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Magic chocolate cake

by Ada Parisi
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Cremosa, intensa e con tre strati e un unico impasto: torta magica al cacao. Irresistibile.

Magic chocolate cake. A sweet but surprisingly easy, a must try. The fact that a sweet made of dough could become one, After cooking, a cake with three layers and three different textures, left me puzzled. Then, I decided to try it even I this 'magical cake', but to do it how I like it, or chocolate. And with an addition of grappa (or rum, If you prefer). As good as the VANILLA CAKE MAGIC WITH APPLES CARAMELIZED, and even easier to prepare.

Meanwhile, I must say that the story of the cake is real: only one dough is divided in three textures, a like a pan of Spain, a creamy and a similar to a pudding. And I must say also that the cake is not only good, yummy food. In this version I used the cocoa powder and the result was, for my taste, extraordinary: the intense taste of cocoa predominates over, black and sinful. The textures are all: the light and frothy Spain loaf, the creamy custard and scioglievole, the resilient and tenacious pudding.

Let the day before eating, because the flavors not otherwise come together enough, try to resist the temptation to eat it immediately. Blessed with friends with a coffee after lunch, with the tea of five, at a brunch or even after dinner with a grappa in combination and make sure a beautiful figure. I followed the recipe site White on rice couple but I increased the dose of chocolate and added 30 ml of brandy to the mix, for an even more intense perfume. Chocolate Lovers, you can't help but take a look at all my RECIPES WITH CHOCOLATE! Have a good day.

Cremosa, intensa e con tre strati e un unico impasto: torta magica al cacao. Irresistibile.

MAGIC CAKE COCOA (easy recipe)

Portions: 8 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 2.5/5
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120 grams of butter

600 milliliters of whole milk slightly warm

110 grams of flour 00

55 grams of cocoa powder

4 eggs at room temperature

200 grams of caster sugar

a very small coffee cup

a tablespoon of vanilla extract liquid

30 milliliters of brandy or rum

powdered sugar or unsweetened cocoa (or both) to decorate


creamy, intense and with three layers and a single dough: Magic Cake Cocoa. Irresistible.

Preheat oven to 160 degrees static. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Put the yolks in a very large bowl, combine the sugar and vanilla extract and assemble, with an electric mixer (you can also use the planetarium if you have it) until the mixture is foamy and white. With an electric mixer it takes at least 15 minutes. Melt the butter in a double boiler and, When it is barely warm, pour flush into the egg mixture and sugar, always blending. Add coffee, salt and brandy and keep fit.

Mix in a bowl the flour and unsweetened cocoa powder, then sift through them and add gradually to the egg mixture, butter and sugar. Mix until the ingredients are blended and pour, and always beating with whips, the warm milk (not warm, otherwise you'll make an omelet!).

Don't worry if your dough is liquid, It's perfectly normal. Whisk the egg whites until firm and, using a hand whisk, incorporate them into the mixture obtained above.

Line the bottom of a cake tin zipper fastener with parchment paper (You can also use a round or square), then grease the wax paper is both sides of the Pan and flour it all slightly. Pour the mixture into the Pan and bake for 55 minutes. Make the cake to cool completely before removing it from the Pan. Sprinkle with powdered sugar or cocoa powder and serve. Bon appétit!



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Simona March 18, 2016 - 17:32

Hi Ada, the springform pan I have is 28 cm in diameter. I have that 22/24 cm silicone. Do I need to grease it with butter and flour? Thank you for your reply (I hope timely) because I'm about to prepare it!

Ada Parisi March 18, 2016 - 17:54

Hello Simona. Do not use the silicone mold, because this cake has really use a springform Pan. Being very soft, roughly like a pudding, risks of failing to the Tin in any manner. Rather, do the math and increase the dose of a quarter or half, so you can easily fill your springform pan from 28 cm. I recommend, the silicone is not suitable.

