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Giuggiulèna, crispy Sicilian sesame

A traditional dessert of the Christmas season

by Ada Parisi
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Cubaìta o giuggiulèna: a ricetta del croccante siciliano al sesamo

How to make Sicilian sesame brittle called Giuggiulena at home

Today Sicilian sesame brittle recipe which in Ragusa is called Giuggiulèna and Palermo Cubàita. This Sicilian Crunchy Recipe It's really easy and, Sicily, is of great importance. In Palermo, instead, the sesame is added to the almonds, the crisp is much thicker and is called Cubàita. Two names that, in any case, indicate a single delight. A crunchy that, in the original tradition of Ragusa, Was made only from sesame seeds and honey from the Hyblaean Mountains. The name was then extended to all types of crisp, the one with the almonds to the one with pistachios.

The recipe for Giuggiulèna or Cubàita, as I said, It's super easy and it really takes A few tricks to get a perfect sesame kibble:. Toast the seeds of Sesame, so they will be more crisp. Use honey of the highest quality, which you can also mix with sugar cane in equal quantities. Is Roll out the crisp very thinly. Is’ quite clear that the origins of this very simple crunchy, that with the normal nougat has nothing to do, are to be found in the Arab influence in Sicily. Hers Preparation, traditional during the Christmas period, then it spreads in all feast days and can be easily found in street markets that sell candy during the festivities, and district.

you can also Flavour the juggiulena with a pinch of cinnamon or a little’ of orange or lemon zest, or choose to enjoy the crispy without any aroma, to enhance the taste so typical Sicilian sesame. The size of this cake varies greatly from zone to zone, and, Obviously, when inside there are almonds or pistachios inevitably becomes thicker. Do not forget to have a look at all my recipes SICILIAN SWEET. Have a good day!

Cubaìta o giuggiulèna: a ricetta del croccante siciliano al sesamo


Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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300 grams of white sesame

a pinch of fine salt

extra virgin olive oil to grease the parchment paper

250 grams of honey milleflower or orange (preferably of the Iblei Mountains)


150 grams of honey and 100 grams of brown sugar


Prepare the Sicilian crispy sesame is simple: first you have to grease with a little extra virgin olive oil two sheets of baking paper, on which then you spread the crunchy.

Toast the sesame seeds in a pan, over low heat and stirring frequently, for a few minutes. The sesame will become crispy and so the giuggiulèna will be crunchier too and will be preserved for longer.

Place in a large saucepan honey (or honey and brown sugar if you chose to use both) and salt and cook over low heat until it has formed a blond caramel bubbling. When the caramel starts to Simmer, Pour the sesame seeds and mix thoroughly. Continue cooking, always very low heat and stirring constantly, until the caramel will not start Simmer: with these doses, it will take about 10-15 minutes, but if you increase the doses the cooking time will increase.

Pour the Sicilian crispy sesame on a sheet of parchment paper, cover with the second sheet and spread the mixture with a rolling pin until it reaches the desired thickness. To me Cubaita or giuggiulena like very thin, but there are those who prefer it thicker: the decision is yours.

Once the crispy sesame will be spread evenly, you have to practice the cuts in depth before the mixture cool completely. You can cut it as you like: the losanghe, as I did, sticks, in rectangles or squares. Once you make the cuts, let cool the Cubaita.

Once the crispy will be cold, unplug it from parchment paper. The jug is kept perfectly even 10 days if stored in an airtight container. Attention, though, not to overlap the pieces of crispy sesame, because they inexorably would stick to each other. Separate them by placing between one and the other a sheet of baking paper. Bon appétit!


You can follow this procedure to prepare any kind of crunchy: with almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios or by using multiple types of dried fruits together. If you prefer, you can only use honey to prepare Cubaita, doubling the dose.

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