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Christmas Recipes 2019: the fastest and cheapest menu

by Ada Parisi
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Who said that a holiday menu to be expensive for strength, complicated and stressful to prepare? This year in my Christmas recipes 2019 found the fastest and cheapest menu: good food, naturally beautiful, but easy to prepare and repeatable with a small little expense. I decided to include a seafood appetizer, a timeless classic, and then continue with a base of vegetables and meat menu, so as to vary the tastes and not to bore your guests.

Do not forget that my Christmas menu 2019 are not finished: after FISH MENU and the MENU SICILIANO, I posted a few days ago, come to gourmet and vegetarian options. And have a look also on Article STARTERS CHRISTMAS: 20 RECIPES TO PREPARE IN ADVANCE , on 15 RECIPES AND LASAGNE OVEN-BAKED PASTA not to be missed and the many CHRISTMAS MENU I have worked for you in previous years.

Christmas 2019: the fastest and cheapest menu. Without stress

The chic and easy appetizers

There is a Christmas menu, Eve or lunch is, without at least a couple of starters. Since I do not like sandwiches, but the finger food is always really loved, I decided to offer the GRATIN MUSSELS. A typical South Italian appetizer that I prepare every Christmas: Buy already cleaned mussels and then prepare it for a moment. You can go ahead, refrigerate and cook at the last minute.

The second appetizer was a delicious Flan PUMPKIN , POTATOES AND CHEESE. Easy and perfumed, Also this you can prepare it in advance, even cook it and then just heat it in the oven or microwave.

Alternatively, I suggest the wonderful STUFFED ARTICHOKES (and on my YouTube channel also find the VIDEO RECIPE), or a quick pie to prepare tasty as that with POTATOES AND SCAMORZA. Generally speaking, the QUICHES OF RECIPES in an easy and inexpensive menus are always a good choice.

The first course: baked pasta but the original

First dish easy and without spending too much? Definitely a baked pasta, that is prepared in advance and where just a few well-matched ingredients to create a tasty dish and successful. There propose an original, the MESS WITH BROCCOLI, Bechamel AND BACON. Boiled broccoli and made the white sauce you just have to dress the pasta and cook and please everyone. If you prefer to prepare a quick and easy pasta, but yummy, try the Linguine and SCAROLA WITH BLACK OLIVE TO SICILY.

If you prefer to mess lasagna baked pasta, try the LASAGNE WITH BROCCOLI AND SMOKED SCAMORZA, tasty, or the LASAGNE WITH PUMPKIN AND SAUSAGE, a tasty dish and colorful.

pork loin: the second perfect

Difficult to find a good cut of meat, cheap, easy to prepare and versatile as the pork loin. In this case I offer it in combination with fruits, for a more original and strong taste: PORK LOIN WITH PRUNES. The prunes are both inside and in the sauce and I suggest you serve it with a POTATOES PARMIGIANA, creamy and tasty.

Always too good to PORK LOIN WITH MILK, proof beginners. And if you prefer the fish, then ANCHOVIES IN PIE I am the dish for you: if you buy already cleaned anchovies, the preparation is fast. And oily fish is good, It does well and is cheap.

The Christmas cake, rich and made with panettone

We conclude our easy and inexpensive Christmas menu with a delicious cake: the PUDDING PANETTONE, PEARS AND CHOCOLATE. A sweet creamy and fragrant spoon, that allows you to bring to the table panettone (Pandora or if you prefer) so delicious and original.

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Except 7 December 2019 - 18:21

I too like you are in Sicily. Your site I find it very informative.

Ada Parisi 8 December 2019 - 20:41

Thank you. Siciliano of where?


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