Alberto December 7, 2015 - 19:33

Hi Ada. I made it, great taste, balance of cocoa, coffee and grappa. The consistency was not expected: Spain little loaf, wet heart so much, bottom not too different from the heart. At the end a little too much pudding for my liking. Where do I get wrong? Baking sheet 24, static oven, doses to the electronic scale…

Ada Parisi December 7, 2015 - 20:01

Hi Albert, It is likely to be raised by whites. Two hypotheses: or wasn't quite fitted, or when you combined with the dough is slightly disassembled, due to a rotating motion of the spatula is incorrect, and the compound encompassed less air. This could have affected the consistency. In any case, the consistency is that of a cross between custard and pudding. Soon I will make a video recipe for this cake and so there will be no way to be clearer. Hello.

Jeanne November 22, 2015 - 01:39

ADA, I will follow you for a while, is reading that “practice”, you are very good!
About this recipe, I wanted to ask “How much” Salt, as citi in the preparation, but not among the ingredients, It seems to me.
In fact the cake I've made, a double dose, 26 cm cake tin and I put two pinches of salt : I seem to have done well !
The only thing is that the surface, After leaving the oven, He deflated a little bit, forming a small ledge on the circumference. : It seems to me that your cake is slightly lowered , but my more !
Can be depended on the double dose ?
Thank you and I salute you.

Ada Parisi November 22, 2015 - 17:14

Hello Joan, Meanwhile, thanks for the trust. As for the little sinking Yes, I think that is due to the double dose because this cake, that inside is soft, If it is made in a size too large tends to SAG. Mine was a 23 cm dish and you saw the result. Anyway I'm glad you liked it. How to salt, I would say a pinch but it depends on your taste: I like to feel good! ADA

Jeanne November 22, 2015 - 19:19

Thanks !

Hedwig November 14, 2015 - 23:19

Buonooooo is the third version Kiss.
PS. Why don't you use the anti-attacking as I call it instead of butter. very valid doesn't smell does not alter anything and it's feed – spray.

Ada Parisi 15 November 2015 - 19:01

Dear! I often use the anti-sticking, but so many people don't know what it is and probably would not even looking for it (even I in Rome I find it only in few places) and then I try to recommend things that everyone can do and use. A hug, Adad

Simona November 14, 2015 - 18:56

Dear Ada,
I just fired the cake, seems like a great dessert for Sunday lunch. Goduriosissimo! Hopefully it gets until tomorrow…
As my usual, I always have to change something to recipes and put something to my taste. So I replaced the normal flour with rice, which I find fantastic cakes. We see! I'll let you know. Meanwhile, thanks, your recipes are special

Ada Parisi 15 November 2015 - 19:01

You fired and ate? How is coming, and rice flour as made? I'm curious SImona, Let me know. I hope it went well! ADA

Simona November 16, 2015 - 11:45

Great is great, very soft and melts in your mouth. Very good. Bitten. Flavored with rum, because I had the grappa. And there are divinely. It seemed a Cuneo! But, Here's the but! Is not in 3 consitenze, but only a, even when the cuts. Maybe it's because the rice flour is gluten free? What do you think about? Meanwhile, again with normal flour because how kindness is super ;-))

Ada Parisi November 16, 2015 - 11:52

Hello Simona, I'm glad you liked it! As for the three layers, the only thing different from the original recipe is the use of rice flour, that as you pointed, is gluten free. This is probably the result of its failure to Division into three layers. Normally it should be a surface layer of bread of Spain, one internal very creamy and a less tenacious like a baked pudding. If you was a unique creamy texture, It is probably due to the use of rice flour. If you're not celiac, try it with normal flour and let me know. A hug, ADA

Antonella Paterlini November 14, 2015 - 05:46

I definitely want to try to do it myself but I have a doubt and before starting I get it out!!! I always read this cake recipes which provide for successful a cake Pan 20 × 20 or it is not!!! I confirm this or can I use any size and shape? Thanks, bye

Ada Parisi November 14, 2015 - 09:01

Hello Antonella, I used a 24 cm cake tin and it looks good. Certain, probably a little’ lower due to, but since the texture is so special in my opinion a lower pie is even better. I think the main point is that in a smaller cake top, what looks like sponge cake Spain, It is thicker. To me though the bread didn't really like Spain, and then the fact that it is thinner than I like. What diameter of the Pan you? If it were huge you may increase the dosage…

