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First Italian dishes: linguine with swordfish sauce Sicilian

First courses: pasta with swordfish sauce Sicilian

Timballi, lasagna, baked pasta, spaghetti with clams or Norma. It would not be enough a whole encyclopedia to list the thousand and more pasta recipes of Italian cuisine, whether it's hard wheat dry or homemade egg. Not to mention the thousand sizes of semoth and soft wheat.

In this section you will find regional recipes, from Sicilian ones, to get to original recipes and modern designed by me. All to try. And Italian Sunday without lasagna wouldn't be the same thing.

Pistachio lasagne

Pistachio lasagne

Pistachio and mortadella lasagne: the dream of the greedy in a lasagna. Very easy recipe for a first course to scream.…
Spaghetti zucchini and clams

Spaghetti zucchini and clams

Spaghetti zucchini and clams, a classic of Italian cuisine easy to prepare. Enriched with fried bread and almonds, the…
La genovese di tonno: amazing Neapolitan recipe

La genovese di tonno

Tuna Genovese, the 'marine version' of the Neapolitan Genovese: same ingredients except the meat, amazing taste, perfect for seasoning…