermo
everything else is boredom 🙂

Ada Parisi 18 December 2017 at 12:35

Hi Sabrina, in fact, I explained that this is not a setteveli, because the original setteveli recipe Bajo is secret and copyrighted, and so it is not repeatable. This is simply a chocolate layer cake that resembles in some elements, partly designed by me in part taken from different pastry recipes. The Hat I tasted, but also that the original recipe is not available. While not a setteveli, I assure you, this cake is anything but boring. Happy holidays. ADA

elisabetta 16 December 2017 at 09:56

A cake that is the end of the world, It also resembles the American devil food

Ada Parisi 18 December 2017 at 12:37

Thanks Elizabeth! Big hugs! ADA

Gabe 15 December 2017 at 19:33

But how good you are! Congratulations

Ada Parisi 18 December 2017 at 12:36

but thank you Except! I think the important thing is having fun, If you enjoy doing something then you see in the result! A hug, ADA

Attilio 15 December 2017 at 18:54

I wish my wife knew Cook like you.
Thank you for being there!…

Ada Parisi 18 December 2017 at 12:37

Attilio I'm sure your wife can cook well! And anyway you can always improve, I have so many other faults. A dear greeting, even your wife, and happy holidays! ADA


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