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Chickpea and turmeric, Broccoli serviced and tosela

by Ada Parisi
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Crema di ceci e curcuma, broccoletti ripassati e tosela

Turmeric, Chickpeas and broccoli: the dish that I present to you today is full of color and vitamins, In addition to taste. I paired a flavorful hummus with fresh vegetables and spicy Broccoli Stir-Fry cooked turmeric, a delicately flavored cheese such as tosela del Primiero and an anchovy sauce that helps give a little’ of panache and flavor to the collection. If you want to make this vegetarian dish, Obviously it is sufficient to exclude the sauce with anchovies and replace it, For example,, with a little’ capers, chopped, just to keep the touch saline. If, instead, you prefer milder flavors, forget the salinity. Is’ imperative to accompany this soup with toasted bread and olive oil quality.

As I used the cheese dairy Primiero tosela, in Trentino, a fresh cheese that tastes like grass and milk and that, normally, you use to accompany grilled polenta: I find that its taste is intriguing and especially raw, because of its non-acidic freshness and clean scent of fresh milk. If you do not find the tosela, You can replace it with the tuma, the junket or primo sale.

One more thing: I used dried chickpeas that I soaked the day before, but you can drastically reduce cooking time by using pre-cooked chickpeas in jar. And have a look at all my RECIPES WITH CHICKPEAS, often vegan and always light, tasty and at the SPECIAL SOUPS, SOUPS AND velvety, where you will surely find something that inspires you. You can enjoy this Chickpea and turmeric as a main course, in one portion more abundant, or serve it as an appetizer in a smaller portion. Have a good day!

Crema di ceci e curcuma, broccoletti ripassati e tosela


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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400 grams of broccoli
300 grams of soaked chickpeas or cooked chickpeas
1 large carrot or 2 small
2 sticks of celery
half an onion
3-4 cherry type tomatoes, datterino or Piccadilly
a piece of fresh turmeric (or turmeric powder)
vegetable broth or bottled water (to taste)
a bay leaf
salt and pepper
300 grams of toss (or first salt or fresh tuma)
6 anchovies in oil
extra virgin olive oil, to taste
salt and pepper, to taste
a small piece of chili pepper
a clove of garlic
50 ml whole milk


Clean the onion, carrots, the cherry tomatoes and celery, then chop them minutely. Sauté the vegetables in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil until they become translucent. Add the chickpeas, Brown for a few minutes, then cover with plenty of vegetable broth. Combine the laurel and turmeric cut into slices, cook covered for about an hour and thirty or until the chickpeas are soft. If you want to drastically shorten the cooking times, You can use cooked chickpeas, following the same procedure and putting little vegetable broth, see that cooking will only simmer the soup.

Once the chick pea soup is cooked, adjust salt and pepper, remove the laurel and blend everything with the minipimer until you get a smooth and homogeneous cream. Set aside.

Clean the broccoli eliminating external parts and divide them into florets. Parboil in salted water and reviewing in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chilli. Set aside

Dissolve the anchovy fillets with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan, then add the milk and cook until the custard is slightly thickened cream.

Dice the tosela or fresh cheese you have chosen.

Composition of the dish: serve the Chickpea and turmeric toasty, garnishing it with broccoli serviced, the tosela dice and completing with a little cream with anchovies and black reel pepper. Bon appétit!

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Franca February 22, 2017 - 18:09

What a show of color, a very intriguing.


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