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Christmas 2017, my creative menu and best wishes to you all!

by Ada Parisi
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Christmas is on its last legs and I arrive just in time with l & #8217; last menu for parties, my favorite, What creative. After the menu vegetarian, to fish and to Meat Today I leave you the perfect menu for an evening with a few gourmet friends, with a mistress (or a master) who loves being in the kitchen, who loves to experiment something new and then try a different menu to its guests, with a little’ original and a finer presentation. Since the dishes are a little’ complex, and require an iron ladder in the preparations, I suggest you arrange for time and run this menu only if you are no more than 6 people at the table. This & #8217; year I chose a vegetarian appetizer, a polenta with cheese soup with herbs, Artichoke and poached egg, a simple but unusual filled pasta at the same time, Why are the ravioli with a creamy tomato broth and a heart of Parmigiano Reggiano 36 months, one of the most loved this risotto I & #8217;, that cheese and pepper with prawns. And yet the cod on bread sauce and pumpkin all & #8217; garlic and oil and, of course the chocolate 10, My chocolate layer cake in all its forms. Unchanged the gifts for guests: chocolate salami and dried fruits without eggs and truffles to the tahini and salt flower. And now I'm done with menus, so Merry Christmas to all of you who follow me with patience and affection!

STARTER: As an appetizer I chose a flat complex but delicate, l’ because egg on artichoke, polenta and herb cheese. You can cook before the artichokes and prepare in advance l & #8217; herb cheese water, and also the polenta if you serve it as a creamy flan and not. L & #8217; egg touches you cook it all & #8217; last time, but I assure you it is worth doing to see then the runny yolk soon touched by fork.

FIRST OF PASTA: for tomato Parmesan ravioli water You can prepare everything in advance. The ravioli you can also freeze them, so then after cooking the stuffing will melt. And l water #8217 Parmesan you can calmly and with one or two days in advance. Is’ a plate of simple taste, the classic pasta and tomato, but surprisingly in textures and I'm sure you'll be fine.

Tomato ravioli, water of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

FIRST OF RICE: the risotto with pecorino and pepper, shrimp and hazelnuts is definitely one of the dishes I most loved in 2017. Is’ elegant, has an intense but delicate together, It is creamy and rich, and the sweetness of the prawns goes well with mixing with pecorino cheese and black pepper. You absolutely must prepare espresso, but it's not hard to do, I would say that it is among the easiest risottos I've ever made.

Risotto with pecorino and pepper, shrimp and hazelnuts

ACCORDING to: the codfish, bread sauce, pumpkin and garlic of Nubia is the main course I chose for this creative menu. The fish is seared on the skin, that is crisp, the bread sauce is creamy and flavorful, l & #8217; aglio e olio turn dish and baked pumpkin, sweet and fragrant, makes it more delicate. The pumpkin you can cook it first and then heat it up, and so is the bread sauce. The cod have to scald it upon, But if it is already cut and portioned out there really want to 5 minutes. And then the cod at Christmas is a traditional dish and inevitable.

Codfish, bread sauce, pumpkin and garlic of Nubia

DESSERT: even in the desert I decided to offer you something that impress your guests. To prepare 10 chocolate. My cake to 10 chocolate layers, definitely need a lot of effort. Should you decide to face the challenge, You should prepare it two days in advance. Then, as in the other menu, I suggest you serve and give to the end of the evening to your guests Chocolate salami and dried fruit, without eggs and the Tartufini tahini and chocolate Fleur de Sel, sweet memories of a lovely evening.

Chocolate layer cake (Setteveli)

Chocolate salami and dried fruit, without eggs

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Tiziana 24 December 2017 - 16:55

Dear Ada , You lost me for a while because you're really good.
I know in your city because my grandfather, cooking enthusiast , Messina and had a child by living in Reggio Calabria , I traghettavo often. I know directly some preparations and I can share the goodness of Sicilian cuisine and in particular Messina.
Keep it up , with such passion and skill !
Best wishes!

Ada Parisi 4 January 2018 - 18:12

Hello Tiziana! Meanwhile, thanks, welcome and good year behind schedule! I know well Reggio Calabria, our cities have much in common, in the kitchen and beyond. A dear greeting, ADA

elisabetta 21 December 2017 - 09:00

Thanks a lot for the menu.
Best wishes to you and your family.

Ada Parisi 22 December 2017 - 14:35

To you too, many many wishes ❤ ️


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