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Artichokes roman style

Simple, vegan side dish recipe

by Ada Parisi
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Carciofi alla romana: ricetta originale

How to prepare Roman-style artichokes: Traditional and quick recipe

Artichokes roman style. You've never tried? In my opinion The recipe for Roman-style artichokes is one of the best ways to cook an artichoke and be able to appreciate its organoleptic qualities without the 'confusion' created by condiments and sauces. Obviously the Roman-style artichokes recipe, one of the cornerstones of the Lazio culinary tradition, is rigidly coded and there are a few rules to follow. On my You Tube Channel VIDEO RECIPE STEP BY STEP of artichokes. And do not forget to have a look at all my RECIPES WITH ARTICHOKES, come i ARTICHOKES WITH POTATOES IN A PAN, those SICILIAN-STYLE FILLINGS or the ARTICHOKES AND SOUR.

The right ingredients for the perfect Roman-style artichokes

The original recipe is to use artichokes Igp, The so-called 'Mammons' or 'Cimaroli’, produced in the coast of Lazio (the same ones that are used to prepare the artichokes): are very tender, do not have spines and the goatee is soft and fluffy. Yet, in the chopped aromatic using garlic, parsley and Mint romana (Calamintha nepeta). And here come the pain, why the Roman Mint It has nothing to do with regular mint (are two different families) and hardly found in supermarkets.

The solution is to keep a map handy in balcony. Pennyroyal is indispensable in this recipe, even if as a substitute I can only recommend the Mint, otherwise doesn't taste never artichokes alla romana.

A tip

That being said, it banned the use of white wine, Although you will find it in many recipes. The pan should contain the artichokes as possible 'measurement' so that cooking hearts do not grow wider. You must use a excellent extra virgin olive oil (for example the Sabina Dop, to stay in Lazio) . I usually I cover the artichokes with a sheet of parchment paper wet and well squeezed, and then seal it with a lid, so put less water as possible during cooking (even less of a glass) and cook with steam. The result is a very tender artichoke, like butter, with the end slightly toasted but still soft. In short, If it's well done you eat everything and if you eat more than one. Have a good day!

Carciofi alla romana: ricetta originale


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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8 Roman artichokes Igp (the so-called 'violets')

2 cloves of garlic


Roman Mint (If you find you can use fresh mint)

extra virgin olive oil


a lemon



Artichokes roman styleTo prepare the artichokes must first clean the artichokes by cutting much of the shank (let only the final part that is the most tender), then remove the tough outer leaves, finally cut the end of the artichokes and peel the stem. Scrub the artichokes with half a lemon and soak them in salted water, always with lemon juice.

Finely chop the garlic, the parsley and Mint, put the mince in a bowl, Add salt and season with extra virgin olive oil. On my You Tube ChannelYou can find the VIDEO RECIPE STEP BY STEP of artichokes, with all my tips and tricks for a perfect result.

Enlarge the artichoke hearts with your fingers, gently so as not to break the leaves, and place in the center and in the leaves aromatic stuffing prepared as you can see in the video tutorial.

Cover with olive oil the bottom of a pan containing the artichokes as possible measurement. Place the artichokes in the pan and add a glass of water.

Wet and wring out a sheet of parchment paper, cover the artichokes so that the wax paper blocks any steam escaping and cover with a lid. Cook the artichokes for about 40 minutes or until the artichokes are tender (Insert a skewer in the heart).

Serve the artichokes with a little extra virgin olive oil. Are good both hot and, is lukewarm, both cold and. Bon appétit!

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