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Sicilian stuffed rabbit

by Ada Parisi
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Coniglio ripieno alla siciliana

Sicilian stuffed rabbit. First of all I love everything that's stuffing: the surprise cut, the taste that emerges from many ingredients well combined, the beauty of a colorful and rich. If you follow me for a while’ you know or have already done some of my SICILIAN RECIPES, you know that I really like and rabbit meat is common in Sicily: is lean, versatile, fast cooking. On this site you will find several recipes using rabbit but this is really tasty and also lends itself to an elegant dinner or formal (I'm thinking more or less clearly at Christmas): the first step is to find a butcher who love you to the point of disossarvi a rabbit to get it stuffed.

Then downhill all the way: boil the spinach, prepare a thin omelette, stuff the rabbit, roll it up, stop it with kitchen Twine and cook with herbs and vegetables.

My trick to a perfect sauce

Will I reveal my trick to a thick sauce, polished and frosted like the one you see in the picture: Once deleted the vegetables (I'm saving and use to flavor a rustic risotto), pass the sauce through a sieve and join very little butter worked with a few grams of flour: so the sauce thickens and becomes glossy quickly without being then salty. This time I went with the stuffed rabbit Sicilian with a baked potato and steamed broccoli, but you can also to an upright rich mashed potatoes.

The stuffed rabbit Sicilian is not a difficult recipe to prepare, as many may think, the hardest part is the Ligature (sooner or later I promise that I will make a tutorial video on my YouTube channel): If you are not experienced, just be in two, so that one hold the rabbit and l & #8217; else might tie it calmly. And if you like the rabbit, a light white meat, have a look at all my RECIPES WITH THE RABBIT. You can fill, roll up and bake in advance stuffed rabbit Sicilian and store it in the refrigerator. Give it a try, you will love it. Have a good day!

Coniglio ripieno alla siciliana

RABBIT STUFFED (Sicilian recipe)

Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 3.5/5
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a boned rabbit

120 grams of thin-sliced pancetta coppata

300 grams (net weight) spinach or Swiss chard

5 eggs

parsley, to taste

salt and pepper, to taste

extra virgin olive oil, to taste

150 grams of cheese in thin slices

30 grams of shredded PDO Parmigiano Reggiano

2 shallots

1 carrot

1 stick of celery

1 bay leaf

fresh thyme, to taste

Juniper (Optional)

250 milliliters of dry white wine

chicken broth, by rabbit, beef and vegetable, to taste

5 grams of butter and 5 grams of flour

twine and wooden skewers to close the rolled rabbit


Stuffed rabbit

To prepare the stuffed rabbit Sicilian, ppulire spinach or Swiss chard and cook in a pan with a little salt and extra virgin olive oil (or butter if you prefer) high heat. Once cooked, put the vegetables in a colander so as to lose any excess liquid. Once cold, squeeze out and set aside.

Prepare two very thin omelets (so you can cover the entire surface of the rabbit): Beat eggs with parsley, Parmesan cheese and a pinch of salt, then pour half of the mixture into a hot pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Bake the frittata from side, turn it upside down and follow the same procedure with the second. Set aside.

Clean the shallots, Peel the carrot and discard celery filaments. Cut vegetables into medium sized pieces.

Stuff the rabbit: roll out the rabbit on the work surface covered with parchment paper, massage it with a little salt and black pepper on both sides, then spread the two omelettes over the entire surface of the rabbit (leaving an edge of about one and a half centimeters on each side to facilitate rolling). Place over omelets the slices of pancetta coppata, again taking care to cover the entire surface, then distribute the spinach sautéed. Finally, cover with slices of cheese.

Roll up the rabbit on himself, as tight as possible. Close the ends of rabbit with wooden skewers, in order to bring the flaps of flesh as possible and do not drive out the stuffing. Then, tie the rabbit with string, to hold.

Put in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, then Brown the rabbit until golden brown on all sides, Turning with two wooden spoons or spatulas. Because the rabbit will be well browned, Add the vegetables that you have previously cleaned and cut into pieces. Season with salt and fry the vegetables for a few minutes. Add laurel, thyme, the Juniper and deglaze with white wine. Evaporate the alcoholic part and combine a little broth. Cover and cook for 45 minutes over low heat. Once the rabbit is cooked, remove from pan and keep warm. Remove the vegetables and herbs. Strain the gravy into a colander to mesh netting, then put it back into the Pan. Work the butter with the flour (butter handled) and add to sauce: Cook over medium heat until the sauce will not become shiny and density that you prefer (wrong thickened too much otherwise it will be jelly).

Remove the skewers and string by the rabbit. Slicing the stuffed rabbit Sicilian thick slices one centimeter and a half. Serve with sauce and with the outline you have chosen. Bon appétit!

MATCHING: Vermentino di Maremma Doc, produced by the company Mantellassi. His name is Scalandrino. This is white wine is fermented in French oak barrels and aged in wood for five months. Its scent is fruity, its taste is fruity, soft and has good structure with hints of toasting. A perfect match with this recipe white meat, accompanied by a sauce quite complex that recalls the scent of wine and exalts the characteristics.

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Hedwig 9 November 2017 - 16:10

Definitely a superb dish for those who like how you say the fillings in surprise and the rabbit the maximum. Unfortunately the rabbit just like me and you know I do… the step makes her daughter and I eat… have a good evening,

Ada Parisi 12 November 2017 - 19:52

Seems like a great program Hedwig, so you have the surprise, the good and not the fatigue! a hug, ADA


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