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Tiramisu chocolate and orange

by Ada Parisi
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Tiramisù al cioccolato e arancia: facile e goloso

Tiramisu chocolate and orange. In fact, technically, It is not really a tiramisu but perhaps rather a trifle, a cup in which alternate a soft base, in this case wet ladyfingers with coffee and a cream, here made from egg yolks, sugar, cocoa, orange zest and cream. I have not used, instead, whites (which of course I suggest you keep for preparing a wonderful angel food cake or meringue pavlova for a fresh fruit). In fact, though, the taste and appearance reminiscent of tiramisu and so call, for simplicity.

Indeed, I suggest you take a look at my SPECIAL RECIPES TIRAMISU ' where you'll find creative variations, original or light like that RICOTTA without eggs, such as citrus TIRAMISU WITH LEMON, but also made with cream and berries and even TE MATCHA. If you want to prepare something more traditional, look at the VIDEO OF THE PERFECT RECIPE TIRAMISU’ CLASSIC on my YouTube channel,

The extra gear is the orange and chocolate pairing, that give this dessert that unmistakable taste and the slight sour note, in my opinion, missing tiramisu, whose equilibrium is always at risk for excess sugar and fat. The tiramisu with chocolate and orange is easy to prepare, you can do it in advance and, Indeed, I recommend it, because the next day is much good. It will appeal to all lovers of desserts. If you do not have the desire, or time, to prepare consisting of oranges (it takes 15-20 minutes of cooking), you can use a good jam. If you prefer, you can pasteurize eggs, mounting them with the sugar in a bain marie. And now I wish you good day!

Tiramisù al cioccolato e arancia: facile e goloso


Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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250 grams of biscuits Sardinian
200 ml of cream
200 grams of mascarpone
3 egg yolks
140 grams of extra fine granulated sugar
40 grams of cocoa powder
4 cups of coffee
2 oranges
rum a Cointreau, to taste

for garnish:

2 ladyfingers
15 grams of unsweetened cocoa


For cream. Semi whipping cream (no snow, otherwise the cream of tiramisu with chocolate and orange will be fat) and store it in the refrigerator. Grate the zest of the oranges. In a bowl, put egg yolks, adding 100 grams of sugar. Mount with electric whips, until the mixture is puffy, fluffy and whitish. Add, slowly, the unsweetened cocoa powder sifted.

Continue beating until mixture is smooth. Combine a tablespoon of rum and Cointreau, orange zest and mascarpone. Proceed with small doses, mounting always with whips, to mix the whole thing. Slowly, add seeds whipped cream, incorporating it with the help of a spatula and with a light movement, uniform, on the other down, to incorporate as much air as possible. Place the cream in the refrigerator for at least thirty minutes.

Peel the oranges : with a knife remove the peel residue and remove the albedo, the white part and spongy. Extract from the fruits every single clove, eliminating the white fibrous skins.

In a pan, put the pulp of oranges, half the grated rind and 40 grams of sugar. Bake until a compote dense and slightly caramelized. Allow to cool.

While the cream will thicken in the fridge, prepare four cups of coffee, then cool completely.

In mixer, blend a Savoyard biscuit along with unsweetened cocoa.

Assembling the cake: soak the ladyfingers with coffee and put them on the bottom of the pan or cups that you have chosen to use. Pour a layer of chocolate cream and orange, then cover with a little orange compote. Add another layer of ladyfingers soaked in coffee and another of chocolate cream. Sprinkle a little of the savoyard and cocoa powder on the dessert and store in the refrigerator until serving. Bon appétit!

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elisabetta 23 March 2018 - 13:57

Good this tiramisu, orange and chocolate go wonderfully well, I love the rum in cakes

Ada Parisi 26 March 2018 - 12:15

Then you must try! Kisses, ADA


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