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Easter lunch, my proposals and non-traditional

by Ada Parisi
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Easter is coming and so is a few days ago that I'm mulling on a menu for you for Easter lunch. It is true that many see Easter as a traditional event, where to eat the dishes typical of the period including broad beans, artichokes, eggs, Lamb, desserts made with ricotta and chocolate. Is’ also true that many do not want to sacrifice a lamb on Easter tables. And that so many love to prepare traditional dishes with a touch of creativity. Not to mention those who see assembled an extended family in the Easter lunch, very numerous, and needs shrewd dishes, preparing in advance. That's why I decided to prepare a menu open, multiple choice questions, you inspire you – from appetizers to desserts – to compose a lunch that you like best. I hope you find something interesting!

Given that well begun is half done, for STARTER I have three proposals, between tradition and creativity, with an eye for those who have a lot of people at lunch and want to prepare something beforehand:



Fried cheese with apricots

The second proposal that I make is traditional style in classic combination pasquale fave-doggy style, but reworked by me: Fried bean curd with cream cheese cubes. Nice and good, I guarantee.



Fava bean and pecorino cheese flan

The third and last is an informal proposal, always teamed with Fava Beans and pecorino, but finger food, suitable for large tables or buffet standing because they prepare in advance: Mini quiche with Fava Beans and pecorino, really delicious.



Let us turn to the FIRST COURSES: here three proposals, all full of seasonal vegetables, a simple, but very rewarding, a slightly’ more complicated than traditional inspiration and revisited and one who has a buffet and needs to prepare in advance and that people can use by itself.

Tonnarelli to cheese and artichokes

Tonnarelli with cheese and artichokes: a plate of disarming simplicity flawless taste. Tonnarelli you can do it by hand if you are willing or buy them fresh in the supermarket. The sauce is prepared in an instant, It is tasty and seasonal vegetables.


gnocchi dumplings

The second proposal is of gnocchi with cheese and pepper with fresh broad beans. If you are within a table, eager to help in the kitchen, real gourmets and want to impress guests this is the right dish.



Arancini fave, Bacon and pecorino cheese

With the latest game in the House: is a little’ hardworking but prepares in advance, because the arancini are good cold too. And in this case, remember the Easter and spring in conjunction with Bacon, broad beans and pecorino cheese in the filling. You can make them big or small, in any case are exquisite and a buffet make a great impression.


Let us look at the SECONDS: two proposals have meat, Since many do not renounce to the lamb and who do not eat lamb at Easter is oriented to meat dishes. the third proposal is for those who prefer not to eat meat but wants to respect tradition and prepare as much as possible in advance.

Lamb with pecorino and Mint, mashed potatoes and port reduction

So here's my proposal for lovers of the Lamb, an important and truly exquisite dish that I invite you to try: Lamb with pecorino, pistachios and Mint, mashed potatoes and port reduction. The lamb is first browned in a pan, then covered with a flat country aroma and then finished in the oven and it tastes round and balanced.


Veal roast stuffed

If you love meat but not the Lamb, try this veal roast stuffed: its colors are gorgeous and is perfect for a spring lunch. You can replace the veal with beef or pork, as long as thin and well off the beaten path. You can also vary the filling, putting what you like of taste and color.

Swiss chard and ricotta Torta rustica

Artichokes with purple potatoes

To all I recommend a backup contour ': the stuffed artichokes, here in ' Dutch '. Essential Easter tables.




We come upon gluttony: the SWEETS. Since all you have at home the colomba pasquale, I suggest you immediately an extremely tasty and easy way to recycle leftovers. Of course there is also a traditional cake and even a couple of tips for people who love cake with seasonal fruit, greedy yet lightweight version.

Chantilly lemon tiramisu and wild berries

Here is the lemon tiramisu chantilly cream and berries, You can prepare with the Easter Dove or, If you are a collectors, with Pandora, Advanced Panettone, scraps of Spain or loaf pound cake.


Chocolate and ricotta tart

If you want to play classical then here is the chocolate and ricotta tart, a must for lovers of the genre.



Soup of strawberries with zabaglione semifreddo (by Saad)

Latest proposal: you like strawberries but you want a lighter desserts and fresh? Here he is, Strawberry soup with cream Eggnog, or vanilla if you prefer. And what more do you want?




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Kenneth Kapasi April 11, 2014 - 18:46

Great work.

Sicilians creative in the kitchen April 11, 2014 - 20:19

Thanks Kenneth!!! Have a wonderful Easter!

Carmela April 11, 2014 - 03:53

Very good recipes!

Sicilians creative in the kitchen April 11, 2014 - 20:20

Thanks Carmela!


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