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Arancini, here in Messina version, one of the most typical recipes of Sicilian cuisine.

Recipes Sicilian: arancini to Messina

Browsing through all my Sicilian recipes, sweet and savory, you'll find the most traditional recipes of the island and explained in a simple and clear. With video tutorials of the most important and complex. From oranges to pythons, the fritters of chickpea flour to pasta alla Norma Catania.

If you love the Sicilian cuisine, you can not miss the braciolettine to Messina, sfincione Palermo, the modicane scacce and obviously the recipe of the Sicilian cassata, cannoli, of almond paste. Sicilian cuisine is among the most comprehensive and love in the world and has a wealth of hundreds of recipes. Meat, fish, vegetables and pasta. Not to mention the desserts.

Sicilian spatula chops

Sicilian spatula fish chops

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Roulade of swordfish Messina

Roulade of swordfish Messina: a typical Sicilian recipe also widespread in Calabria, where the swordfish is the protagonist…

Anchovies and potato cake

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Homemade fresh tomato sauce

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