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Christmas 2018, easy and inexpensive menu

by Ada Parisi
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The Christmas lunch and New Year's dinner will trigger states of anxiety thinking about what will be complicated and expensive to feed all? Have I the solution: here's my easy and inexpensive Christmas menu or, to put it in English (seeing that we like so much anglicisms) cheap and chic. It took the view that those who organize an entire menu for guests during the festive season can cook, but have not the time or inclination to spend hours in the kitchen, and maybe even want to stay a while’ attentive to the budget. Now, organizing a Gala Dinner with ten euro is impossible, but you can bring to the table beautiful dishes, good and tasty with a prudent spending. for that, after vegetarian menu, the Sicilian menu and the Traditional seafood menu I propose a menu “sea ​​and mountains” easy and low cost to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Is’ a menu that you can reproduce it or modulate, choosing between two starters and one of the two first ones you prefer.

We begin our easy and chic menu with a wonderful potato salad and mussels: nice to see, tasty and easy to prepare, accompany it with slices of toast and new oil and you open your holiday menu in greedy manner.

The first dish that I thought for a simple menu and attentive spending are salmon lasagne, with spinach and white sauce with ginger. Two slices of salmon are sufficient for a lasagna for six people: fresh fish makes the perfect dish for a festive menu, but the lasagna in the complex has a limited budget and is very simple to prepare.

As the second Starter, to serve after the potato salad and mussels or alternatively, I propose the anchovy pie and endive. A tasty appetizer, easy and done with one of those poor fish but full of flavor that are the great wealth of our seas.

Who said that an elegant and refined risotto can not be easy to prepare and cost a little? Try this sfiziosissimo risotto with rennet apples and Taleggio and I assure you that you will make a great impression on all your guests.

The roast is now party, and so here the’pork loin with potatoes milk. One of the easiest dishes to prepare seconds, beginner to test: the pork is among the cheapest meat and, with some changes in the kitchen, you will have a special achievement.

We come to dessert: Coffee Bavarese, this is a sweet easy, impossible to get wrong, quick to prepare and really low cost. A pudding that you can decorate as you like, perfect for parties. Alternatively, if you love sweets less calories, you could choose a simple, poor, exquisite Sicilian gem: lemon frost with fresh raspberries. A sweet and sour special taste, very stylish but especially suitable to conclude an elegant dinner and degrease the lips of all that has eaten.


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