Dolly 13 November 2015 - 17:36

Hi Ada, spot the idea to put the cocoa in the dough. Recently I tried to make clear cake, so no cocoa and the result was, not really the best. The three layers there were, but it tasted of undercooked dough and I don't know why. This is to try and I'll let you know how it is coming. :)

Ada Parisi November 14, 2015 - 09:04

Hello Dolly, This chocolate is good because he knows its just chocolate, not undercooked egg and mixing. In any case, I also tried the vanilla cake, but with some minor personal variations to make it more appealing. Post it in a couple of weeks, just not to drown in the magical cakes. If you try this let me know what you think. ADA

Dolly November 19, 2015 - 17:31

Made and fired yesterday and almost over! Congratulations for the recipe. I'll wait for you post even magical with vanilla cake your variants. Brava!

Ada Parisi November 19, 2015 - 21:23

Dolly thanks! Really thanks for the trust first, and for the compliments! I hope you will also like the other variant… I hope to surprise you! ADA

verdun70 13 November 2015 - 10:16

Dear Ada,
the pictures are those of something remarkable, previous experiences with your recipes ensure a result worthy of pictures :-).
Just a clarification: static or ventilated oven? temperature?

Ada Parisi 13 November 2015 - 10:22

Hello Paola! Thank you very much! The pictures are simple, but natural light is really a magical thing, as the cake. The static oven 160, It is written in the first line. Let me know absolutely if the prepare, I recommend to wait until the next day to eat it, because the flavor and texture are really very very best. I embrace you. ADA

verdun70 November 20, 2015 - 13:34

Here I am! I just find the time to write.
Prepared this past Saturday and inaugurated Sunday. I used a springform of 24 cm and grew so much, to get to the edge and form a small cap that the deflate left two “cracks” (the only drawback). Sponge-like layer is thinner than the other two. Exceptional flavor :-)

Ada Parisi November 22, 2015 - 18:19

Hello Paola! My no cracks but a slight sinking on one side. It's a cake baking to morbid and very swollen in egg whites, then deflates with equal rapidity… The advice is to let it cool in the oven off and open. Spain bread like layer must be thinner. See you soon, ADA

Nicola 13 November 2015 - 09:20

Sicilian Web Gent.mo,
I wanted to send in a question concerning the publication of related recipes.
My question is:
Wouldn't it be more complete view every step of any steps for the formation of the recipe?
Kind regards.

Ada Parisi 13 November 2015 - 10:09

Hi Nicola, Thanks for making me contacted. On the issue of step by step pictures, When I decided to open a cooking site I post but decided not to do it, for various reasons. First of all, because the pictures weight website, and more are less charge well and fast. Secondly because the pictures step by step you can ask for simple recipes, but for complex networks (and most of my lo's), It's impossible. Also I write a very clear and detailed text, and they are always available in real time here or on social networks for advice or help. In addition, Since a few weeks I opened a YouTube channel where I am inserting video recipes, These Yes step by step. Are still a few, but do one a week, and then I hope to implement it quickly, If I wanted to subscribe I would love. See you soon, ADA

Nicola 13 November 2015 - 14:58

Hi Ada Parisi,
I am aware that weigh.
My end, He wanted to allow those with little experience in the kitchen, to acquire a more debonair.
Thank you for having responded promptly.
Kind regards.

Ada Parisi 13 November 2015 - 15:29

"Si, I understand that. That's why I decided to open a channel on You tube. This cake will be online in video release next week, so all the steps will be seen live. Thank you very much. ADA

Nicola 13 November 2015 - 17:38

Cordial Ada,
in my teachings to life, There is always something to learn in life.
Gracious in responding in a timely manner.
Really fantastic.
Yours faithfully.

Ada Parisi 13 November 2015 - 17:48

Nicola dear you in having taken the time to comment on my recipes. I hope you embark in some of them and, How do you know, I'm always here if you need clarification. See you soon, ADA

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