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Christmas 2017, the vegetarian menu: taste and elegance

by Ada Parisi
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Here we are on the fourth date with Christmas menu. After that to fish (According to tradition), to Meat (for those who are not afraid of gargantuan dinners) and that Creative Now we got the vegetarian menu where vegetables, eggs and dairy products make up the rich dishes, Saporiti, stylish and lightweight. For anything affected by the lack of meat and fish. Actually, some of these dishes, as l & #8217; egg with pumpkin and mushrooms, will be on my table between Christmas and new year in a sort of composite menu by what I most loved in this 2017. For the vegetarian menu I thought one delicious flan, with turnip, ricotta, fonduta and pomegranate, then in a delicate and original cream with chickpeas, turmeric and broccoli (originally in the recipe #8217 anchovy sauce c & ovviamenti; is that vegetarians avoid), a risotto that combines the taste of the South between the garnish, the crumbs of bread and turnip greens. Then the second is, in my opinion, the most elegant dish: pumpkin cream, porcini mushrooms, poached egg and black truffle. Finally a sweet fresh, the tangerine and crème caramel, as in the other menu, tartufini the tahini and salt flower and chocolate salami with dried fruit to begin l & #8217; new year with the wonderful taste of quality chocolate. At this point, It remains to publish only the creative menu, for those who expect very intimate dinners and cooking love to experience dishes a little’ unusual. Have a good day!

STARTER: to get started I chose one vegetable flan that can easily be prepared beforehand in disposable paper cups, with ricotta and Broccoli Rabe, accompanied by a robiola fonduta and pomegranate seeds that give color, mirth and acidity.

Broccoli Rabe and ricotta timbale

FIRST COURSE: I really like serving a cream or soup into dinners ahead long and high in calories. Is to lighten up a bit’ calories, and because a well-made vegetable cream, with a crispy part, a soft, a creamy, You can tickle the palate. I chose a Chickpea and broccoli cooked with turmeric and fresh cheese. Vegetarians of course avoid the anchovy sauce, replacing it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

FIRST OF RICE: the first tells a little rice’ a region that has remained in my heart, Puglia: and then here's a risotto with Broccoli Rabe with garnish and fried bread crumbs, Sicilian style.

Risotto with Broccoli Rabe

ACCORDING to: the second dish is a dish that I will too (hoping to find the mushrooms, otherwise green light for chanterelles, tacks and ova) I've loved l & #8217; pairing between the Chunky pumpkin puree, the poached egg, the roasted mushrooms and Parmesan sauce. The black truffle, Although absolutely cheap, always does her figure in a formal meal.

L & #8217; fall into the pot: pumpkin, porcini mushrooms and truffles

OUTLINE: the contour is one of my hobbyhorses when I Vegetarian friends to dinner. L & #8217; unusual pinkish color of this warm beetroot salad with yogurt and nuts, and her taste tahr and sour together, make it a perfect dish to close with the salty and start thinking about sweet.

Warm beetroot with yogurt and nuts

DESSERT: I really wanted to conclude this menu with a sweet Tangerine. I chose so Tangerine crème caramel, incredibly easy to prepare, cool but always welcome at all. Let me point out the possible alternative, which is the Tangerine Crème brulée, rich and creamy (and you need to caramelize the surface before serving). Choose what do you prefer. As always, I recommend also to prepare small treats for after brindisi, the chocolate salami and dried fruit and the tartufini the tahini and salt flower, You can also give your guests.

Chocolate salami and dried fruit (without eggs)


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Sophie 18 December 2017 - 15:22

I tried the Chickpea and broccoli, delicious, great success in family :))))

Ada Parisi 18 December 2017 - 16:07

Thanks Sophie! I'm so happy! happy holidays to you and your entire family. ADA

elisabetta 18 December 2017 - 08:46

Always tasty recipes, I love the chocolate salami

Ada Parisi 18 December 2017 - 12:33

Thanks Elizabeth! Happy holidays! ADA


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