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Tiramisu with strawberries and ricotta (without eggs)

Quick and easy, with video recipe

by Ada Parisi
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Tiramisù fragole e ricotta, senza uova

How to make strawberry tiramisu with ricotta at home: Easy recipe without eggs

Today The recipe for strawberry and ricotta tiramisu without eggs: A spoon dessert That you'll love because it's fresh, quick to prepare, practically without cooking. For the cream I used sheep's milk ricotta, Greek yogurt and cream, But if you prefer you can replace ricotta with mascarpone. Or, Obviously, use a cow's cottage cheese. I wanted to prepare a Strawberry tiramisu without eggs to make it lighter, but if you want to use them, try the recipe of TIRAMISU’ STRAWBERRIES, with the classic cream of classic tiramisu.

Strawberry tiramisu: quick and easy recipe

The syrup is made by adding strawberry juice to the classic syrup based on water and sugar and the surface is garnished with strawberry syrup. To give this simple and fresh spoon dessert a more elegant air, I arranged the strawberries along the edges of the baking dish, in order to create a 'flowery' border’ strawberries: in VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel you will see how easy it is to prepare. Subscribe, not to lose my video recipes. Is, Since it's strawberry season, also check out the MESSINA STRAWBERRY GRANITA WITH CREAM, or the FRESH STRAWBERRY TART. Or the TIRAMISU' WITH STRAWBERRIES AND RICOTTA or the SICILIAN STRAWBERRY AND CREAM FROST.

Traditional tiramisu and many variations

Obviously this is a variation of the TIRAMISU’ Traditional, which remains my absolute favorite. But if we consider tiramisu as a dessert made from ladyfingers, a cream and a syrup, then there are really endless variations available. From TIRAMISU’ LEMON to that FALL PUMPKIN, from TIRAMISU’ RICOTTA without mascarpone and without eggs to that at the CHOCOLATE AND ORANGE. To the exotic TIRAMISU’ AL TE MATCHA or that AI PERSIMMON without eggs. Or the TIRAMISU’ MIMOSA (easy and delicious) or the TIRAMISU’ CHERRIES AND YOGURT, since the cherries are coming. At this point I wish you a good day and I leave you to the recipe.

Tiramisù fragole e ricotta, senza uova


Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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300 grams of ricotta cheese or cow's milk ( or mascarpone)

250 grams of Greek yogurt

250 ml of cream

100 grams of powdered sugar

little Bourbon vanilla extract

Sponge fingers, to taste

fresh strawberries, to taste


250 ml of mineral water

80 grams of sugar

150 grams of strawberries


150 grams of strawberries for the syrup

50 grams caster sugar

the juice of half a lemon


Tiramisu strawberries and ricotta, without eggs

Tiramisu with strawberries and ricotta is a seasonal dessert simple and quick to prepare.

For the syrup: put water and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Continue cooking for 5 minutes so that the liquid is almost boiling (but not too lively, otherwise it will evaporate too much). Meanwhile, Blend the strawberries and pass the liquid through a sieve to remove the seeds. Add the strawberry juice to the syrup and pour into a bowl: wait for the syrup to cool.

For cream: Pass the ricotta through a sieve once or twice, until it is a smooth and fluffy cream. Put it in a bowl and add the icing sugar, vanilla extract and yogurt. Mix carefully to mix the ingredients. Semi-whip the cream (i.e. with snow not standing still) and add it to the ricotta and yogurt mixture with a spatula, making a top-down movement to incorporate as much air as possible. Refrigerate.

For strawberry syrup: Cut strawberries into small pieces, put them in a pan with lemon juice and sugar and cook over low heat and covered until a thick shiny syrup has formed. Pass through a sieve to remove strawberry seeds and pulp.

Cut part of the strawberries into slices of regular thickness and part into cubes. Now follow the procedure of the VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel. Soak the ladyfingers in the syrup and place them on the bottom of the baking dish, Arrange the strawberries vertically on the ladyfingers and adhering to the edge of the baking dish. Pour part of the ricotta cream into the baking dish. This operation will be easier if you put the cream in a pastry bag, so that you can fill the space between the strawberries with cream. You will get an aesthetically more beautiful and clean result. Spread the diced strawberries over the cream.

Cover with other ladyfingers soaked in syrup and complete with the rest of the ricotta cream. At this point, With the help of a spatula or the convex part of a spoon create waves, of the grooves in the cream, as you see in VIDEO RECIPE and distribute the strawberry syrup. Mix it gently with the cream until you get a pleasant effect. Store the strawberry and ricotta tiramisu in the refrigerator and keep it at room temperature for at least 15 minutes before enjoying it. Bon appétit!


THE ALTERNATIVE: if you don't like sheep's milk ricotta, you can use that vaccine. Also in this case you will have to sift it before using it. If you prefer, you can use mascarpone, And in this case it will not be necessary to sift it.

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