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Tiramisu Mimosa

Tiramisu Mimosa lemon

Tiramisu Mimosa lemon, creamy and fresh: a variant of the classic glass of Mimosa cake that depopulated on March 8. recipe…
A slice of coffee cake, three layers of sponge cake with chocolate and a soft coffee cream

Mocha cake chocolate and coffee

Mocha cake chocolate and coffee, without cooking with cream and sponge cake with cocoa. Soft, cremosissima and easy, in…

Autumn pumpkin tiramisu

Pumpkin Tiramisu: perfect for autumn, with a soft cream of pumpkin, amaretti and chocolate. Creamy and easy to prepare

Meringue trifle

English soup, a classic of Italian pastry, Here in the richest version, the meringue

Tiramisu With Lemon

Tiramisu with lemon and lemon curd: a cooler alternative to the classic tiramisu. In the cream there are no eggs and…
The tiramisu, traditional recipe

The tiramisu, traditional recipe

The tiramisu, one of the favorite desserts of Italian pastries and most famous in the world. easy and delicious recipe with…
Tiramisu chocolate and orange: easy and delicious

Tiramisu chocolate and orange

Tiramisu chocolate and orange. In fact, technically, It is not really a tiramisu but perhaps rather a trifle, a cup…
Tiramisu you Matcha: inspired to Japan, Original and delicate

Tiramisu you Matcha

Tiramisu you Matcha: a variation of the beloved sweet Italian to spoon, inspired by Japan. Easy Recipe from the original taste and…