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Christmas 2017, my menu of land between vegetables and meat

by Ada Parisi
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Good morning! And here is the second date with the menus for the holidays: After that of fish following the tradition of the new year in southern Italy, today comes to Earth, a mix of vegetables and meat for those fish don't love him or, Maybe you live in areas where it is difficult to obtain it (See also the menu Creative and that vegetarian). Since what is usually a menu rich in calories, I decided on a light appetizer, artichokes alla romana. Continue, though, with two big guns: the pappardelle lamb and artichokes and the legendary sartù di riso. Then, Here comes the King of this meal: stuffed rabbit, a delicious and elegant main course, that will hypnotize your Diners with its colorful swirl, combined with soft fennel Gratin. Finally, In addition to treats for dinner, I chose a decadent desserts rich but with a distinct sour note, to help degrease the mouth by everything that came to the table: the panna cotta with passion fruit and pistachio. As always, to get straight to the recipe just click on the name or the picture. Hope you got some helpful ideas, see you at the next menu, What vegetarian!

STARTER: I didn't want to start a high-calorie menu with an appetizer that & #8216; break the kidneys’ to Diners, so I opted for something simple, lightweight: the Roman artichokes. A delicious dish, that enhances the taste of artichoke (use the violet or the Roman violets) It smells of mint. The secret lies in the season on time with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, of course excellent quality new and obviously pressing.

FIRST OF PASTA: as the first of pasta I chose a delicious dish, the Pappardelle all & #8217; egg with lamb ragu, Artichoke and smoked ricotta. The dough you can make it at home (only in this way will this thick) or buy dried or fresh, and the sauce you can safely prepare the day before, Indeed, will be more flavorful. For me the meat sauce is the dish of feasts and these pappardelle are a riot of taste.

FIRST OF RICE: l & #8217; alternative that I propose as first of rice (but I often servant both pasta dishes in small quantities, because if it has to be a new year so new year's) Southern Italy is one of Prince: the Saber baked rice. A treasure of golden rice containing meat sauce, provolone, peas, hard boiled eggs (and c & #8217; it's who also adds ham or meat balls). Sicily is a classic dish of feasts, and even more so in Naples, where the sartù di riso is a real art. Obviously you can prepare in advance but have to keep you very, very low on before cooking the rice and drain it almost raw, otherwise then with the second baking and l & #8217; wait will become overcooked.

ACCORDING to: I could not choose for this meat menu one of the dishes that I prepare for the holidays: the stuffed rabbit. A second of meat that will appeal to those who the meat doesn't love her so much, because the meat (Bianca bargain) is a strip wafer-thin you need to surround a filling really greedy: Spinach, cheese, Bacon and omelette. All glazed with a thick sauce and flavorful. This is also a traditional Sicilian dish of holidays and, on my Board, never fails.

OUTLINE: as a side dish, for those who want to really overdo it, I recommend soft fennel Gratin with béchamel sauce and pistachio crunchy. Aromatic hydrocarbons, fresh, but with that extra taste given by Gratin.

DESSERT: the sweet and crisp at this dinner is a delicious dessert with a strong sour note, in order to clean the mouth by meat fat, sauces and meat sauce: the White chocolate and passion fruit Panna cotta. Is’ the maracuja (or passion fruit) the protagonist of this decadent desserts.: its fruity, tart and intense is perfect even in case of hearty dinners, and the panna cotta you can safely prepare in advance, so got to the dessert you will be relaxed. As in the other menu, I recommend also to prepare small treats for after brindisi, the chocolate salami and dried fruit and the tartufini the tahini and salt flower, You can also give your guests.

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elisabetta 14 December 2017 - 10:05

That lunch by chef amongst pistacchi, chocolate and artichokes!!!!!
A hug

Ada Parisi 15 December 2017 - 11:53

I hope I gave you some ideas! Hugs Elisabetta!


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