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Vegan pudding persimmon and cocoa

Gluten free, eggs and dairy products

by Ada Parisi
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Budino vegan di cachi e cacao

Vegan pudding persimmon and cocoa: a very fast recipe to prepare, that was depopulated on the internet last year. Officially only two ingredients: ripe persimmons and unsweetened cocoa powder. Magic of pectin contained in persimmon: here it is that blending the two ingredients together, with a simple rest in the refrigerator, you get a vegan and raw pudding (because without cooking). But also gluten-free, lactose free, without eggs, without sugar. The dream of every gourmand. Certain, it is not a sweet greedy like the TIRAMISU’ TO PERSIMMONS, but still satisfies the desire for something good.

Chocolate pudding and persimmon yes, but with some small additions

Now, I tried the recipe with 100 grams of persimmon pulp and 10 grams of bitter cocoa. But I didn't like it, what can I do with it? Cocoa was just a memory, overall the pudding was quite dull and tasteless. Good, however, the consistency. So I thought I'd adapt this recipe to my tastes: I increased the amount of bitter cocoa, to give a strong note of chocolate. I added vanilla extract and a pinch of cinnamon, that looks great with both persimmons and chocolate (try my TIRAMISU’ TO PERSIMMONS and you will see). And obviously I sweetened a little’ the pudding. You can use icing sugar, or agave juice or even eritritol if you want a sugar-free pudding. If you are not vegan know that this pudding also goes very well with the honey.

Honestly, the addition of sweetener such as agave juice or erythritol does not change the fit and light profile of this vegan persimmon and cocoa pudding. But if you do it for a child, For example,, I advise you to put a little’ sugar instead of sweetener. Obviously you don't have to use apple persimmons but normal ones, soft and creamy pulp. Persimmons lend themselves very well to being used in sweets with little sugar, given their sweetness. You have already tried the TART OF CHESTNUTS AND PERSIMMON CREAM or the PERSIMMON AND GREEN APPLE JAM?

To make this pudding a dessert to be served even at the end of a light dinner, I garnished it with roasted walnuts and pistachios, agave juice (or honey) and passion fruit. And in 5 minutes here is a dessert without guilt. Have a good day!

Vegan pudding of persimmon and cocoa

Budino vegan di cachi e cacao


Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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300 grams of ripe persimmon pulp

50 grams of unsweetened cocoa powder

30 grams of icing sugar or agave syrup (or 50 grams of erythritol if you don't want to use sugars)

organic vanilla powder or extract, to taste

a pinch of cayenne pepper (Optional)


dried fruit: nuts, hazelnuts, pistachio almonds

agave juice or honey

berries or passion fruit


Vegan persimmon and cocoa pudding is very easy to prepare. Clean the persimmons by extracting the pulp, taking care to remove all the seeds. Put the pulp of the persimmons in the glass of the mini pimer or blender. Add the bitter cocoa powder, vanilla, cinnamon, a pinch of chili pepper if you like.

Add icing sugar as well, erythritol or agave juice if you want to sweeten the pudding a little. Blend until smooth, glossy and chocolate-colored. That's it.

Pour the pudding into individual molds or a larger mold and cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate and let stand for 6-8 hours.

Once the pudding has firmed up, unmold it and garnish with toasted dried fruit, agave juice (or honey if you are not vegan), red fruits or passion fruit. Bon appétit!

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